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Are you looking for the best sherlock holmes board game? Sherlock Holmes board game is the best game you would have played ever in your life.

My friend came over to my house to spend two weeks on vacation. I thought about buying something like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective to enjoy our time fully. David (my friend) loves to play board games. As I searched on the internet, Sherlock Holmes boarding games are being published since 40 years ago. Now there are 40 fantastic series being published to experience thrilling stories only for interested adventurous fans. 

After buying the game, David and I inspected all the clues very carefully. We tracked down the leads and implemented detective Sherlock Holmes’s classic stories. It’s fascinating to solve the cases while traveling the streets of London. We played the roles of investigators. The suspense and interest mount higher when you collect all the clues and information. Then you follow the leads leading to solving the case. You will see a deck of cards falling one by one as you proceed. Another exciting thing is that you will be asked some specific questions to gain victory points at the end of this game. We usually played the game at night by ensuring that we won’t be bothered by anyone from outside the room.

Top 6 Sherlock Holmes Board Games

What is the “Sherlock Holmes Board Game”?

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a hybrid cooperative sport with factors of storytelling and logical deduction. The gamers are participants of the Baker Street Regulars, the unofficial gang that aids Sherlock Holmes in fixing his reserved instances. There are ten instances within the sport, starting from 12 to 36 pages, with the large majority being across the 20 to 24 web page mark. All the instances are unbiased from one another. They are supplied in chronological order, beginning from the twelfth of September 1888, as much as the final case beginning at the twenty-second of January 1891.

Every situation of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is much like any RPG adventure, maybe very probable to be performed as soon as only. As a lot as I am now no longer going to describe, not to mention element those protected herein, components of them are probably discovered even as discussing the sport’s sturdy and much less sturdy points. This thing will now no longer make the situations unplayable, thoughts you, nor any much less enjoyable.

My Personal Experience For Writing This Guide For You

The best game you would have played ever in your life, Personal experience:

David and I enjoyed passing the ten challenging scenarios or cases. Players are like Sherlock Holmes’s helpers, helping and assisting him in solving the given case or scenario. In a three-hour session, you come across different situations. As we explored the game, we came to know that it’s a cooperative game of deduction. If you have the ability of an investigator, and the skills required to solve the cases as a detective, then this game is the most suitable option for you to choose. David and I continued to play the game for ten consecutive nights. 

It’s a must-try game. The thrill and adventure are incredible. Moreover, the characters seem like real people. You feel like going to those places and conducting a search for all the relevant clues. Above all, when you conclude all the efforts, you feel like you’re at the top of this world (as I experienced). You feel like a real detective. If you do not try it, you’ll lose what a gamer should have tried once in his life. Mark my words! 

Try it or die like a coward!

If you want to live out your childhood dream, buy it and fulfill your dream.

Comparison Table of the Best Sherlock Holmes Board Game

Best Pick
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - The Thames...
Sherlock Holmes - The Thames Murders & Other Cases
Number of Players
1 to 8
Recommended Age
Playing Time
90 minutes
Space Cowboys
2.56 x 9.25 x 12.2 inches
Best Pick
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - The Thames...
Sherlock Holmes - The Thames Murders & Other Cases
Number of Players
1 to 8
Recommended Age
Playing Time
90 minutes
Space Cowboys
2.56 x 9.25 x 12.2 inches

Reviews of the Best Sherlock Holmes Board Game

01- Sherlock Holmes – The Thames Murders & Other Cases

The Thames Murders & Other Cases reimplements Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, to begin with, posted with the aid of using Ystari (the ten instances are the same). Solve ten mysteries in Victorian London! Strange instances of the maximum well-known detective ever: Sherlock Holmes! Equipped with a replica of The Times, a map of London, a directory, and – extra importantly – your logic, you’ll roam the streets of London looking to clear up the maximum heinous crimes.

  • 2.56 x 9.25 x 12.2 inches
  • 1 to 8 number of players
  • 0.071 ounces
  • 12+ age group
  • You can solve 10 cases with a trusty map.
  • You can play individually or with a group.
  • Perfect for new players
  • Incredibly immersive
  • Each part takes a decent amount of time for completion.
  • It’s co-operative

You can play individually or with a group:

This game can be played individually or with a group of player’s less than eight players. It is much good if you play with a group because it is time taking.

Incredibly immersive

This game is incredibly immersive makes you feel like a true detective, which makes you more interested in the game to play as an individual player.

Each part takes a decent amount of time

It is a bit time-taking game, but you can solve it in less time if you are fluent in it. Sometimes it takes a whole evening.

  • Detailed and good quality
  • Challenging
  • Unique for game lovers
  • Teamwork
  • Time-consuming
  • Frustrating if you are following good leads.


It is a delightful game (I have only played two-player) and full of atmosphere. You feel like you’re following a good Sherlock Holmes story.

02- Devir Games Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft

The safety Forces reacted right now and arrested Michael Chapman, a younger employee related to anarchist groups, close to the area of the assault. Mycroft Holmes is in charge of investigating the crown prosecution explosion and desires to decide if the assault is the motion of a Lone Wolf or a part of a larger plot. It seems to be every other smooth case while he discovers that the detective employed via way of means of Michael’s dad and mom to show the younger Man’s innocence isn’t any much less than his brother Sherlock Holmes.

  • 7.7 x 1.3 x 7.9 inches
  • 12.3 ounces
  • For the 10+ age group
  • Two-player game
  • It has great replay value.
  • Each player has three action tokens.
  • You have to free a character before reuse.
  • Unique characters
  • Each player has to choose three meeples.
  • Challenging game

Each player has to choose three meeples

The meeples are of 2 colors which are blue and orange. Each player has to choose three meeples of their choice which they have to put on their cards.

Free a character before reuse

Each player has three tokens of action that they have to change from one character to another but remember that you can’t use two tokens on the same character.

It has great replay value

You can play each game repeatedly because it has high replayability and not even a time-taking game. You can complete this in 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Great artwork
  • Fugacious game
  • Unique characters
  • Replayability
  • Not a group game


In short, it is a modern and exciting themed game. But essentially, it is a well-done and entertaining card game. It lacks some variety in the characters, each game will look a lot like the previous one, but it’s not a big deal. It is also one of the few games designed specifically for 2.

03- Gibson’s 221B Baker Street: The Sherlock Holmes Master Detective Game

It’s time to dirt off your deerstalker and count on the function of the notorious fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. With masses of instances to solve, every full of intrigue and mystery, Gibson’s The Sherlock Holmes Master Detective Game is hugely famous with masses of replay value. We have each the bottom sport and the growth available. Sherlock Holmes grasps detective sport with seventy-five instances to solve. A must-have for any Sherlock Holmes fanatic or a fan of detective video games like Cluedo, 221B Baker Street is a distinctly seemed sport and an ever-famous own circle of relatives favorite.

  • 10.24 x 10.24 x 3.15 inches
  • 2.18 pounds
  • Same as original
  • 75 cases to solve
  • 2-6 Number of players
  • A time limit is recommended. 
  • Collect clues from each location
  • A key and warrant are given to players.
  • One card at a time
  • Average time 60 minutes

Same as original

This Gibson’s Sherlock Holmes detective game is like the original one with only one change: the original one has 40 cases and solve.

Time limit is recommended

Time limit is recommended to read the Clue after the time ends. Another player will have it. If you want more time, then take an extra move.

Critical and warrant is given to players

Each player is provided with two markers, a key, and a warrant. The warrant is used to bar access when leaving the location to other players.

  • Time-saving
  • More interesting
  • Group game
  • More cases to solve
  • Recommended time for clue reading


Each paragraph won’t include proof of being aware, and the Clue can be cryptic. A time restriction to examine the Clue is usually recommended, and then the e-book needs to be closed and play exceeded to the subsequent player. If someone needs more fantastic time (or desires to test again), then he needs to live for an additional move (or go back to the place if formerly vacated) to get some other attempt. Allowing a few players (e.g., kids playing) more significant than others isn’t always unknown.

04- 221 B Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes, the Time Machine

221B Baker Street is the London deal with the world’s maximum celebrated fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his committed companion, Dr. Watson. However, as opposed to staying in London, on this model, gamers use H. G. Wells’ Time Machine to journey to the future, trying to resolve notorious instances from the twentieth century. Each participant assumes Holmes’s position and fits wits with the alternative gamers to decide who possesses the maximum skillful powers of deduction.

  • 12.2 x 10 x 2.9 inches
  • 1.65 pounds
  • Nearly identical to the original one
  • 20 cases to solve
  • The game represents 18 generic locations.
  • Two versions of this edition
  • 12+ age group
  • More challenging mysteries
  • Some mysteries are a bit gruesome.
  • Perfect for teenagers

Two versions of this edition

This edition has two versions, standard and deluxe. Standard one uses the regular moves while the deluxe version uses Deerstalker Cap, Time Machine, Dark Lantern, Magnifying Glass, Violin, and Pipe.

The game represents 18 generic locations

This game presents 18 locations from which a player has to find clues and collect the answers.

12+ age group

This age group is recommended for this game because patience is required to play this game, and some mysteries are a little bit gruesome.

  • More fun to play
  • Crimes are described pretty historically
  • Adventurous
  • 100% detailed instructions
  • Need patience while playing


221B Baker Street is the prestigious fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his committed companion, Dr. Watson. In this detective sport, you begin on the notorious deal with and tour via the streets and alleys of London, selecting up clues and trying to remedy the maximum exciting instances Holmes and Watson have ever faced.

05- Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is a cooperative recreation offering gamers with reserved instances: the way you resolve them is left to you. Unravel the thread of intrigue, solve the case’s questions, and evaluate your detective abilities to the grasp sleuth himself, Sherlock Holmes. The Thames Murders & Other Cases is the groundbreaking first access in the Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective series. Ten instances are undertaking you to hint the threads of proof thru the byways and mansions of nineteenth-century London. Roll out the map, investigate the case’s statistics — interview witnesses, seek the newspapers of the day for clues, and find the truth! In this set, immerse yourself into the lamp-lit international of Sherlock Holmes, even similarly with seven particular antique individual pictures and a custom timescale ruler in your map!

  • 12.32 x 9.33 x 2.72 inches
  • 4.36 pounds
  • 12 years and up
  • Ten intriguing mysteries
  • A narrative, story-driven game
  • Seven unique characters
  • Interest developing game
  • Time scale ruler 
  • Select portrait as your encounter character
  • Easy for calculating movements

Ten intriguing mysteries

This game provides 10 intriguing mysteries for the players to solve, which makes the game interesting for players.

Time scale ruler

You have seven unique vintage characters and a time scale ruler for your map, which is useful when playing as a detector.

Nuanced portrait as your encounter character:

Lay down your character on the map to keep an eye on the suspects, witnesses, enemies, and victims.

  • Co-operative game
  • Don’t take much time to complete
  • Easy to play
  • Good quality
  • One player option


Assign a portrait to characters as you come across them in the sport and lay them out for your map to preserve the song of the places and moves of suspects, victims, and witnesses. The travel-time ruler is scaled to the Consulting Detective map, making it smooth to calculate the moves of worrying events throughout London and verify (or disprove!) their alibis! Roll out the map, assessment the evidence, and determine your subsequent move!

06- Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Irregulars (2020)

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a cooperative recreation wherein the gamers attempt to resolve reserved instances to use taking walks the foggy London streets searching for clues. Unravel the thread of intrigue, solution a sequence of questions, and examine your detective abilities to the ones of the grasp sleuth himself, Sherlock Holmes.

The Baker Street Irregulars contains ten instances, such as introductory instances, which are best for brand new gamers while also imparting novel mechanisms and surprises to provide pro investigators with something different.


  • 8.7 x 6.2 x 1.6 inches
  • 2.3 pounds
  • Up to 12 years
  • Delightful
  • Easy to play
  • Information is given on notes.
  • 10 cases to solve
  • Characters feel like real.
  • Better than the previous version
  • Hints given

Characters feel like real:

The characters in this game feel real that makes the game more exciting and delightful.

Hints are given

Hints are given in the sections, marked you have to only find with hints, which helps the player complete fast.

Better than the previous one

It is much better than the previous one; it gives accurate information while the previous one leads you wrong.

  • Interest developing
  • Hunt is given
  • Detailed information
  • Best for teenagers
  • Time Consuming


The Baker Street Irregulars is a must-purchase for me. I can’t even start to explicit simply how a great deal a laugh I had with it – to the factor that now I’m going again to older Consulting Detective containers to get my subsequent fix, I’m locating the least wanting, if nonetheless enjoyable.

If you’ve got even a passing hobby in crimes and capers, Victorian England, Sherlock Holmes stories, or simply incredible writing, I urge you to exit and take hold of this box. It’s an absolute treat.

Best Sherlock Holmes Board Game: Buyer’s Guide

What are the factors to be considered before buying the Sherlock Holmes detective game? Let’s dig into the details:

The case book

After careful reading of the main plot, the players have to decide which places should be on the list of their visit. From those places, more clues would have to be found. These visits are like series in the book of this game. We read out loud and also; we made notes to be successful in solving our case. The numerous paths we took as players while playing Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective made us more indulged in it. You always crave playing more after logging in to the game. 

Map of London

You will be given a map of London. When you visit a place, you find out a clue or a lead. You’ll have to evaluate it to get the desired results. All the leads are authentic and according to the high standards nowadays. It is the best investigation game among the ones being launched nowadays. Each lead makes you feel like you are heading towards achieving your goal (you will solve the case soon). All the clues do not lead to the solution directly. Find the most relevant and close to the case to be successful in resolving the case.

The surmounting suspense and intriguing choices allow you to make your own choices. It’s a great game, and that is for sure. 


The newspapers’ element is also exciting and making this game stand out in the crowd of all the board games to be the best. You will be given the newspapers as a source of public information. David and I searched in them for clues and leads which we could not ignore for sure. Another essential thing to note is that you cannot replay this game. You won’t remember all the clues the next day. Maybe you have got a perfect memory; we didn’t have it, though. You have to resolve ten cases; one at a time should be dealt with for the best results. 

The crafting is the best thing about this game. It has made the game worth buying and made its place in the history of board gaming. Everyone should try this game. Even your girlfriend would love to play this barding game with you. For the best playtime experience, keep supplemental items with you. It includes a fancy pen, folders, magnifying glass, papers to draw the maps; we might need notebooks as well. You can draw on maps on clear plastic as well. Use whatever you want to solve the cases. Folders can also be used and for a fun time, bring some drinks to your room. ?

The Directory

You will have a directory in which there will be addresses of all the people living in London. 

As far as my experience is concerned, Sherlock and its expansion – Jack the Ripper and West End Adventure are the best boarding games worth trying. Don’t bother about the restrictions of the scoring. Feel free to explore all the elements of each case and get to the bottom of it. Ultimately you will resolve all ten challenging cases.

I had fun with David playing the game; you can have fun too. It’s the best boarding game for sure. Keep playing and exploring new challenges. Board gaming is what we’re meant to do.

  • Cases are exciting. 
  • Designers have made the stories very interesting, and that is for sure. They are written very beautifully, covering all the required elements.
  • It’s a super cooperative game.
  • The components are unique.
  • No hard and fast rules. Just read and start playing.
  • It asks for complete indulgence from your side. 
  • Its replayability is nearly zero percent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best version of Clue?

CLUE Classic edition is the most famous version.

Is Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective hard?

Consulting Detective is like no different sport I’ve played. It’s tough even to name it a sport because it’s genuinely extra of an activity. 

How many Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective games are there?

First posted nearly four a long time ago; the collection now spans quite a several games with a whopping overall of forty fully-fledged testimonies if you want to experience. 

How do you play Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective?

You will be given a map of London, ten case files, one rule book, a directory, and ten newspapers. Explore these options and feel like an authentic investigator.

Why Clue is called Cluedo?

Cluedo was licensed to Parker Brothers. They renamed it Clue.

Is Clue a fun game?

Yes, it’s a fun murder mystery that the players solve by going from room to room searching for a murderer.

Is Sherlock Holmes real?

No, it’s a fictional character. A writer named Arthur Conan Doyle from Scotland created this character. 

Is consulting detective a real job??

No, it’s a private detective game based on fiction. 

Is Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective replayable?

Its replayability is near to zero.

Is anyone else into murder mysteries more than they probably should be? 

Anyone who is exposed to crime scenes or stories, his or her body gets affected negatively. They become stressed. But when you play this game, you enjoy and fun while tackling the case.

My Recommendation

Have Sherlock Holmes – The Thames Murders & Other Cases. Its mysterious plotting and replay value make it one of the finest and most famous boarding games ever. You will have 75 cases to be resolved. It’s more interesting than those of the other series from the makers of Sherlock Holmes boarding games.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - The Thames...
1,042 Reviews
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - The Thames...
  • NEW STANDALONE IN THE SERIES: As members of the Baker Street Irregulars, players try to solve the most heinous crimes by roaming the streets of London in search of clues. Will you visit the crime scene? Meet Inspector Lestrade? The decision is in your hands and each clue you find will bring you a step closer to the truth
  • MYSTERY BOARD GAME: Solve mysterious cases by interviewing suspects, searching newspapers and walking the streets for clues. Once you have completed your investigation, compare your detective skills to the master sleuth himself, Sherlock Holmes
  • COOPERATIVE GAME: Players work together as a team of detectives to gather clues and solve mysteries. The dynamics of this game make it a perfect choice for game night with friends and family. Whether you’re playing alone or with up to eight players, you’ll need everyone’s wits to work together and solve the case
  • TEN EPIC CASES TO SOLVE: Solve 10 mysteries in Victorian London - The Mummy's Curse, The Munitions Magnate, The Pilfered Paintings, The Thames Murders, and others! Unravel the string of intrigues, answer a series of questions and solve some of the strangest cases of the most famous detective ever
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This thrilling detective board game for adults and teens can be played with 1 to 8 players and is suitable for ages 12 and older. Average playtime is about 90 minutes

Final Verdict

No matter how old you are, playing Sherlock Holmes Detective Games is the best choice anyone can make. It was my dream to have it in my house, and now when I have it, playing it makes me feel ecstatic. Try it to get the experience of being a real detective.

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