Shuffleboard table

Shuffleboard table is a game that involves the players pushing plastic and metal pucks down a smooth and long wooden table. The played puck is expected to go into the scoring spot on the table. Since the invention of the shuffleboard game, many innovations have been made to improve its quality. These include the renovations of the shuffleboard table itself. 

To a large extent, the quality of your game is determined by the type of shuffleboard table you use. A good table will make your game smoother and easier. On the other hand, a lousy table will only make the game frustrating. There are several things to consider when getting a shuffleboard table to ensure that you make the right choice. 

In this article, we highlighted and reviewed five of the most popular shuffleboard tables in the market. We also included buying guides and answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this game set. We hope that this will be of use to you as you make your choice. 

Top 5 Shuffleboard Tables At a Glance

Comparison Table of the Best Shuffleboard Table

Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table in Mahogany...
Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table in Mahogany...
Size Available
12 feet
Mahogany, Chestnut
Product dimensions
12' W x 26" D x 30" H
Frame Material
Base Material
Packaging weight
402 Pounds
Sport Type
Fairview Game Rooms
Scratch resistant
All accessories included
Buy Now
Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table in Mahogany...
Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table in Mahogany...
Size Available
12 feet
Mahogany, Chestnut
Product dimensions
12' W x 26" D x 30" H
Frame Material
Base Material
Packaging weight
402 Pounds
Sport Type
Fairview Game Rooms
Scratch resistant
All accessories included
Buy Now

Detail Product Reviews of the Best Shuffleboard Table

01- Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table

For a good game of shuffleboard, you need to have the right table. Play craft is one of the leading manufacturers of shuffleboard tables in the market today. They have produced varieties of these tables, giving you several options to choose from. Their Telluride pro-styled version is a good example. 

This shuffleboard table is made with a touch of elegance. American West inspires its design element. Telluride is sure to stand out amongst the best other of its kinds and you can get this unique design in size of 12″, 16″ 18,” and 22.” The first three sizes come with three legs, while the 22 feet size has four legs because of its extra weight. 

The unique leg construction and hardwood cradle give these tables a sturdy build. Its end is fitted into a horseshoe that provides increased strength of the cradle. It also has traditional grey gutters, sidewalls, and carpets to reduce noise. The traditional scoring system of 1-2-3 is used. There are climate adjusters threaded into the table, which makes it possible to adjust. 

This table comes with a storage shelf for aesthetic purposes. There are three leg levelers, and it comes with accessories. These accessories include eight pucks – four red and red blue. Additional accessories come with this set, such as the deluxe hardwood pinsetter for bowling, leather cover, score pad, and 10 solid bowling hardwood pins. You may not get these accessories from other brands, but they are sold separately. 

Playcraft has been in the business of manufacturing shuffleboard tables for a very long time. They have created a niche for themself in the market and an impressive one. If this is your first time getting a shuffleboard table, then you may consider this product. However, prepare a large budget because shuffleboard tables are known to be expensive. 

Key Features: 

  • Unique leg applique and cradle 
  • Solid base wood material construction
  • Horseshoe ends on each leg 
  • Polymer surface, 3″ vertical stave, kiln-dried, edge-glued, Canada butcher Maple
  • 1-2-3 traditional indoor scoring system
  • Climate adjuster pro-styled
  • Hardwood electronic overhead scorer 
  • Leg storage and bowling pin deluxe
  • Three leg levellers
  • Eight pucks: four reds and four blues
  • Leather PU cover and score pad
  • Hardwood bowling pins
  • It is strong
  • The construction is sturdy
  • It can be used indoors 
  • It is durable
  • They are available in different sizes
  • The climatic adjusters help in adjusting the table
  • The design is unique and exquisite
  • It is expensive 
  • The shuffleboard table is bulky

02- Challenger Shuffleboard Table W Dark Cherry Finish

This shuffleboard table has a dark cherry finish made of hardwood that gives it a stunning appearance. It is a professional-grade shuffleboard table. The butcher hardwood block play-field is coated with polyurethane which gives it a sleek surface. You need this kind of surface for an easy and smooth game. The pucks will glide better on a sleek surface, and you will have a better game. 

Challenger also comes with inbuilt storage space that helps in maintaining the table’s balance. Some customers like their storage space for its aesthetic vibe, but they are also pedestal styled. You can store your eight pucks and other accessories within them. The antique, classic, and vintage appearance of this table makes it stylish. 

There is also leg levelers for security and stability included in this table. These levelers give it a steady and flat surface. You will be grateful for this feature when your game gets intense. There are also climate adjusters integrated into the build for adjusting the level of the table during temperature changes. They are there to ensure your play-field solid wood is set for optimum play. The table dimensions of this table are good enough for its size. The scoring unit is the abacus type. 

Challenger shuffleboard is ideal for home games and tournaments. They are affordably priced and stylish. The quality is on par with the style and design. You can get in either the dark cherry or natural maple finish. This makes them flexible with any decor. The playing field is wide and thick, assuring you a smoothly sanded and paneled surface. 

The board layers are topped with hard clear lacquer. There are gutters grooved tight into the frame side for support. Just like most of its competitors, Challengers uses the traditional scoring system of 1-2-3. It also comes with eight pucks, instructions, and rules to guide you in the game. Other accessories may include silicone spray and waxes for maintenance.

Key Features: 
  • Eight pucks: four red and blue
  • Leg levellers
  • 1-2-3 traditional scoring system 
  • Carpeted gutters and walls
  • Synthetic lacquer finish
  • 16″ wide and 3/4″ thickness
  • 9″, 12″, and 14″ sizes
  • 24″ width cabinet
  • Climatic adjusters
  • T-square 
  • Polyurethane finishing
  • Antique styled 
  • It is affordable
  • The antique design gives it a unique touch
  • It comes with the game rules and instructions
  • It comes with silicone spray and waxes
  • Smooth playing field
  • Pro-level styled 
  • No ambiguities or warping 
  • It is not made with the best finishing
  • They are very bulky and occupies space

03- Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Game

Here is another play craft model that is made primarily with you in mind. It is made with quality wood and is gorgeous. The style of this Shuffleboard game table will fit into most game rooms. This model is popular in the market, and it uses a home style solid butcher hardwood block at a width of 15″ and thickness of 1.75″. 

Most buying guides for shuffleboard games will advise you to look out for thickness of play-field with 1.75 to 3.” This makes Georgetown a good candidate. The extra depth is responsible for the cradle appearance and makes it feel better when shooting the pucks. Laminate wood is used for this, which gives it a strong plywood framing structure. There is also speed wax, leg storage, eight pucks, and lead scoring. 

Playcraft gives you several finishes to choose from; these include espresso oak, honey, or cherry finishes. It comes with an accessory kit containing black leather fitted PU covers and ten solid hardwood bowling pins. The company gives its customers a twelve-month warranty. This means you can easily return your purchase if it does not suit your preferences. 

Stained veneer, hardwood solid corners, and rail caps are used to give a unique look to this design. They also have carpeted traditional gray gutters. Polyurethane spray finishing is also used on all its designs, giving multiple coatings. They also give it a smooth satin finishing. 

Climate adjusters are used to ensuring easy adjust-ability, which gives shape to the profile. The twelve inches size of this set has two legs. The fourteen inches has three set legs along with the set of sixteen inches. An equipment accessory set comes with this package. It contains wight pucks, speed wax, and playing instructions.   

You should consider getting these if you are looking to start small and comfortable with shuffleboard tables. Playcraft has good customer support that can attend to your issues when they arise. 

Key Features:
  • Climatic adjusters
  • 6″ levellers leg
  • Polyurethane coating of 10 inches
  • Four red and four blue pucks
  • Optional kits
  • Sweep hardwood board
  • Hardwood deluxe abacus scores
  • Reinforced double-panelled box legs
  • Solid hardwood and rail caps
  • Double-panelled rigid box legs for storage
  • Traditional 1-2-3 indoor scoring systems
  • Traditional carpeted grey gutters
  • Easy to adjust
  • Very durable
  • The optional kit gives more function
  • Allows for an easier and smoother game
  • The finishing is good, which protects the table from damages
  • There is a twelve months warranty
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • It is expensive
  • It is bulky

04- Signature 12″ Shuffleboard Table

Signature 12″ Shuffleboard table is sold and shipped solely by Fairview Game Rooms. The manufacturers are aiming to get your exclusive game night a top-notch higher. This playing field of this table is built with several wood layers which are laid close to each other. This construction gives the shuffleboard table a trimmer and shimmering look. The mahogany wood and color make it quite exquisite. 

The board surface has the appearance of a butcher table block. However, the separate wood pieces increase the lifespan. Three-leg pedestals are inbuilt into this design to aid its durability. These legs also have hidden storage spaces which can come in handy for several occasions. The leg bottoms have levels that make the table easier to set up and also its use. 

These bottom levelers also help to adjust the playing floor when it is uneven. This will bring it back to the height you desire for the game. The signature makes use of wax coating just like its competitors. This wax helps the shuffleboard table scratch-resistant, and they become easier to maintain. Your package will come with eight pucks. 

Although the Shuffleboard game is ancient, it is still very much used. Boards like signatures give the game an interesting touch. The beautiful features, clean lines, and simple designs give any game room decor the right feel. Polyurethane is used on this board for its finishing. This finishing is partly responsible for the shining look of the board. There are also metal stabilizers used to decrease the chance of the play-field turning convex or concave. 

The chrome levelers used to construct the locking nuts and the legs give it a precise leveling. You should, however, prepare a large space for this table in your gaming room. Extra hands may also be needed to transport this table when it arrives due to its bulkiness. You can get this if it’s your first time getting a shuffleboard table or a beginner at this game. 

Key Features:
  • Leg levellers 
  • Floor height 30 inches
  • 5″ Thickness of storage door
  • Metal frame and base material
  • Play-field thickness of 1.5.”
  • Cabinet height 6.”
  • Stabilizer metallic bar 6
  • Spaces for leg storage
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Storage shelf at a depth of 4.5.”
  • Play-field 1 1/4″ H*15″ W*11 
  • Multiple wood mahogany colours
  • It resists scratch
  • Adjustable
  • High durability
  • Multifunctional
  • Mahogany colour is available
  • Easy to set up
  • Accessory wax comes as a bonus 
  • Expensive
  • Very bulky 


05- RAYNE GAMES Hathaway Merlot 9 feet Shuffleboard Table

This shuffleboard game set is crafted from quality beautiful hardwood and veneers. Its frame and base material is made with walnut wood. The play surface is made with solid Birch thick hardwood. This makes it solid to bear the weight of your game and strengthens it. The playing field is important for your game; that’s where all the game is played. You want to make sure your playing field is good for you. 

Lacquer coating is used for this shuffleboard table. This coating may not be the best in the market today, but it is quite manageable. The purpose of the coating is to help protect the table from damages and scratches. If they are allowed to accumulate on the table, it will affect the game’s accuracy. You surely want to avoid this.

Rayne games Hathaway is three pro-styled with heavy-duty adjusters. These adjusters enable you to level the shuffleboard table in different climates. You want your playing field to be adjusted to suit your needs. There are also carpeted padded sidewalls and gutters to reduce noise while playing. There are additional EVA protection pads for all ends. 

The wood side of this table is 1 inch thick, and there are end aprons to provide rugged availability. This table is crafted for fun and quality. It effortlessly combines dark and light wood to get a sophisticated design. The simple design distinguishes it from its peers. It is specially built to withstand vigorous play, which makes it last longer.

The merlot shuffleboard table has a striking appearance. This design will exceed your expectations and offer value for your money’s worth. The butcher block used here makes it durable. 

The company has an upgraded shipping option that may attract extra charges. The customer service is active, so you can process refunds if your purchase does not meet the requirements. However, make sure to keep the table in good maintenance so the process will be simpler. 

Key Features:
  • Lacquer finish
  • 1.75-inch thick butcher block
  • Dark and Lightwood
  • 108.5 inch in Length * 24 in width and 31 in height
  • Hardwood veneer
  • 235 lbs.
  • Climatic adjusters
  • EVA protection pads
  • Birch hardwood
  • 8 pucks; 4 blue and reds
  • 1.5-inch leg levellers
  • Wax and table brush
  • Noise reduction
  • Unique styled 
  • Sophisticated design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Rugged durability
  • Smooth surface for easy game
  • Weighs less



  • The playing surface is not thick enough
  • The finishing is not good enough

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard table

A Shuffleboard table in a room is hard to miss. It occupies a good amount of space and beckons to you. These tables can fit into any gaming room. And a good one will last for decades. 

However, purchasing a good shuffleboard game requires you to do your homework. Several factors are worth considering, such as the size, depth, width, and play-field surface. Don’t worry about all these terms; we will explain them further in this guide. 

Outer Cabinet 

Contrary to popular opinion that the shuffleboard outer cabinet does not affect the game, it does. Asides from the aesthetics function of this cabinet, it provides balance to the whole table. This cabinet is just as important as the playing field. 

If solid hardwoods are used in making the cabinets, then they will be firmer and heavier. Their additional weight keeps the table intact, especially when the game gets intense. However, note that these will cost more. It is easy to find cabinets that are made with maple, walnut, and pine. 

There are also different finishes for the shuffleboard tables, such as laminates and veneers. Most times, you can get these details from the manufacturer’s information. An “oak finish” is different from an oak cabinet, so you should read it carefully. If it is not available, then you can try messaging them directly. 

Climatic Adjusters 

A good shuffleboard table should come with its climatic adjusters. They are the metal bars located underneath the table across its width. The main function of climatic adjusters is to prevent warping of the table. They also maintain the correct shape. 

With the climatic adjusters, you can make adjustments when necessary. For example, adjustments need to be made to prevent misalignment based on the humidity or temperature level, which will affect the game’s accuracy and speed. If you want to maximize your game, then you need these adjusters. 

Climatic adjusters are also sold separately. This means if your choice table does not have them, then there is no cause for alarm. Just ensure that they are installed properly after purchase. Certainly, a preinstalled adjuster will spare you that trouble. You can also get the shuffleboard table for outdoor use only from here.


There are varieties of shuffleboard table sizes in the market. They range from eight feet to twenty-two. This can be confusing when you are trying to make the right choice. So let’s tell you two important questions you must answer as a guide; “what space will it fit in” and “how can it access the space.”

If you are getting shuffleboard for outdoor purposes, you will not need to bother much with the size, especially if the space is big. But if your shuffleboard table will be staying indoors, then you should consider the size of the room. 

Experts say it is best for a two-foot space at the four corners of the shuffleboard tables. This will allow players to have enough room for stance position and also flexibility.  

Here is a table guide for each size to help you better:

SizeUsage Area and Features  
8 feetSmallest size, ideal for indoor uses.
9 feetVery popular find in the market, a comfortable fit for home game room
12 feetAlso popular and can serve for both indoor and outdoor purposes
14 feetAverage size, a good option if you are stuck in the middle
16 feetMid-sized option and can be used for a smaller outdoor space
18 feetBig sized, ideal for a big outdoor space
20 feetThe second option to 18 feet
22 feetUsed for professional tournaments


Another factor worth considering is the materials used in manufacturing the shuffleboard table. These tables face risks of getting damaged either from high impact or dropped pucks. You can reduce these risks by getting one with standard material. Repairing a damaged shuffleboard table is rather expensive. 

Poplar, soft maple, white maple, birch, and maple wood are popular materials for making shuffleboard tables. You’d be more grateful to get a table made with solid hardwood such as hard maple, oak, birch, and mahogany. These types have more protection from damages, and they last longer. 

However, be prepared to spend more on quality material. If they are way above your budget, choose their more economical alternative, epoxy. 


The finishing of the shuffleboard is almost as important as its material. Since these tables are prone to accidental scratches and dents, they need a good finishing taking all the heats. This is especially necessary for beginner players as they are clumsier. 

A bad finishing in no time will give way to cracks and dents on the playing field, which will affect the game’s quality. Shellacs and lacquers have been used for a very long time as the standard finishing. But it’s been over fifty years, and there are better innovations such as the epoxy resin. 

Epoxy resin is widely used, and its wear-out rate is lower compared to its predecessors. Pouring epoxy resin over your table will prevent the formation of air bubbles on the field. These finishes ensure that no imperfections are left on the table surface after the construction. 

Thickness of Playing Field 

Your shuffleboard table should be sufficiently thickened to ensure its stability. The usual amount of thickness is three inches, so you should look out for them. You should beware that a shuffleboard table thickness is not the same as the wood material thickness. 

They are two different features that should be taken into account separately. There are some tables with excess epoxy resin finishes and insufficient wood thickness. You should see the information on the thickness of the product description. If it is not written, then you should send a message to the manufacturer’s website. 

Most contemporary shuffleboard models are about three inches thick. However, this does not mean that you should not check the description thoroughly to be certain. The process of returning a product can be hassling, and you do not want to go through that stress. 

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from the top priority considerations, you might want to consider other minor considerations to give you a good experience overall. These other considerations are the scoring system, condition, and cost. 

There are two common types of scoring systems used in scoring shuffleboard. The three-level grid is more common; it is also known as the 1-2-3 traditional scoring system. The other kind of scoring system is the triangular grid that is found on shuffleboard court floors. Another name for this is the outdoor shuffleboard. 

The condition and cost of the shuffleboard table are also worth considering. These tables can get very expensive, especially when they are handcrafted. The less-priced ones are just barely of decent quality. Manufacturers put up sales occasionally, so you may want to look up these sales. 

If you do not mind having used shuffleboard tables, you should get them as they are even more affordable. However, you might need to refinish and re-sand them to get them in a better condition. This may cause additional costs, but in the end, it could be worth it. 

If you consider all the buying guides listed here, the chances of you making a regrettable purchase are remarkably low. You can get the material, size, finishing, playing field, and climatic adjusters from the product feature on the manufacturer’s page. 

How to Take Care of Your Shuffleboard Table

Maintaining your shuffleboard table is just as much of a big deal as choosing the right one. Poor maintenance could reduce its lifespan and the quality of your games. The good news is that taking care of these tables is not hard. Once you know how it is done and get the right equipment, you are good to go. 

Here are different methods on how to take care of your shuffleboard table: 

Spray Cleaner: A spray cleaner is a must-have. They are used when needed or based on the frequency of the table use. Spray cleaners remove grime and dirt from the play-field quickly. You can use them when you deem fit. 

Silicone Spray: These sprays make up the base of the wax. It is an essential element for table performance. Powdered wax moves around the table easily. Using a silicone spray before powder application will reduce the amount of powder needed. This, in turn, will minimize puck tracking on the game table and increase the game speed. Allow the silicone spray to dry for one minute before applying the powder, then the wax should follow next. 

Speed Powders: These spray powders are sometimes referred to as sand or salt. And there are different types of speed powders for the kind of game you intend to play. You should apply these before the game. 

Taking care of shuffleboard tables can be demanding, especially if done daily. We recommend the weekly plan so as not to overwork the board too much. And if you get a quality board, then a weekly or monthly maintenance procedure should be enough. 

All the materials needed for this care can be found in the same store where you purchased your shuffleboard table. If not, you can search for them differently; they are pretty easy to find, especially on Amazon. 

How to Play Shuffleboard

The game of shuffleboard is exciting. For a beginner, it might look confusing, but there are rules to follow that simplify it. The object of a shuffleboard game is the paddle. To get points, you need to use the paddle to move weighted pucks toward the scoring area. 

Two or four players can play in this game. There are scoring triangles in the court for the players to stay while they play against the opposite end of the table. These scoring triangles have point zones divisions. Number “10” is closest to the player, located at the tip, followed by numbers “8” and “7” at the central right and left of the area. There is a “10 OFF” zone for penalty at the triangle’s base. 

Each player is expected to make use of the paddle to push the pucks into the triangle. They do this alternatively. After a session, all scores are added up, only the ones within the triangles. A session is complete when eight pucks are shot. 

You can aim your shot during the game to remove your opponent’s puck from the scoring area or triangle. You may even aim it to enter the penalty zone, so the opponent gets a penalty deduction. A player will lose ten points if their puck is shot outside the court or touches the line. 

The winner of a shuffleboard game is usually given to whoever reaches the target first. This target is pre-determined before the game and is usually seventy-five points. On the other hand, a player whose score is the highest after ten rounds may be declared the winner. 

Here are some of the important rules of the game that you should know about: 

  • A coin is tossed to determine the first player, and the player with the highest points in a previous round is allowed to go first for the next round.
  • Only one puck can be shot, and each player takes alternate turns.
  • Only one smooth forward continuous motion is used to move a puck. No extra shots are permitted. 
  • If you play the disc of another player, you get ten penalty points.
  • Players are expected to wait for the puck of a preceding player to be stationary before taking their turn. 

You can see that this game is quite simple to master as soon as you know the basics. The rules are easy to follow, and most times, a referee is not needed. 

How Do You Polish A Shuffleboard Table?

Polishing a shuffleboard table can be satisfying. The wax allows the table to keep on providing accuracy and speed to your shots. It also reduces the damages that occur from frequent usage. Your shuffleboard table needs to be waxed constantly. 

The type of table involved determines the polishing or waxing process. That is their polymer finishes and wood finishes. Traditional wood finishing is harder to polish or maintain. But they usually maintain their shine and thickness for longer. 

To polish your shuffleboard table, you will need the following:

  • A quarter cup of vinegar
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Wax
  • Silicone spray
  • Olive oil
  • Wood polish

Once you have all the necessary materials, follow these steps: 

  • The first thing to do is to clean your table using water and vinegar. Acidic vinegar dismantles grime and dirt. You can add oil to the mixture to preserve the wood finish, but this is optional. 
  • The next thing to do is apply the silicone spray on the wiped table. Do this over all the surfaces in a sweep motion. Do not miss any spots! Leave the table for about two minutes before patting it with your towel. 
  • Spread the powdered shuffleboard wax. Buy the appropriate wax for your table type. Your table should be left to dry after applying the wax. 
  • Learn More: What Should I Look for When Buying Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table: Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes a good shuffleboard table?

Good shuffleboard is made up of strong material, quality finishing, and climatic adjusters. These are boxes to check when you go shopping for one. If you fail to buy the right table, then your gaming will not be the same. 

Is a 14-foot shuffleboard table too short?

No. This depends on the purpose for which you are getting it. We recommend a 14 feet shuffleboard table for a big-sized indoor gaming space and a small outdoor space. A fourteen-foot table will be too short for a professional tournament. 

Is a 9-foot shuffleboard table too short?

No. If you just need a nine-foot shuffleboard table for a casual family game, then it is okay. This site is very popular in the market. It will be easy for you to get a quality brand that has this size. Just make sure that the table has all the requirements and is within your budget. 

What are 10 feet off in shuffleboard?

Yes. The sizes of shuffleboard tables in the market range from 8 to 9 to 12. Finding a 10 feet table will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. But you can still try your luck and check. However, a 9-foot table is worth considering that it is the closest to a 10 foot and serves the same purpose. 

How heavy is a 9 ft. shuffleboard table?

The average weight of a shuffleboard table is around 350 pounds. Several factors affect their weight, such as the type of material used. Most times, you will need an additional set of hands to help move the table, especially the playing field, which is the bulkiest part. 

What is the official shuffleboard table length?

There is no official shuffleboard range. The term ‘official’ is subjective. For a tournament, 18 feet can be seen as the official. Aside from that, any length between 9 to 22 is standard. You should just buy whatever size suits your purpose. 

Who makes the best shuffleboard table?

Many manufacturers of shuffleboard tables are good. There is competition in the market which has geared them to produce the best. The manufacturers with the most reviews are Hudson, Venture, McClure, and Playcraft. These companies produce different types of shuffleboard tables that are well-loved. 

How much room do you need for the shuffleboard?

The amount of room needed to place shuffleboard is usually one of the first things considered when purchasing one. But the least space you need is 12 feet; this can contain an eight feet shuffleboard table. As long as the shuffleboard can fit comfortably into space with extra two feet on each side, then you are good to go. 

Should you cover a shuffleboard table?

While your shuffleboard may be made with quality material, it still needs proper maintenance to increase its lifespan. A cover cloth is one of the essential accessories for shuffleboard tables. They help protect against unwanted debris and dirt. This dirt, if left to accumulate, can damage the table. 

How often should you wax your shuffleboard table?

Your table can be waxed every week, depending on its use. Don’t wax a table every week if you only use it once in six months. On the other hand, if you use your shuffleboard at least two to three times weekly, you should wax it. Monthly waxing is also considered good. 

Should I wax my shuffleboard table?

Yes, you should wax it weekly or monthly. Waxing protects the table from damages caused by frequent usage. Failure to wax your table can affect the quality of your games. Also, make sure that you use the appropriate wax for your table type. 

How do you pick a shuffleboard table?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a shuffleboard table. They include the size, material, finish, thickness, and climatic adjusters. These factors affect the durability and efficiency of your game. You can find the details of these features in the product description.

Is a 12-foot shuffleboard table too short?

A 12-foot shuffleboard table is not too short if it is intended for indoor usage. The smallest length of a shuffleboard table available in the market today is eight feet. But the most commonly found size is the nine-foot. 

Here are some shuffleboard tables for indoor use only.

How much is a good shuffleboard table?

Be prepared to spend an average cost of $1000 for a good shuffleboard table. The prices differ amongst the different manufacturers. Some factors can affect the overall cost, such as the shipping fee. Put all this in view and weigh your options. 

Do you have to score exactly 21 on the shuffleboard?

No, you don’t. In the game of shuffleboard, each player takes a turn to make their shot. Their points are listed. At the end of the game, the points are summed up. The player with the highest is declared the winner. 

Are 9-foot shuffleboard tables worth it?

Yes, they are. These cut small shuffleboard tables are easier to transport and will take up less space in the home. They are best for an indoor gaming room. These shuffleboards are often sold at lower prices compared to the larger ones. 

What kind of finish is on a shuffleboard table?

Epoxy resin finish is the standard for shuffleboard tables today. However, finishes like lacquer were used in the olden days and can still be found in the market. But the best is said to be epoxy resin as they provide more protection. 

Should I get a shuffleboard table?

Yes, you should if you want to or need to. Shuffleboards are not necessities, but they sure do bring fun to your space. If you can afford one, then get it; you might be surprised by just how much you enjoy playing the game. 


Shuffleboard tables are a great inclusion to either your indoor game room or the outdoors. This game is easy to play and can guarantee a quality fun time for your friends and family. If you are considering getting one, make sure to tick off all the requirements so that you can thoroughly enjoy your purchase.

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