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Playing chess sometimes means seeing the character of the current situation in which you are involved. In the chess anime, we always see the player moving pawns on both sides, and the game is often left unfinished as it is likely to interpret the situation the player faces in real life.

Chess Anime

Do you think chess is just an anime game? We have to talk about the chess symbolism in the anime.

The Game

chess anime

First, it’s not just a game. Chess sometimes means seeing the character of the current situation you are in. In the anime about chess, we always see the player moving pawns on both sides, and the game is often not finished as it probably interprets the situation of what the player is facing in real life.

Kuran Kaname of the Vampire Knight has his board in his office. He often moved pawns and stabbed them once with a knife. The chessboard shows how he plays against his enemies, such as Shizuka and Rido.


chess anime king

For a chess character who views his life as a game of chess, the king’s piece will likely represent itself. Chess is probably the situation you are in. If the players died, the “game” would end.

Lelouch considers he the king of the chessboard. He created an organization to attackfor his beliefs. Although he was behind and commanding his men, he sometimes fought them on the front lines and covered their backs.


pawn chess anime

A ruler needs subjects or devotees. As rude as it may sound, you need people to work. On a chessboard, a player sometimes has to sacrifice one or two pawns to win. In anime, individuals seeing or working a character are pawns in the “game” before him.

Sky Phantomhive is a very good example of this. He is often called the king of the board, and Sebastian is his knight. Sebastian is called “a pawn who breaks any rule.” Ciel treats every obstacle he encounters like a chess game, causing him to calculate and use the people around him as pawns to kill his opponent.

Anime Chess Character

Anime Chess Character

Chess is a sport in which you train not only physically but also mentally and intellectually. This time, Dunia Games wants to talk about anime characters that can play chess. 

Heaven in Phantomhive

Ciel is the main character in The Black Butler. Ciel’s main goal in this anime is to get revenge on the people who betrayed the Phantomhive family so they can feel the suffering that Ciel is going through. Then Ciel feels that he can die in peace.

Everyone is often associated with chess. Ciel once said this world is not chess, so you won’t win if you stick to the rules. He’s probably good at chess.

Klaus von Reinhertz

The chapter on Kekkai Sensen Libra often looks very serious for the computer. This serious face did not come from work but Prosfair, a modified chess set.

One of the episodes tells about the matches in Prosphere between Klaus and chess master Ulcheko. This match lasted 99 hours without a break. Surprisingly, Klaus can focus on the fight, even though people are trying to divert his attention.


The main character in Code Geass is a cool person. Although he looks very nice and relaxed at school, Lelouch’s true nature is very different. He has a charm that makes people respect him.

Chess is a game featured in Code Geass. In chess, characters can demonstrate their skills to master tactics. Lelouch herself is one of the best chess players in this anime. With such intelligence, everyone might think twice before fighting him.


L is one of the main characters in Death Note. Thanks to his brilliant intelligence, L can solve several cases as an international detective. He is known for his frequent handling of cases that hinder the movement of the national government. L can also analyze his opponent very well.

I once played chess against Light Yagami while he was talking. Not only that, a novel titled L: Change the World that follows the 23 days before L’s death ends with L imagining himself playing chess against the light before dying by writing his name in Death Note.


Shiro is the main character in No Game No Life-chess Anime playmat with a high level of intelligence. No game, no life, don’t you want to drill into walls or walls or add other kinds of permanent hooks, Applicable age: more than 6-year-old, a restocking fee of 35% will be deducted from the final amount, I offer free shipping for all domestic orders. Shiro is also known as a chess master because of his intelligence. This is not just a nickname, as it proved its tactics in chess.

Shiro has never lost a game of chess. Together with his older brother Sora, they can win 280 games. We can say that these are real “lifeless” people. Unfortunately, Shiro cannot stay away from her brother because it is bothering her.

Sport Anime

Kurokos basketball

This is one of the most magical souls and takes you to your very own basketball world. As the name suggests, this cool anime is based on basketball. One of the aspects that is sure to impress everyone is the background music and the anime theme. It has an old-fashioned hip-hop vibe and a retro theme. This anime is the story of Kuroko, the sixth member of Generation of Miracles, a team from Teiko High School that stood out and beat all other teams and now went to different high schools. It can be unrealistic at times, but for most souls, it is part of their charm.

Ride with the wind

Run with the wind is a beautiful anime that makes you think about your dreams, hopes, what you can achieve, and enjoy life to the fullest. This fav anime tells the story of not one, not two, but ten strange students and how they all outweigh their chances of achieving a goal one of them thought was so expensive. This is a wonderful story about friendship, believing in each other, supporting your friends, and helping them make their dreams come true. Haiji and Kakeru are the main characters, and Kakeru dreams of competing in Hakone Ekiden, one of Japan’s most famous relay races.


One thing animals do the best showcase the character’s internal conflicts and how to overcome them. Chihayafuru is quite an anime. It is Chihaya Ayasa, a stubborn girl who grows up in the shadow of her older sister and does not dream of her, but everything changes when she meets Arata, a changing student. The show introduces Ayase to the world of Karuta, a card game inspired by the classic Japanese anthology of 100 poets. This is not only a mental game but also physical activity. 


Haikyuu needs no introduction; it is one of the most popular successful anime for sport out there. If anyone wants to explore the sporting anime genre, I would say Haikyuu is the best anime of its kind. It’s a pretty long anime, not as long as Naruto or One Piece, but the 85 episodes are just as important. Haikyuu is based on volleyball, and if you wonder how much fun volleyball can be, you should give it a try. Even if you don’t like sports much, this anime will also make the viewer feel healthy.

This is a complete anime, one where you feel good and support the main characters and the supporting characters. 

Hajime in Ippo

Boxing is already an interesting sport, and now that anime is based on boxing, who wants to jump? The intensity and drama of the boxes in this anime are enhanced beautifully. This anime about BOXING will make you take care of yourself, take root, laugh with your characters. You will love heroes. Even our main character, Ippo opponents, has beautiful and wonderful background stories that many sports animators do not show. This will make you scream, hold your breath and always sit on the edge of the chair. The instruction montages show the battles our protagonist faces and how much he wants to succeed.

Chess Anime: FAQs

What is the rating of chess players?

The actual score for experienced hustlers can range from 1400 to 2200. Beware, most people don’t learn or practice chess in competitions, and someone who has learned more complex positional strategies and tactics could lose them.

How good are the chess players at Union Square?

They are very, very good. They’re not very good, but hustlers are playing with a ridiculously fast timer. They can make a lot of mistakes and still win because you don’t have enough time. 

Who is the great game of chess?

The vast majority of Carlini has never studied chess; instead, they learn by playing, playing, and playing.

Last Words

Chess plays an important role in anime as it always increases tension and makes viewers wonder what’s next. A character that plays chess alone or makes the show more interesting and dramatic in a good way is awesome.

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