How Do You Build A Concrete Ping Pong Table

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How do you build a concrete ping pong table? It is a question that many people tend to ask daily. The truth is that the act of building a concrete ping pong table ourselves is an excellent step in the right direction. It also gives us the possibility of making it entirely to our tastes, not to mention the enormous amount of money we save, not only from its production but also from transportation and installation. Either because of this or because of other circumstances, ping pong tables are increasingly common, not only in parks, hotels, and urban areas but also in private homes’ patios and terraces. What’s more, enjoying your own outdoor concrete ping pong table will be possible in less than a week. Also, it will serve as a distraction and motivation for your free time.

Also, these ping pong tables are prepared to withstand the elements and all-weather adversities with total efficiency. Once construction is completed, their care will be forgotten, always being at your disposal and in the best conditions. Now you have to equip yourself with all the necessary materials to do it and follow these simple steps, which will allow you to build a concrete ping pong table.

Materials and Tools Needed to Build the Concrete Ping Pong Table

For building the concrete ping pong table you will need some tools and materials. If you already have them at your home it’s good, if not then you don’t need to find it anywhere. Just read the description from the box of the product and buy it and start building your concrete ping pong table.

Plastic containers and shovel for mixing the cement paste

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Waterproofing paint

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Portland Cement

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Cement glue

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Circular saw

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1 or 2 bags of concrete (depending on the size of the table)

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Hammer or rubber mallet

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Rubber gloves

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100% silicone painter’s tape

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The Steps Required in Building a Concrete Ping Pong Table

The first step after getting your materials ready is to determine the size of the table. This is quite important to ensure that our ping pong table is based on a ping pong table’s official measurements. Remember that the board must have measurements of 274 × 152 cm and a horizontal plane of 76 cm from the ground, and its thickness, at least, will be 22 mm.

Cut the lower part of the mold out of the melanin, with the help of a saw. 

Cut the strips responsible for bordering the mold and mount them through drywall screws.

In this way, we have completed the mold. It is essential to remove any possible imperfections from the mold. For this, we can use a compression tube of 100% silicone putty or a putty gun. You can aid yourself with a painter’s tape to get a straight line from the putty.

Before the putty gets completely dried (when it is a little damp), remove the tape. If the putty spreads into any unwanted areas, use a tissue to remove it. Leave the putty for a couple of hours.

For its constitution, this table includes a first layer or structure composed of 0.250 m3 of H-350 concrete with a rolled aggregate of gravel and sand reinforced with 6 mm diameter steel rounds, and separated by 10 cm each. All this should then be placed in the wooden mold.

Make a second layer composed of 100 kg of Portland cement, 0.199m3 of sand, 0.179 m3 of gravel, and 0.045 m3 of water.

Make a third layer composed of 40 kg of Portland H-450 cement, 0.100m3 of sand, 0.200m3 of gravel, and 0.045 m3 of water.

Put on rubber gloves to expand the layers in the mold.


The mold must be filled with concrete. To make the surface even throughout, use a thick piece of wood to distribute the concrete evenly.

This step will be crucial: hit the board’s underside and the sides with a rubber mallet or hammer to remove any possible air bubbles. Then use a basic concrete trowel to smoothen the concrete.

Leave 3 or 4 days for the concrete to dry completely, and you can then remove the mold.

To remove the concrete, help yourself with a screwdriver and remove the screws that you initially nailed to create the mold’s sides. When you have removed them, you will see that the mold will fall to the ground.

Smoothen all the edges of the concrete block with the help of sandpaper. You have the option of rounding the corners, thus giving your table more security.

If there are any holes in the mold, use cement paste to cover them. You can fill in any gaps in circular motions for a better finish.

After doing this, use a putty knife and scrape off the excess paste. Let it sit for a couple of hours and do a final sanding.

To finish the upper surface and the sides, use 6 kg of cement glue and 2 kg of dark green or blue waterproofing plastic paint. This should be appropriately added on the upper surface. Also, remember to draw the bottom, side, and center lines with white paint.

A good option is for the two steel legs to be covered with white waterproofing paint.

For the union of the two legs to the table, the table’s lower surface must be equipped with four truncated pyramidal projections joined by anchor plates.

Place the 6 ” high net right in the middle of the board. We recommend that you use a mesh of perforated metal plate 2 mm thick and a solid steel frame around the entire perimeter, fixed on a supporting surface.

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Building the Concrete Ping Pong Table Legs

The concrete ping pong table legs can also be made of this same material, making two pillars of great thickness, each one arranged in a part of the field. You can apply your creativity and make pillars of different shapes and sizes while playing with the visual effects.

There is also the option of applying welded and reinforced rectangular tube metal supports, with anti-corrosion protection. These usually give an impression of firmness and robustness. Its stability is also enormous. But if you want to get a concrete ping pong table with a nice and homely design, you can choose to make a stand with red cedarwood. This wood is perfect for exterior cladding since, in addition to being one of the most stable of all existing ones, it is durable, light, easy to handle, and receives finishes and varnishes well. Now it’s just a matter of imagining your perfect concrete ping pong table and getting down to business.

Frequently Asked Question 

How thick does a concrete tabletop need to be?

The standard concrete tabletop thickness should be at least 2 inches.

Do concrete dining tables stain?

Because concrete dining tables have a natural porosity, the tables will not stain easily. They should also be sealed always to prevent them from accumulating food particles and absorbing water.

Can you make a ping pong table out of plywood?

Standard plywood is an inexpensive option when you want to build a ping pong table, but it does not offer fair gameplay when compared to concrete.

How do you make a ping pong table for a pool tabletop?

If you desire to make a ping pong table for a pool tabletop, do make use of the following steps:

  • Cut your plywood into two halves.
  • Pre-drill one of the halves to make room for the installation of wood inserts.
  • Sand appropriately
  • Stain and paint adequately.
  • Add a topcoat using polyurethane.
  • Install some suitable wood inserts
  • Apply grip tape to the ping pong table top (the area which will be in contact with the pool table). This will aid in preventing scratches on your pool table.
  • Place the ping pong table top on the pool table. Next, line up the brackets with the wood inserts and screw the hex bolts hand. Afterward, put the net on the brackets.

How can I make my lightweight concrete stronger?

To make your lightweight concrete stronger, you can add more Portland cement and hydrated lime.

How thin can I make a concrete tabletop?

To make a thin concrete tabletop, the least thickness that’s advisable is 1.5 inches.

Do I need to rebar in the concrete countertop?

The concrete countertop needs to be reinforced using rebar to ensure sufficient strength and also prevent cracking.

Will concrete countertops crack?

Concrete countertops can crack if they are made without reinforcement.

Can I use quikrete 5000 for countertops?

You can use quikrete 5000 for countertops as it has been formulated to gain adequate strength within seven days.

Does white vinegar clean concrete?

White vinegar can be used to clean concrete, but it must not be used excessively.

What happens if you add sugar to concrete?

Whenever sugar is added to concrete, it slows down the setting process. This occurs because sugar alters the chemical reaction, which makes concrete set whenever water is added.

What is the thinnest concrete countertop?

The thinnest concrete countertop is 1.5 inches.


In conclusion, building a concrete ping pong table doesn’t come with many hassles, as shown above. The products to make it are available to everyone. Also, there are increasingly more facilities to carry out its development, such as precast concrete plates for the board and even molds for cement, which allows placing the concrete paste on ready-made supports. Furthermore, if you desire to learn how to make ping pong tables easily, the steps highlighted above would act as a sure guide.

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