How high is a Regulation Dartboard Hang

Find out how high is a regulation dartboard hang, and more info about this sport.

This game is played with a board that has 20 equal parts. Also, the objective of the game is to win points by throwing the darts. Each of these darts has to be as close as possible to the board’s center to win more points. There are competitions worldwide where players test their talents. It should also be noted that there are specific rules where both the distance and the dartboard height are considered. This gives this game a greater seriousness and criteria for the competition.

How high is a Regulation Dartboard Hang?

Now we will discuss on how high is a regulation dartboard hang.


The lens must be at 68 inches from the board on the floor. It can be placed in two different ways, from the center and the top of the board. If it is hanging in the center, an excellent dart board measure. If you are hanging from the top, be sure to measure accordingly.

How high is a Regulation Dartboard Hang


The dartboard distance cm between the throw line and the target depends on the type of dart tip you use. If you are using steel tip darts, consider that the distance from the board (take care of dartboard distance from the wall, not just the wall) to the throw line is 2.13 my 23.5 cm (7.9 ¼ inches). Moreover, if soft tip darts are the ones you are using, the distance from the target face to the throw line is 8 inches (20.32 cm).

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The Throw Line

The throw line is the line behind. It means that a dart thrower must stand behind it during a game. It should be 3 inches wide and directly in front of the board. You can place it with a piece of tape, and the thrower may not be closer to the target than the leading edge of the tape.

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Wall Protection

A vital tip is protecting the wall where the lens hangs. Mostly, if you are using steel-tipped darts to play, you can use a shield, such as cork, or put the lens in a cabinet, to protect the wall. A suggested play area is approximately six feet long, with the target in the middle. We also recommend that you make sure that there are no breakable objects within 2 to 3 feet on either side of the target, as darts can bounce if they do not touch the board properly.

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Floor Protection

The place where you play is essential for the ground and the dart. That’s why we recommend you use a dart mat. All this to protect the floor. More challenging floors like concrete, stone, and tiles can break or flatten the dart tips. Steel-tipped darts can puncture floors like wood and vinyl. To protect them, you can put a wear pattern. Please put it on the front and back of the board. Try to do this if you play regularly.

How to Get a Dartboard Height at the Required Distance

If you want to know how to hang a dartboard, you should take these tips. Hanging an official target at home allows you to practice more often and take your game to the next level. It is crucial to have continuity in darts’ practice; therefore, you will want to hook the target at the prescribed height for the dartboard. Also, take care of the distance.

Hanging Dartboard

Use the tape measure to measure 1.7 m (5 ft 8 in) from the ground to the top. Mark this point on the wall. You can do this with a brush.

Secure the hook to the wall. The pencil mark should be on the bottom curve of the center of the U-shaped opening.

Screw the hook to the wall. Center the screws on each side to tighten the structure. Then you have to level it to make sure the hook is straight or facing each other.

Turn the lens over and use the tape measure to find the center. Mark it with a pencil. (Some lenses already have a small notch in the center.)

Place a screw in the center of the back of the lens. Do not screw it in completely; leave enough space between the screw and the back to slide it into the dartboard mounting height hook.

Place three rubber pads on the back of the lens, 2 inches from the edge, at the same distance from each other.

Insert a nail in the center of the first cap and push it into place until the cap is firmly against the lens.

Place the back of the lens against the wall. Then, slightly above the hook. After that, slide it into the U-shaped opening of the wall hook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the regulation size of a dartboard?

The dartboard dimensions and sizes are essential. The center of the dartboard should be placed at 1.73 meters height above the ground with a hook. It must be perfectly vertical. The activation point should be at 2.37 meters from the main face of the target. You can draw it with a marker consisting of a line drawn on the ground. So, the dartboard size is the general rule that applies to the competition. However, this shooting range can change depending on the game adopted in a playing area.

What is the regulation distance?

Measure on the floor, from the wall, 7 feet 9 1/4 inches (2.36 m) plus the lens’s thickness. The standard dartboard measurements are 7 feet 9 1/4 inches (2.36 m) from the board’s front. For greater accuracy, you can attach the plumber’s line to the lens. Remember that it should be 7 feet 9 1/4 inches from where the bar touches the ground.

What do you put behind a dartboard?

The idea is to place a cover behind the dartboard to protect the wall. One of the basics to follow would be to put thick mana. This gives more stability to the surface of the dartboard. Everything must be in function of giving it good cushioning and support.

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Can I hang a dartboard on drywall?

If you need to hang a target on a plaster wall, it would not be an excellent recommendation. All this because what you have to look for is to mount it on a wall post. If the wall is made of plaster. Remember that a target can weigh a little over 10 pounds. This means that it has enough weight to pull out the mounting screws from the drywall. For these reasons, you should avoid hanging a Dartboard from the drywall, especially if you do not have wall anchors.

Can you hang a dartboard with Command Strips?

Yes, you can hang up some control strips. All this because it supports up to 16 pounds of weight. They can also hang a standard Diana, which weighs 10-12 pounds, so you can use it to hang on the wall.

How far can you lean in darts?

If you want to know how far to stand from the dartboard, keep reading. Here the rules are stringent, especially in tournaments, as the players must be on the pitching line at about 96 inches horizontally. All this, looking towards the front of the dartboard. On the other hand, in tournaments is considered illegal to lean over the throwing line.

Therefore some players are allowed to step on the line but are not allowed to pass over it. It all depends on the internal rules of the Championship or game you are playing. By the way, it is vital to know how far from the dartboard you should be.

Where do you hang a dartboard?

A target is placed on a wall or in a target cabinet. The best places to aim are those areas of your home that provide space for playing darts. Don’t place your target in your home’s high traffic areas or where there is very little space available.

What is a stud in the wall?

A wall stud is a vertical panel within a wall frame as part of the frame of a building. A wall is likely to have more than one stud spaced at regular intervals across the wall’s width, and they will also be present at each corner of a structure. The purpose of these studs is to support the weight of the walls. The roof or floor on the upper level, and in some cases, the studs may also be responsible for supporting the floor weight.

Can you hang a dartboard on a door?

The answer is that you can. You can hang the targets because they have a bracket that can be fixed behind the door. You can also turn it on the wall, so there is no problem in placing it anywhere. It even comes with some brackets that help it be placed on the plaster walls’ columns. It also gives it a lot of versatility and, at the same time, invites players to play anywhere.

With all these tips, you already know how to place a dartboard to have fun playing darts. Remember that you can play anywhere, and practice makes perfect. 

Last Words

if you are a serious dartboard player then it is important for you to know how high is a regulation dartboard hang. We are sure after reading this guide now you are well aware of hanging your dartboard perfectly.