how much does a ping pong table cost

Maybe you are one among those people who usually wonder how much does a Ping pong table cost. This aspect is quite important, but finding the right one doesn’t just depend on this. Several factors together define an excellent choice. In all, it is essential to get the right table to get you through this incredible game. For beginners, it is usually recommended that you start with relatively affordable low-end models, but experts will tell you to focus more on performance levels. The basis is that it makes more sense to focus on the gaming business than to comply with the numerous theories put forward by manufacturers.

How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost?

The cost of the Ping Pong Table may vary depending on the table type you choose. The price of an indoor table is about $150-$400, the price of an outdoor table is about $400-$700, and the price of a conversion top is about $200-$300. Some manufacturers maintain versatility in their methods, while other manufacturers insist on using high-end products, thus determining the price of the Ping Pong Table. Some manufacturers will remember the user’s budget and generate multiple choices while some only focus on providing the most luxurious experience without considering the customer’s purse.

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Also, unless you have some experience with ping pong tables or have been playing games for a while, you should remain realistic. Therefore, it is not advisable to buy the most expensive product on the market for reasons such as because you can afford it. It is important to remember that no matter your playing level, you need to make the most of any table tennis table. It starts with the basics, such as understanding why you need to play games and deciding to get something that suits your needs at the time and even in the future.

In today’s market, you can browse many products suitable for different places and personalities (for example, outdoor, indoor, and home or office use). Our goal should still be to obtain equipment that can maximize the game experience and maintain the best performance possible, even without considering the table tennis table’s price.

Why is Ping Pong Tables so Expensive?

Some ping pong tables are often so expensive due to the high-quality materials used to make them. Many tables are cheap as well. But as it is one of the most played games around the world manufactures keep in mind the quality that is why normally ping pong tables are expensive.

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What should I look for when Buying a Table Tennis Table?

Usually, the table’s choice has to do with two main reasons: Entertainment and Professional reasons. But before buying a table tennis table, you need to consider the following;


For professional use, the standard regulatory model would be the ideal choice. Every recommended specification, such as a clear border or size, must be considered. On the other hand, for recreational purposes, you need a table that increases flexibility. For example, you might choose the indoor and outdoor-friendly, portable, and easy to install and remove. Moreover, the model should be very flexible because at home, those who will play are mostly amateurs, and they may put the table under a lot of pressure. You can also consider buying a multi-functional gaming convertible table that can adapt to changing gaming needs.


The space you have should be prioritized. The standard size of most table tennis table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 2.5 feet high. The available room is essential too. It may be in the backyard, basement, garage, or balcony because the player still needs some space to move.

Table Specifications

Attention to detail, such as the thickness of the board, the material, and the net structure, is of great value. For example, the regulations require a 1-inch thick board made of continuous material (mainly wood) for a better bounce. Also, a high-quality table should have a soft but elastic net and stable legs to provide stability.

Indoor Versus Outdoor

From the alternatives available on the market, manufacturers will keep all needs in mind. You have to decide what you want. We recommend buying outdoor table tennis tables for those who need entertainment and relaxation because they can be used indoors or outdoors without worrying about the weather. However, this is much more expensive than indoor models because they are specifically designed to adapt to any environment.


As with other purchases, the question “How much does a Ping Pong Table Cost?” must be in your mind. The market offers everything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Generally, the higher the price, the better quality you get. Also, having a reasonable budget is essential, because spending a lot of money without having your expectations met can be annoying and frustrating.

What Size is a Regular Ping Pong Table?

The regular size of a ping pong table is 9 inches long by 5 inches wide and 2.5 feet high.

How Much Should You Spend On A Ping Pong Table?

As mentioned earlier, the amount you should spend on a ping pong table depends on your needs. This point is quite valid, as the price of an indoor table is between $150-$400, the price of an outdoor table is between $400-$700, and the price of Convertible tops is between $200-$300.

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The Types of Ping Pong Tables

Not all types of Ping Pong Tables are suitable for every user. It would help if you chose a table tennis table accordingly, depending on where you want to want to play your matches. Let’s take a look at the three main Ping Pong Table types:

  • Indoor Tables
  • Outdoor Tables
  • Conversion Tops

Indoor Tables

Ping Pong is usually an indoor game. The main reason for this sport to be played indoors is that any weather can affect the ball’s flight. Since the ball is light in weight, even a small amount of wind will affect the ball’s speed. In turn, this will seriously affect gameplay. Moreover, rain or water may affect the bounce of the ball, thereby ruining the player’s overall experience.

how much does a ping pong table cost

If you like to spend family time playing table tennis, an indoor table tennis table will be the right choice. You can save it in a separate area inside the house and be ready to play. One advantage is that most indoor table tennis tables can be packaged and stored in a small space when not in use. Also, the indoor table is an excellent choice for office leisure because it can revitalize the workforce, improve employee efficiency, and make the most of the table tennis table’s cost tables cost.

Outdoor Tables

As mentioned earlier, playing table tennis outdoors is more challenging than playing indoors. Outdoor table tennis tables must withstand the impact of weather and environmental conditions at a specific time. This makes them more susceptible to spoilage. However, most manufacturers adequately keep the durability factor in mind when making outdoor table tennis tables.

how much does a ping pong table cost

Test the materials used in advance and determine whether they can withstand harsh weather conditions. If stored in unstable weather, it should not suffer corrosion or damage. Of course, the enhanced durability and extra work and come at a price. Due to the long service life of outdoor table tennis tables, the price of table tennis tables intended to be used outdoors is slightly higher than that of indoor table tennis tables. Outdoor tables are suitable for homes and offices with limited space and composed of backyards or outdoor garden-like spaces.

Conversion Tops

If you are a loyal supporter of versatility, the conversion top is the ideal choice. Moreover, not all table tennis enthusiasts have room for indoor table tennis tables in their houses. More importantly, some do not have beautiful gardens or large backyards to accommodate outdoor table tennis tables. If your living room has a dining table or a central table, this table tennis table is ideal for you.

how much does a ping pong table cost

Instead of buying a fully functional Ping Pong table, you can purchase a table tennis conversion table in its place. It’s just like using regular tables for games. This provides a stable surface without taking up any extra space in your house.

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Regardless of your skills and level of competition, if you are considering buying a ping pong table, you know that it is a rather expensive investment. On the other hand, Ping Pong tables look very simple and easy to manufacture, but they require time, a lot of materials, energy, and even knowledge. However, if you wish to buy one, there are still many table tennis tables at varying prices.

Is a Ping Pong table okay for you? How do you know which is worth this value and whether it can be paid for by your budget? In this article, you can find all the information about Ping Pong table prices, types of Ping Pong tables, and reasons for buying, so you can make better decisions based on your needs.


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