how to get a basketball card box

Do you know how to get a basketball card box?

In the collection tracker, Panini basketball cards are on the right. Are you crazy trying to buy basketball cards in the store and at the online stock store? Do you see it sold there? Well, you’re in luck!

You only get one card in the box, but unlike many another premium 1 card boxes, the hit parade includes big hits and doesn’t restock the trash like the other 99%. Your problems are a thing of the past! Do you have a basketball fan on your list? 

The basketball hobby box includes the top players in the game today. Modern cards also include new printing techniques, autographs, and memorable pieces of game exercises.

For most sports enthusiasts, collecting basketball cards is an added passion for the sport. These hobbies usually begin when they were children and continue into adulthood for them. Many collectors hope that their collection will reach the next generation and so on.

Do you know that;

Other collectors are more interested in the business. These collectors tend to produce and move valuables. They don’t want to see those things sitting on their shelves. Whatever collector you may be, keep in mind that there has been a long time collecting the cards. How to get a basketball card guide to some is worth paying for.

With collectors today, it’s not just the question of WHO’s on the card but also the card’s status that counts. Basketball cards can lose their value immediately with a curved corner or scratched front or any weather. So it is vital to take extreme care of your cards. This way, you can keep the value of the card and extend its ‘excellent condition.’

The technique of storing your Panini basketball cards have changed dramatically. Advances in storage methods now focus on the best basketball card boxes. This serves to save the cost of the card. These new methods are also best when storing your items in a storage unit. 

When you are moving to a new home or moving out of the house, the storage unit can be a great place to store your Prizm cards if you store them properly.

But wait! Before you put all your basketball cards and souvenirs in storage Read below;

How to Get a Basketball Card Box

Despite all the high-NBA releases bursting into the market, the Panini Prizm Basketball is one of the collection season’s top products, especially for rookie collectors.

The simple set varies from year to year and relies heavily on a combination of parallel and insert. Matching the 2018-19 release, each hobby box averaged two autographs. The suggested retail price (SRP) is $ 150 per box.

2019-20 Panini Prizm Basketball Base / Inserts

The 2019-20 underwater prism basketball has 300 base cards with thick borders keeping a signature look. The broad parallel lineup, numbering 299 or less, has silver, gold, and black prisms.

Best Basketball Card

National Treasures

National Treasures is simply the hobby box to find Jumbo Rookie Patch Autographs! They are featuring legends, such as Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller, and Charles Barclay! Personalized autographs are back, as well as some displayed kind of inscriptions! Collect international treasure autographs and pay tribute to the global reach of the NBA game!

Panini Flawless

Each blaster box contains eight autographs, a memorial card, and a diamond card, on average!

Gather the apex rookie cards of the 2018-19 NBA rookie class! The base rookies are numbered 20, respectively, and each card is embedded with real diamonds!

Look for a jersey worn game from the 2018-19 rookie class!

Find star switch signatures, flawless patch autographs, prime signature materials, and more Jumbo Prime Memorabilia switch autographs!

Panini Immaculate

Each basketball card box contains three autographs and two commemorative cards!

Immaculate basketball has rookie cards from Luka Donsick, Trey Young, Diandre Atten, Marvin Bagley III, Jaren Jackson Jr., Mohammed Bamba, Collin Sexton, and Capin Knox! New in 2018-19: All-Rookie Patch Autographs and Premium Patch Autographs are printed on Premium Acetate Technology!

Jumbo Patches, Team Slogans, Brand Logos, Sneak Peek, and Game of Souls! Find returns of dual, triple, and quad autographs featuring some of the NBA’s most iconic group of stars. Chase Logosman Autographs and Rookie Logozman autographs of the league’s top Rookies, stars, and legends!

Panini Impeccable Hobby Box

Impeccable has five autographs, one Gold NBA logo, Silver NBA logo, Silver Draft logo, Stainless Stars card, or Silver HOF logo.  Look for the player’s jersey number, all-star look, and sequentially rare, unique cards!

Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box

Collect Zion Williamson’s very famous Silver Primes, R.J. Barrett, J.A. Moreno, K. Red M. Reddish, Kobe White, Rui Hachimura, Darius Garland, Jarrett Culver, and D’Andre Hunter!

Check out prizes from your favorite NBA players, starting from rookies to all-time greats! The Prism has a 300-card base set, making it a unique Prism bridge, even more exclusive! Look for one by one down to several versions 299!

Find autographs of rookie stars, giants, and all-time NBA greats in signatures, rookie signatures, and sensory signatures. Each has Prime Gold version # ‘D / 10 and Black version #’ D One-of-One.

Panini Noir Basketball Hobby Box

This Basketball box features a standard lineup to fill the non-hit selection. Basketball cards come with a feature split-screen, length, statement version, and vintage art themes. 

Panini Opulence Basketball Hobby Box

Each box contains seven Memorabilia cards or Autographs per Box!

FOTL EXCLUSIVE: 1 guaranteed rookie patch autograph # ‘D to 79 and 1 ruby ​​parallel #’ D to 3B per box! Find the super-rare Rookie Octo signature booklet, which contains autographs of the highly collected Rookie of the 2018-2019 Rookie class.

Look for Base Rookie Patch Autographs – including Luca Dick Nick, Tre Young, Diandre Atten, and more, all limited to 79 or fewer copies!

Panini Select Basketball Hobby Box

This basketball box offers some of the unique prizes of the year, including ball, zebra, Tri-color, and Tie-Dye!

Collect all three levels of base sets and prizes for each! Each box will have 10 Premier Level Cards and two Courtside Cards!

Panini Dominion Basketball Hobby Box

Each box of dominance contains three Autographs and a Memorabilia card!

It also has rookie jersey autographs and prime versions, ranging from 15 to one! Triple, Chase Rookie, and Quad have many things in common; autographs, the same team, college, position, and much more!

The NBA Champions Dual signatures display the biggest and brightest stars of yesterday and today!

Panini Absolute Basketball Hobby Box

Memorable from a unique selection of autographed memorabilia cards from your favorite colored players!

Panini absolute basketball hobby box is a new base card format featuring the league giants and the top Rookie last year. This box is a parallel version that ranges in number from 199 to 1. This box also features 33 of the top rookies in the 2019-20 NBA rookie class.

Back again are rare glass cards, top 25 NBA players, and the league’s latest additions.

Collect rookie cards from Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, RJ. Barrett, Cam Reddish, Rui Hachimura, D’Andre Hunter, Darius Garland, Jarrett Culver, Cabbage White, and Jaxon Hayes!

All items are 100% authenticated by some of the industry leaders, including Dave & Adam’s, Beckett, Upper Deck, Steiner, TriStar, Fanatics, PSA/DNA, and JSA.

How to Get a Basketball Card Box: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I value my basketball cards?

You will need a few details:

  • Enter the year. Look back for the copyright date or last year of statistics.
  • Enter the brand. For example, tops upper decks, flyers, hoops, etc.
  • Enter the player’s name.
  • Enter the card number. Found on the back of the card.
  • Enter the year + brand + name + card number in the search engine box.

Which stores carry basketball cards?

Basketball card retail boxes are mainly sold by large retail chains such as Target and Walmart. Retail boxes can also be purchased online through small retail stores and eBay.

What is the best basketball card to buy?

Here are the best options:

  • 2020 Panini Absolute Football Hobby Box (purchase on eBay)
  • 2011 Topps Update Hobby Box (purchase on eBay)
  • 2018-19 Panini Opulence Basketball Hobby Box (purchase on eBay)
  • 2008 Topps Chrome Basketball Hobby Box (purchase on eBay)
  • 2019 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box (purchase on eBay)   

Read our full guide to buy best basketball card box.


No matter your favorite game, the cards you have and the memorabilia are valuable to you. They may be more valuable for the next pay generation. However, these precious things will not make it if you are not careful. Their condition can be awful. 

Try to keep your items safe and store them properly; and most importantly, keep the collection!!!