how to play the logo board game

Have you ever wondered how many logos you see per day? The board game logo makes you think. Everything from cakes to juices to toys and tools everything has a logo. The board game with the logo will refer to these themes, and don’t forget to remember the logos from the past. In this guide, I will discuss how to play the logo board game.

The logo board game adds some information to the logos and makes the logo board game a fun way to spend the family game night. The logo board game is easy to learn and suitable for the whole family. Answer the consecutive questions correctly and go through the logo control panel.

What is a Board Game?

how to play the logo board game

A logo is a board game based on little things that question your consumer knowledge.

In daily life, we ​​come across hundreds of products. But how many of us pay special attention to the logo on the cereal box?

Play the logo and test your pop culture order. Question cards cover various games about brands – from nostalgic to modern games, brand logos, slogans, dates and origins, TV commercials, and more.

  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Age: over 12 years old
  • Duration: 40-60 min.
  • Difficulty: easy
  • similar to Trivial Pursuit, Pop-Culture Trivia, a game about Advertising, Name 5

The main goal: lead the pawn on a spiral path, answer simple questions, get into the winning zone and overcome the last obstacle to win the logo.

Why We Love It: This fun quiz game will instantly cheer you up for the family game night. You don’t have to use your knowledge for free to answer these simple pop culture questions.

What does it take to Play Logo?

Get a full set of games with your favorite brand logo. A typical set of logo board games includes the following items:

  • 400 carats
  • 6 moving parts
  • 1 game plan
  • 1 ruler and instructions for a board game with a logo

Game Rules and Logo Board Modes

There are two different rules for the logo: for teams and individual players.

Group rules 

The principal group plays with the most youthful player. The team that did not play had to choose a member to assume the role of demand manager during the match.


The examiner takes the card from the highest point of the bent edge of the card and takes out the primary inquiry (featured in purple) for the game group. He should cautiously conceal the appropriate responses from the two groups and show the players the rear of a delineated book or themebook. Before the game group responds to the inquiry accurately, they can move their pawn to the main purple box in the house.

The teacher’s question raises three more questions. For each correct answer, the game team moves its pawn to the next space that matches the color of the question.

If the game team can answer all four questions in the book, your turn ends here.

Rules for mistaken answers 

The round of the group in the game may end if there is an erroneous answer. A similar inquiry applies to the next group. Once the adversary gets this, he will get a reward round. If he does not answer, however, the questioner reads the answer aloud. The questioner is now looking for the game team for the next question on the map, and the game continues in the same way until all the problems on the map have been solved.

At the end of the round, the teams change their role.

Entering the Winning Zone 

Once the group offers the right response, yet there are no joined spots for this inquiry, the group enters the triumph zone.

Win the match

The winning team will answer two consecutive questions or a red question to win the game. Once the two groups arrive at the triumphant region simultaneously, the game will proceed as portrayed until one group meets the measures to dominate the match. 

Logo Rules for Singular Players

The older player takes on the role of application manager in the first round and rotates clockwise.

To play

The questioner asks the first purple question to the player on the left.

According to the team’s rules with the logo, a single player can immediately answer all the questions on this card, move his pawn into the red square on the field, and his turn ends immediately.

Wrong answer

Alternatively, incorrect answers can lead to the end of the player’s turn and move the clockwise question to other players. If the next player answers this question correctly, he will have the opportunity to play the rest of the question on that card until someone makes a mistake. In case, all players are blocked with a single question, the questioner reads the answer aloud and moves on to the next question, starting with the original player. The last red question goes unnoticed, the round is over. The person asking the question shows the answer and places the question book in the box.

Access to the victory area

If a player runs out of ink to move his pawn close to the victory zone, he can immediately enter that zone.

Win the match

The player must answer two consecutive questions or the last red question on this card to win the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play the board game with the party logo?

All players, except the card reader, can try to guess what the logo is. The team that calls out the correct answer wins and eventually moves its piece to the space bar and plays another card. If neither team guesses the logo, the game goes to the other team, and neither team gets an extra seat.

How do you play with the billionaire logo?

When you play LOGO Billionaire, you take on the role of an influential business trader who brings well-known brands together in a company and then launches them into the stock market. Collect brands, try acquisitions, try auctions, and make large or small purchases if you are lucky and judgmental.

What are the rules of the board game?

The game is played in turns:

  • Turn the wheel and move the number of seats in the car to the spinner.
  • Always drive the machine forward.
  • If the seat is SIT, move to the next open seat.

Learn in details about the rules of the board game.


Test your brand knowledge with the Logo board game for 2-6 players (or teams) over 12 years old. Players travel around the purple, yellow, green, and red space board depending on the inquiries’ right responses until they arrive at the triumphant zone in the middle. Questions depend on logos, items, and bundling of notable brands.