Mark L. Craig | Editorial Director

Editorial Director

Mark L. Craig has been a professional freelance writer since 2006 about different sports. Over the last decade, Mark has published thousands of articles and blog posts that have been read by millions. A DIYer in her free time, Mark has written hundreds of how-tos, guides, and tutorials for different DIY and improvement projects about games like chess, table tennis, pool, foosball, air hockey, and many other popular games.

Mark articles have appeared in “Popular Magazines,” and have been featured on Bob Vila’s website. Mark has written in-depth DIY articles for and, as well as dozens of other websites. When he is not writing or DIYing, Mark enjoys watching college basketball, playing with his cats, and experimenting with research about different interesting things.

When Mark gets leisure time he plays indoor games. His vast knowledge about games helps him to think up his mind to share with people to help them out. He shares his tricks experiences with you at Indoor Games Zone and tries to let you know about different types of tips and tricks. “Table tennis is his Passion”