One of my favorite pieces of decor has to be a stunning chess set. I would put a unique one in each room of my house if my family would only allow it. It looks great and then you are ready for a nice game of chess whenever the urge strikes. Plus for me having a chess set that is always set up and ready to go is a little bit nostalgic. I used to visit my grandparents in the summer and they had this giant chess set right in the middle of the living room. I would spend hours playing chess with my grandfather on that set. It reminds me of my childhood and feels familiar.

Traditionally the best sets are made from materials like marble, wood or glass. You can find some incredibly stunning pieces in those materials. But there is a newer material that offers a lot of incredible options.

Acrylic sets are normally lighter than many of the traditional sets. That makes them easier to travel with. At the same time they can create pretty much any shape that they want from this material. It doesn’t always mean that it is just as cheap as normal plastic. In fact there are some acrylic sets that are seriously expensive. But this material can look like delicate glass without having the disadvantage of breaking easily. 

Today we are going to look at some of the best acrylic chess sets and see the pros and cons that those sets come with. 

Bello Games New York’s Luxury Contemporary Acrylic Chess Set

  • What I love: Exquisite set that is very high quality
  • What I dislike: This set is very expensive

Let’s start with the priciest set that will be on the list today. There is no denying that this set is very expensive. It is very possible that someone might not think that it is worth it for an acrylic set. But this material has a large range in quality. And this one comes in a really high quality acrylic. That means that it is very clear and chip resistant. It is stronger than other types of acrylic and it has the look of glass. Without being as fragile. 

The set is stunning and really heavy. It weighs 12 pounds. It is a great piece to play with but also to use as a piece of decor in any setting. Since it is a strong material you won’t have to worry about a simple accident destroying your expensive piece. 

Playing with it is also less stressful then playing with glass since it doesn’t chip easily and the pieces feel very nice in your hand. They are large pieces and the clear or black and smoked grey pieces and board are really stunning. 

It might be expensive but it is a set that is going to be lovely for years to come and it might just be worth it for this set. 

Xaohao 13.8” Chess Set for Adults and Children

  • What I love: Looks lovely and is cost effective
  • What I dislike: Pieces are top heavy and falls over easily

Now let’s go back down to the cheapest set on this list. This one is definitely way more cost effective and at the same time it is still made from a really high quality acrylic. That means that the board and the pieces are still just as stunning.

But they cut costs by making the pieces a little bit thinner at the base. And while that works as a piece of decor when it isn’t being touched often, it doesn’t quite work when you are playing with the set. 

The pieces are top heavy and when you play with the set they often fall over. This can get seriously frustrating while you are playing. Imagine setting up a well thought out move and then as soon as you touch the board most of the pieces fall over. And quite possibly move away from where you placed them. It could stop being fun very quickly. 

As a statement piece it works wonderfully but not as a playing set. One user did however advise that if you just add four quarters at the bottom of the set with crazy glue then they stay upright perfectly. 

The set is definitely cheap enough to make it worth it. The only thing is that if it is also used as a piece of decor that you might destroy the look of the set. 

Infinity 17.3 Lucite Acrylic Chess Set Luxury Professional and Premium Quality

  • What I love: It feels like full luxury without the massive price tag
  • What I dislike: Rectangular pieces with shapes visible on the side

Then we get to the set that, like Goldilocks would say, is not too expensive, not too cheap, but just right. This set feels like a luxury created acrylic set but it is much less expensive than the Bello version. It is also much sturdier than the Xaohao acrylic chess set. In a lot of ways it is the best compromise between the two extremes. 

The set is really beautiful and since it is once again created with high quality materials it seems like an expensive glass version. The pieces are sturdy and they won’t fall over. Plus they are polished with a double sided diamond and then hand polished to make sure that all of the edges are completely smooth and will feel luxurious while you play with it. 

This board is perfect to play with and the pieces are heavy and big enough to stay upright but still move easily on the board. They seem almost like crystal pieces but of course they are much stronger. 

The only thing I don’t like about this set is the fact that the chess pieces all look basically the same from the top. They are different sizes so it won’t be a problem for experienced players with a strong knowledge of each piece. But if you are still starting out you might need to pick up the piece time to see exactly which piece it is, since the shapes are more visible on the side. 

For someone that uses the visuals to plan out their next few steps this set could be a little bit frustrating. But only for a little while. Soon you would be used to it and then you might even have a slight edge over your opponents. 

It is a lovely set that would be a great addition to your collection. 

Add Your Stunning Acrylic Set To Your Room

Having a chess set as a focal point in the room is always a great addition. Having one that won’t break easily and is pretty is even better. All of these stunning sets will brighten up any home. 


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