Some might say that chess is too big a part of my life. I play it as a hobby, write about it and pretty much take it anywhere I go. But I would tell those people that I am just always prepared for a good game of chess. 

Some people take a book when they go anywhere, then they have something to do. I take my roll up chess set. That way not only do I have something to do but I can even help someone else out too. Just the other day I was on a long train ride where everyone looked like they wanted to pull out their own hair from boredom. As soon as I picked up my chess set you could clearly see those that were interested in the game. 

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I got to spend the time playing my favorite game with a brand new friend and having a very interesting conversation at the same time. It was worth it for sure. There are so many different roll up chess sets out there, I have one for competition and one just to play with for example. So today I will share some of my favorite sets and look at their pros and cons. 

1. The House of Staunton US Chess Quiver Chess Set Combo

  • What I love about it: It is a great quality set
  • What I dislike about it: There are no extra queens in the box
  • Price point: A little bit more expensive than some but worth it

There is no doubt that this set meets the US Chess Federation and the FIDE standards. And that is because these sets were manufactured for the US Chess Federation. Because it is so well made it is considered a premium set and that will obviously mean that it will be a little bit more expensive than some other roll up chess sets, but is definitely not the most expensive set on the list. 

It could be worth it to get a set that is really high quality. The one thing that I don’t like is that there are no extra queens added into the set. It isn’t really needed but it will mean that you need to invert your rooks when you promote. The extra queens that some sets offer are just nice to have. 

2. Heavy Tournament Triple Weighted Chess Set Combo

  • What I love about it: Great to play with and can feel the quality
  • What I dislike about it: Heavy to travel with and carry around
  • Price: Most expensive on the list

This one is really unique because it is navy blue and it will stand out from the crowd. It is a beautiful set that makes it very clear that you take your chess seriously. You only have to look at or pick up one of the chess pieces and you will quickly realize that it is made of amazing quality. 

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The weight of the set makes it lovely to play on since it feels like a traditional, standing set. But as a roll up chess set it can be a bit inconvenient to carry around since it is so heavy. It doesn’t entirely work for the purpose that you normally use a roll up chess set. But it is stunning to look at. 

This is the most expensive set on the list but you might feel like it is worth it to have the experience of playing on this set. 

3. WE Games Best Value Tournament Chess Set

  • What I love about it: Great set and the company gives back
  • What I dislike about it: A very basic set
  • Price: Very affordable

WE Games make some really great chess sets and gaming boards. They do have a version of this board available that is the more traditional black and white, but the green and white makes it just that little bit more special and fun to play on.

The set is really well made and it is light enough to take everywhere. You never need to be caught without a chess set again. The pieces have felt on their bases to stop them from scuffing the board, just a little touch that shows the thought that has gone into these pieces. 

Another thing that really makes this company great is that they also give back. Some of their profits go to the Toy Foundation. A charitable organization that helps to give back to children in need. It is a great touch when considering which board to buy.

4. Wholesale Chess Archer Chess Set Combo – Forest Green

  • What I love about it: Love the quiver style bag
  • What I dislike about it: A little bit heavier
  • Price: In the mid-price range for these types of sets

If you really want to feel like an authentic chess club player then this set might be the one for you. The classic forest green set is pretty great and the quiver style bag is a great way to keep your entire set together and be able to carry the set everywhere you go. 

The set is a bit heavier than some of the light weight versions that other sets have to offer. But at the same time it isn’t uncomfortably heavy and the bag makes carrying the set very easy. 

They also have the extra queens that were missing in some of the other sets on this list. It isn’t a must have but it is for sure nice to have. 

The price is mid-range. You can find cheaper options of roll up chess sets, but you can find more expensive ones too. 

Get Ready To Hit The Road With Your Set

Having a roll up chess set opens up the entire world for you to play. Whether you want a set that you can take everywhere you go, one that you can travel with or just a set for competitions, one of these sets on the list could be the perfect roll up chess set for your needs. 


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