Rules for Playing Shuffleboard

Information on how to play shuffleboard includes rules and instructions on scoring in the most common shuffleboard games. Have you ever wondered how to play shuffleboard? Here are the most familiar 7 rules for playing shuffleboard that is relevant to the games.

This article covers the rules of the shuffleboard game for the most popular and fun shuffleboard games. We hope you find the rules of this game helpful for the enjoyment of your shuffleboard table.

What are the Rules for Playing Shuffleboard?

Below are the basic rules for playing shuffleboard as soon as possible. There are, of course, more hints that need to be explained and which will be discussed later in this guide.

  • Before players start playing, all pucks should be counted and placed visually in the pit. When it comes to switching players, they should just hold on to one prank. Catching a prank should not be in non-shooting hands. Moreover, have the right shuffleboard cue for a smooth playing experience.
  • Players should pay attention to the placement of their feet. At least one foot must be behind the table. A player will lean forward, and he can also support his weight on the cradle. However, one foot must always be planted on the ground behind the shuffleboard table.
  • Players can lean against the table using their non-shooting hand, but no player should shake or move the table. Doing so will attract a 1-point penalty, and the violating player will have to shoot first in the first round. As you will see later, shooting first on the shuffleboard is disadvantageous.
  • As far as supporting themselves, players do not touch the surface of the table while shuffling. One can lean against the cradle but not touch the playing surface.
  • So, what happens when someone sees a dry spot on a play surface? Well, a player can add the powder to a dry patch, but the player can only do this when it is his turn to shoot.
  • Like golf, players are not allowed to distract their opponents or obstruct their point of view. When a player runs their loot, they are supposed to stand behind their opponent while shuffling.
  • Also, a player should not touch the table when it is his opponent’s turn. Likewise, do not jump out of the pit while the opponent is shooting. Catch players only when it’s their turn to shoot.

However, according to the tournament rules, taking more than 30 seconds to shoot is a “slow game.” 

What are the Rules for Playing Shuffleboard

How do you Score on Shuffleboard?

Players have a stand at one end of the table and alternately shoot (e.g., a blue bud after the redbuds) until eight punks are played. This is followed by the conclusion of one round of the game, and then points are awarded.

While playing, not all toys will be eligible for points. If the puck fails to clear the foul line in the center of the table, it is not eligible for points, and, as a result, it should be removed from the table.

The only puck that qualifies for points is the one that comes out ahead of the opponent’s highest scorer. This means that only one player can score per round.

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In one instance, when the shuffleboard table uses a 1-2-2 scoring system, the puck is then awarded points based on the scoring zone in which he has landed. For an incentive to make specific points, it is then necessary to thoroughly clean the line before that particular scoring zone (1, 2, or 3). 

A row that fails to do so will only be suitable for the lower points of the line’s previous section.

Any prank hanging on the edge of the table is known as a hanger. The value of such shots is 4 points, and by agreement of the players, the prankster can be pushed back to the table a little to “make it safe.”

Can you Move on to the shuffleboard?

In shuffleboard, there is a lot of discussion about what score the game should be completed. Normally, most games end when a player gets 15 or 21 points, but the winning score is whatever points the players agree on in a fun game.

Players cannot go beyond the set scoring value, and so the win goes to the first team or player who gets exactly 15 or 21 points. If there is to be a tie in a play, then neither team collects points.

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Who is the First in the Shuffleboard?

All shuffleboard table games begin with players shaking hands. This portrays a show of good sportsmanship.

Who comes first can be decided in two ways according to the aptitude of the players. However, the most popular method used is a good old toss of coins. The winner of the coin toss goes to choose whether they want to go first, and this player also chooses the color they want to use.

In shuffleboard, the second, i.e., winning coins, are considered to be beneficial to play. This is because the player who draws the second gets to hit the final shot in the frame.

This last shot is known as a “hammer,” and most players consider it an advantage to have a hammer. As a result, coin toss winners will often choose to move to second place.

The player who gets the most points in one round goes to first place in the next round.

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What are the 10 Closed Areas in the Shuffleboard?

The outdoor shuffleboard is played on a table that is 52 feet long, and at both ends of the court, there are scoring triangles. Each triangle is divided into scoring zones with ten at the top, then eight, then seven, and finally, a “10 off” area at the triangle base.

The use of 10 stops means minus 10 points, and this is the penalty area. A player whose completion goes into this zone gets a penalty of minus 10 points. If instead, the prankster touches the ten offline, then this attracts a 5-point penalty. Once all eight discs are played, and 10 points are deducted for any disc in the 10-area F area, scoring is done according to the areas marked in the court. 

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Do you have to score exactly 21 on the shuffleboard?

If players decide to use 21 as pre-determined points to win the game, then one player will get exactly 21 points to emerge as the winner.

In addition to 21, some players may choose to aim for 11 or 15 points. Whatever it is, players will continue to play rounds until a player agrees on the figure (11, 15, or 21).

The first player to reach the winning score is declared the winner, and it marks the end of the game.

Can two people play shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard can be played by two of the four players. When playing with two players, both stand at the same end of the table and slide their pucks to the other end of the table.

When four people are playing shuffleboard, they have to team up into two teams. The team players have such a stand on the opposite side of the table that each player is standing next to an opposing player.

Each player has to stay at the end of their table throughout the game, as alternate sides are not allowed.

How much space do you need for the shuffleboard?

The amount of space required for shuffleboard depends largely on the size of the shuffleboard table. Small tables are 9-12 feet long, medium-sized tables are 14-16 feet long, and large tournament-sized tables are 18-22 feet long.

Regardless of the shuffleboard table’s size, players must have space at both ends of the table to stand and shoot. Also, there must be space on both sides of the table to not touch the wall.

Industry experts advise that shuffleboard should be allowed at least 2 feet around the table to facilitate movement and shooting.

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What are the Rules for Playing Shuffleboard? FAQs 

How do you score on shuffleboard?

The scoring area is at each end of the playing surface and is made up of three zones. The zone closest to that point where the weight changes are the value of one point, the front-most zone is two points, and the zone farthest from the players is three points.

What happens if you go shuffleboard for more than 15 years?

Normally, most games end when a player gets 15 or 21 points, but in a fun game, the players agree to a winning score that suits them. Players cannot go beyond the set scoring value, and so the win goes to the first team or player who gets exactly 15 or 21 points. Waxing shuffleboard regularly increase its longevity.

What is the maximum number of players for the shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is played by two players (singles play, one against one) or four (doubles, two against two).


Shuffleboard tables are a much more skillful game than an opportunity. Once a player is familiar with the rules and basics of playing shuffleboard, that player will work in one’s favor, regardless of whether they play competitively or accidentally.