what are ping pong tables made of

Ping pong is a very entertaining and dynamic sport. Everyone can play it, regardless of age or physical condition. If you have a patio, an outdoor gallery, or a space to the condition as a game room, learning how to make a ping pong table and finding a great alternative to exercise while spending quality time with family and friends is a great choice. In some regard, the question “what are ping pong tables made of?” is usually popular among many people today. 

Making a ping pong table in our own home is possible. Besides being a very economical option, it can be the perfect excuse to spend a great weekend with the kids sharing experiences and good and fun moments that they will always remember.

Furthermore, to answer the question “What are Ping Pong Tables Made of?” you may probably already know that the board is the most important part of the table because that is where the game will take place. Although there are many materials to make it, you are usually encouraged to make it out of wood. Apart from being an inexpensive material, it is easier to work on and get, and it is also where the bounce of the ball has the best response. Other options for the board could be glass, fiber, steel, marble, concrete, methacrylate, etc.

How to Make Ping Pong Table

what are ping pong tables made of

Ping pong stands as one of the most fun games to enjoy with friends or family. Learning How to make a ping pong table with your own hands is not expensive or difficult. The advantages of making your table yourself are many. First of all, it will allow you to save some money compared to what a purchased board costs. Also, you will be able to make something of quality that lasts a long time and even serves other purposes.

Furthermore, thinking of a table is simpler, but, without a doubt, building your ping pong table from scratch is going to demand a little more creativity. Don’t worry: it’s not difficult, and it’s going to be cheaper than buying a manufactured one. Most of the materials needed to build it can be bought easily, and others are most likely already in your house.

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First of all, you have to decide where you will put the table to see what measurements are appropriate. It is advisable to have the official measurements and, if you have little space, build it in a folding model to adapt it to your space. We share the example of a ping pong table below:

What Tools are you going to use?

You will need some tools for making the ping pong table; if you have these tools already, its fine. In case you don’t have all these necessary tools, get it now and start making your ping pong table. 


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Procedures to Make a Ping Pong Table

Manufacturing this type of table is sometimes complicated. The more details you want to add to it, the more time and work you will have to dedicate to it, but you don’t need much to have a simple version. Here is a step by step guide:

Take the board and mark with a pencil where you are going to place the hinges. To do this, present the hinge where it will be installed and mark its outline with the pencil. Do the same with the other two. One at each end, 7 cm from the edge, and the remaining one exactly in the middle.

With a chisel, reduce the space where the hinges will go, trying to make them just flush with the wood, that is, and the cut-out is the same thickness as the hinges so that they are even with the other part of the table. Next, put another mark in the second position where the hinges will go.

Now What!

After completing the previous steps now with sandpaper, scrape all the finishes of the recesses made for the hinges, edges, and spaces that could later make it difficult to install.

Once finished, you can start painting it. With a sponge roller, you have to apply the green paint on both the board’s surfaces and along the edges. If necessary, give it two table tennis surface coatings.

Once the necessary coats of paint have been applied and the boards dry, the white lines must be painted, which are 2 cm thick for the sides and 0.5 cm for the central dividing line. Ideally, mark the 2 cm on each side of the table and place masking tape across the table between the two points. Once this is done, paint the lines with the white latex.

Once they are painted, with a drill and a wooden wick, drill a little and place the lag screws. For this, you can find kits where exactly the amount and type of screws are needed along with the hinges. Just keep in mind that the screws’ height should not be more than the thickness of the wood.

To finish, you need to put a net. And the table is now ready for the championship to begin at home!

Dimensions of a Ping Pong Table

Homemade ping pong tables usually have dimensions and designs as variable as people’s imagination is infinite. That is why ping pong tables can be made of any material and different resistance. This causes that its location tends to be very versatile. There is a propensity to place them inside homes since the materials that make it up normally do not have resistance to adverse weather conditions. However, some take advantage of every last resource they have to make their homemade ping pong table. Therefore, they use the table they have outside their house, those located in the garden, the terrace, or on any roof-, dressing it and leaving it in optimal conditions to enjoy the game.

The regulation measurements of the ping pong table are 2.74 m long by 1.52 m wide. In height, it must be 76 cm. Generally, the board should be at least 90 mm thick. The net, for its part, must be 15 cm high. Colors can be blue or green, with a line 2 cm wide around the entire perimeter and 0.3 cm across the central dividing line. All this information on the dimensions of a ping pong table is quite important when looking to make a ping pong table and shouldn’t be ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of wood is used for ping pong tables?

Mostly, plywood, such as pine and spruce, are usually used for making ping pong tables. Both wood types usually work great about giving your table an excellent finish. The plywood ping pong table also gives your ball an excellent bounce.

Can you make your ping pong table?

Yes. Making your ping pong table will be the most interesting choice to equip your home, bar, or community with this versatile game. This can be easily done through the steps highlighted above.

How thick should a ping pong table be?

As earlier highlighted, the board should be at least 90 mm thick.

Can I paint my ping pong table?

what are ping pong tables made of

Yes. For this task, we recommend using latex paint. This type of paint has a base of acrylic polymers that gives it elasticity, resistance, adhesion, certain hydrophobic conditions, convenient characteristics to resist the passage of time, and different use conditions. It also covers completely, dries fast, dilutes well with water, and washes off easily. It further offers three versions of finishing:

Glossy: This is quite washable, waterproof, and reflective.

Satin: it has a more silky finish and is quite pleasant to the eye. It is also highly resistant to dirt and the passage of time. It is easily washable too.

Matte: it doesn’t reflect light, and it is easily washable as well.

Can you waterproof a ping pong table?

Yes. If you plan to use the ping pong table outdoors, you must waterproof it completely to prevent it from getting destroyed by rain and dew.

Can you resurface a ping pong table?

Yes. This can be done through the following steps:

  1. Take off the net
  2. Take off the net holder
  3. Put some tape on all the boundary lines
  4. Carefully sand the tabletop 
  5. Paint the tabletop 
  6. Refinish the boundary lines
  7. Reinstall the net holder and the net 

How do you get scuff marks off ping pong tables?

what are ping pong tables made of

The best way to get scuff marks off ping pong tables is to dampen a cloth with vinegar solution and wipe thoroughly until all the marks come off.


In conclusion, there has been a growing trend where people tend to design their objects according to their tastes. And to feel the satisfaction of having made it with their own hands. With regards to ping pong tables, this trend can also be seen. As a result, highlighted above are all the ping pong table DIY guidelines to follow if you want to make your own homemade ping pong table without hassles. Furthermore, an extensive answer has also been given to this popular question: “what are ping pong tables made of?”

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