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Hello and welcome to Indoorgameszone. It is not surprising that indoor games such as ping pong, table tennis, foosball, shuffleboard, air hockey, and pool games have become more popular. These sports are usually fast, fun, and can be performed at any skill level. Game beginners can get as much fun as professional competitors. Whether you have just discovered these great sports or are an experienced player, you can be guaranteed maximum fun. You want to win every game and become the best. But maybe;

You find that the research process is quite overwhelming,
You like to spend time playing games instead of looking for the
best tools,
You are stranded at the current level and don’t know what to do.

This is where Indoorgameszone comes in.

At Indoorgameszone, you will find that we always review various indoor games and equipment, ping pong, table tennis, foosball tables, pool tables, shuffleboard tables, air hockey games, board games, pool games equipment and all other indoor games. Also, we are the source of all the information you need to know when practicing indoor sports, such as product reviews, best sports equipment, DIY guides, tips for improving games, buying guides, etc. We are also a group of sports enthusiasts who are eager to share valuable insights with our audience through our experience and achievements in the sports field.

If you are genuinely fascinated by sports, then Indoorgameszone is the ultimate knowledge guide for everything you know about your preferred indoor sports. Whether you are a certified professional or just starting to choose indoor sports, our goal is to provide you with the right equipment, skills and information you need. Indoorgameszone provides exciting facts and reviews various sports equipment to attract aspiring players to participate in different games.

At Indoorgameszone, our team has participated extensively in various games and sports activities, which allow us to carefully evaluate and test various sports equipment from the perspective of end-users and write fair reviews that are valuable to readers, which benefits everyone a lot. Our reviews are comparable to industry standards, and the authenticity parameters are usually checked before being released by our experts. We aim to continuously build a reliable platform for readers and players who want to become experts in indoor games. Through our reviews, we tend to screen original products which are worth purchasing. Our vast expertise in the field of indoor sports further allows us to guide viewers to choose the best products too.

All in all, we like to take risks and discover new things that can inspire your passion for indoor sports. Sometimes, you will also find DIY tips we shared, such as painting a ping pong table, tips for improving table games, and many other useful topics. In addition to enthusiasm, we also believe that sports can help us maintain good health and fitness and the best possible condition. Therefore, we will enthusiastically help you choose the best indoor sports equipment on the market. 

Meet Indoor Games Zone Team Members

Mark L. Craig | Founder & Content Writer

Mark L. Craig |
Founder & Content Writer



Mark is a Bloomberg BusinessWeek-based digital entrepreneur, blogger, and table tennis enthusiast. He is a former professional table tennis player with the career-best USATT ranking of 2689. He is also an ITTF Level 3 certified coach and conducts weekend coaching programs in and around the New York area. Mark is also a pool player by passion. He was first introduced to the game of pool at a very early age by his granddad. He had a natural knack for the game and quickly learned the ropes, and by the time he was 15, he was already participating in local leagues. He aims to make it into the APA league someday! Mark started his own blog by starting Indoor Games Zone, where he loves to share his years of experience with the audience. He covers ping pong, pool, air hockey, shuffleboard, and foosball.

  • Ping pong
  • Pool
  • Air Hockey
  • Shuffleboard
  • Foosball

Mark L. Craig

Carl J. Gaither | Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief



Carl works as a charted account by day, and sports enthusiast and amateur fiction writer by the weekend. He was a multi-sport athlete in his school days and played Division 3 lacrosse in college. He is a gear freak and is always looking for an excuse to upgrade his sports equipment. When not working or playing, he likes to hike and explore the countryside. Carl is the certified basketball athlete by the Basketball Association of America and has participated National Basketball League in 2016. He played for Akron Goodyear Wingfoot’s. Moreover, Carl is also a badminton expert and he is playing it since 2006 when he was at standard 8. He has won several badminton championships and one remarkable is the Yonex USA International 2015. Also he is an expert is Bowling. Carl is the Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Indoor Games Zone. He shares his expertise on basketball, badminton and bowling on our website to help people get the best tips and product they are searching for.

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Bowling

Veronica T. Magill | CEO & Content Writer

Veronica T. Magill | CEO & Content Writer



Veronica is a Green Bay based freelance writer and editor with extensive experience in covering different sports and games. When not busy scribbling her thoughts, you might find her in her garden, hiking out in the woods, or exploring new food joints. Veronica is a die-hard board game and chess hobbyist by night. She likes to try out new games and is always in a lookout to recruit new players for her game night (so beware!). When not playing her favorite game is Dart Playing, She is usually busy painting miniatures (or doing other nerdy stuff). She is the CEO & Content Writer of Indoor Games Zone. She shares her expertise on chess, board games and dart board on our website to help people get the best tips and product they are searching for.

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