Joola Nova Pro Plus Review

The Joola Nova Pro Plus is a stunning table tennis paddle that features a 5-ply blade, rubber, and leather grip. This is great for players who are looking to improve their game with style. With excellent ball control and balance, the Joola Nova Pro Plus has been designed to give you more control over your shots. If you’re interested in taking your game to the next level then this might be just what you’ve been looking for! The Joola Nova Pro plus review will analyze all of its features so you can decide if it’s right for you or not. The review will also include feedback from some customers who have purchased it already!

The weather-resistant 6mm aluminum-plastic composite surface of the JOOLA Nova Pro plus Outdoor Table Tennis Table is designed for year-round outdoor play. This table is preassembled 95% of the way.

The Joola Nova Pro plus Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a high-quality table tennis table used indoors and outdoors. It is particularly built to endure outdoor usage all year long, in all weather conditions and terrains. The JOOLA Nova Pro plus Indoor/Outside Table has a 6mm aluminum-plastic composite surface that resists warping and chipping and provides a constant bounce even after years of continuous outdoor play, making it a terrific family investment.

Because each half is fixed on a rust-resistant, powder-coated steel undercarriage, no maintenance is required. The table is ready to play in 15 minutes after attaching the legs with eight bolts. Fold one-half of the table into the playback position to enjoy playing with others or training alone. This is the ideal addition to any deck, patio, or garden for the price!

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What is a My First impression about Joola Nova Pro Plus?

The JOOLA Nova Pro Plus, Indoor/Outdoor Ping Pong Table, is a high-quality table tennis table. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is particularly built to endure outdoor use all year long, in all weather conditions and terrains.

Each part is fixed on a rust-resistant, powder-coated steel undercarriage that requires no maintenance.

Each leg has adjustable height levelers to balance the table on uneven ground and provide a level playing surface. Thanks to two anti-tilting mechanisms and improved 6-inch (twice the usual size) lockable wheels, it’s secure and simple to move. Fold one-half of the table into the playback position to enjoy playing with others or training alone. A hassle-free screw-on weatherproof ping pong net set with adjustable posts is also included with the JOOLA Nova Pro Plus. This is a fantastic addition to any deck, garden, driveway, garage, or neighborhood playground! Begin to play like a champion with equipment designed just for champions!

Who the Joola Nova Pro Plus is for?

Outdoor table tennis tables are rising in popularity, and people’s interest is growing due to high-quality outdoor table tennis tables like the JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus. This NOVA Pro Plus from JOOLA is an ultimate all-weather table with great mobility, making it ideal for playing ping pong in your backyard or garage.

Joola Nova Pro Plus: Features Summary

Joola Nova Pro Plus Review
  • A weatherproof screw-on net set with adjustable poles is included.
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated steel undercarriage, 40mm x 40mm.
  • 6in Heavy-Duty (double the standard size) wheels with casters.
  • Locks and an automatic anti-tilting device.
  • Height levelers that can be adjusted
  • 61in x 26in x 63.5in when stored; 166-pound weight

Table features include:

  • A safety latch mechanism • Locking wheels • Steel, self-opening legs • Adjustable leg levelers • Separate Independent table halves
  • 6mm thick aluminum-plastic composite tabletop surface • Silkscreened striped tabletop finish
  • Folds into a small storage position that is incredibly compact •
  • Storage Dimensions: H68″ L60″ W30″

Table and six seats that are weatherproof “casters for off-road use: The tabletop is made of a 6mm thick aluminum-plastic composite material that resists warping and chipping. Six legs support the table. “This table can travel any terrain thanks to its caster wheels and adjustable leg levelers. It is considered a striping table too.

Quick set-up without the hassle: It’s 95 percent preassembled, and you’ll be ready to play in only 10 minutes! Only eight bolts are required to secure the legs. The classic screw clamp design for easy connection makes this tournament standard table tennis net suitable for outdoor use.

Compact storage and separate halves for playback mode: When used alone or layered together, table pieces have 4-wheel trolley systems for mobility.

Now let’s break down each feature in detail;

Regulation Size

This competition-grade 9×5 foot regulation size ping pong table is perfect for your outdoor needs. The built-in net and leg levelers ensure that the game remains fair even when you’re playing on an uneven surface, such as a deck or backyard. With its durable design and lovely appearance, this product can easily be incorporated into any patio set to create the ultimate relaxing environment!

Joola Nova Pro Plus Review

Weather Resistant

What’s more, the table is made with an aluminum composite tabletop that won’t warp and a powder-coated undercarriage to keep it from rusting.

This table not only has a durable surface but also can hold against warping thanks to its 6mm thick aluminum plastic build. This sturdy 30mm x 30mm base will stand up to rust with its powder-coated finish that can be easily cleaned off if necessary. This design cuts down on chipping as well by being resistant!

Joola Nova Pro Plus Review


The table tennis set comes 95% pre-assembled, and assembly time is a breeze. All you have to do is attach the legs with 8 bolts total! The tournament-grade net attaches in seconds with just one easy screw clamp design so there’s no fussing around trying to get it on straight.

Joola Nova Pro Plus Review


A foldable ping pong table is the perfect way to create a mini-tournament when you have company. The unique feature of this table, which separates it from other tablets on the market, is that it folds into two independent halves for easy portability and storage. This means less space is needed in your home or apartment!

What makes our Foldable Ping Pong Table so special? It’s not just because it has an automatic anti-tilting lock system (this fits with any design aesthetic), but also because its qualities make folding up as simple as pushing one button – literally taking seconds! That means no more struggling with heavy furniture during moving day – plus if there are 2 people playing they can each be at separate sides making solo play easier.

joola nova dx vs pro plus

Two-Piece Design

The JOOLA Nova DX Table is a sturdy table that has been designed to be easy for different people. The table can either stand alone as one, or it can connect with another and create an even larger surface area. This means you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect size of your playing space!

The two halves of the Joola Nova DX Table each come on their own 4-wheel trolley system so they are incredibly transportable and easily stored away when not in use – but still strong enough to hold heavy weights without issue. To make things easier on your solo practice sessions, this multi-functional desk also comes equipped with playback position capabilities which allow you to adapt accordingly depending on what kind of gameplay style suits you best.


JOOLA Weatherproof Net and Post Set

The JOOLA Nova DX Table is the perfect addition to any space with its weather-resistant net set that features a classic screw design and net tensioning system. Not only can it be assembled in seconds, but when you’re done playing on your table tennis surface for the day, all you have to do is store this equipment away until next time!

JOOLA NOVA - Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set

Compact and Mobile

The Nova DX table is a compact and flexible option for any gamer’s living space. The two halves can be easily separated to make the tabletop more manageable in tight spaces or when moving from one location to another! Separating each half also means that you never have to lift an entire table just get it out of your way – simply wheel only what needs moving, then put everything together again once it has been unloaded. Other features include four caster wheels per side with locking devices ensuring stability as well as safety during transport and use while closed up into its storage position!

The Nova DX Table offers gamers everywhere: -a compact folding design perfect for small areas such as apartments where there may not always be room for bulky furniture.

compact design

Caster Wheels

If you love outdoor activities, there is no better table for the job. The Nova DX Table features three-inch heavy-duty caster wheels that glide easily over any terrain whether it is sand or hard ground. You can also separate and move this multipurpose table half at a time which provides convenience when playing games with friends while maintaining stability in rougher conditions on uneven surfaces like grassy lawns or sandy beaches where high winds are common occurrences to happen unexpectedly during playtime!

If you’ve never played an outdoor game before then let me tell ya’ something: being able to see your ball roll across the sand as the waves crash against them may just seem like paradise but after a while, even those beautiful sights will start getting old pretty fast.

Caster Wheels

Automatic Anti-Tilt Locking Devices

Double anti-tilt locking devices automatically lock on each half when the table is folded. This provides easy and safe storage and transport as one of its many features with no effort from you! To unlock press a button that releases your tables two halves making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces or even store them away for later use without any hassle at all!

Automatic Anti-Tilt Locking Devices

Joola Nova Pro Plus: Pros and cons


  • The aluminum-plastic composite material is 6 mm thick and provides an all-weather playing surface.
  • Rust-resistant steel legs and frames with external quality powder coating.
  • For easy mobility, heavy-duty 6″ caster wheels are included.
  • Self-opening legs prevent you from performing manual tasks.
  • Strong undercarriage with 1.5″ square steel legs and a 2″ square steel apron for tabletop support.
  • Easy to build (95 percent preassembled).
  • There is a reduction in the amount of storage space required.
  • The presence of protective corners ensures children’s safety.
  • Provision of levelers for manual height adjustment.


  • It’s a tremendous job to match two halves on an uneven surface.
  • Certain consumers reported the separation of the aluminum top from the metal frame.
  • Customer service is a problem.

Joola Nova Pro Plus: Buying Guide

It is suggested that you have a smooth playing surface for your table. The folding alternatives are more adaptable to uneven surfaces, but the industrial-style tables should be placed on a flat cement surface for optimal performance.

In each scenario, specialty table designs allow owners to pick a more permanent play place. The sleek designs are ideal for interior areas such as gaming rooms or corporate conference rooms, where they may also be used as a conference table. These tables are also weather-resistant and have been proven to survive outside use. However, a table cover is suggested.

Some outdoor specialty tables include elegant imitation oak wood finishes and may be used as multipurpose tables in outdoor gathering places like decks or grilling areas. This is particularly useful in circumstances where space is at a premium.

The foldable ping pong table is ideal for you if you want to play indoors and outdoors. It’s simple to store, cover, and move. Foldable tables strike a nice combination of robustness and strengthened construction while remaining lightweight enough to easily transition from indoor to outdoor.

Real Customer Reviews

It’s simple to put together and lasts a long time. The table glides over the brick pavers with ease. I didn’t realize until it was entirely constructed that the ping pong table’s two parts are only kept together by the net clamps. I would have expected the two parts to bolt together, allowing you to move the entire table with ease.

Don’t get me wrong: moving the table as two separate parts and clamping them together over the internet when you arrive at your location is simple.

 For the money, this is a fantastic table. The bounce of the ball is ideal for an outside table. We like the color, and the huge wheels make it easy to move very simple to assemble.

It’s really simple to put together since all you have to do is connect the four horizontal supports with the wheels to each side. Nothing is holding the two halves together, so line them up and level the table. Both parts fold up and lock neatly on their own. This is a nice, high-quality patio table.

Worth buying verdict

A hassle-free screw-on waterproof net set with adjustable poles is also included with the JOOLA Nova Pro Plus. This is a fantastic addition to any deck, backyard, or neighborhood playground! Begin to play like a champion with equipment designed just for champions! JOOLA is a proud supporter of the United States Table Tennis Association.

Is it user-friendly?

This table is ready for the outdoors. The tabletop is a 6 mm thick deformation, shatter-resistant aluminum-plastic composite surface, and the table sits on a 12 mm x 12 mm corrosion-resistant powder-coated undercarriage. The two halves of the JOOLA Nova DX table are based on independent 4-wheel trolley systems, which facilitate transportation and storage. So, the table can be used in a playing position for solo practice or can be used as completely independent multifunctional tables.

How to use the product?

Two removable folding halves make the Nova DX table compact and easy to store. Store the table in tight spaces by combining the interlocking halves and rotating the table to the desired location. Each half of the table has four swivel casters and locking devices that ensure optimal safety and stability during transport and while playing. The separate halves save space and facilitate table movement by relieving the weight of a full table.

How to maintain the product?

Because each half is fixed on a rust-resistant, powder-coated steel undercarriage, no maintenance is required.

Why is it important to buy this product?

Depending on its quality, indoor tables generally have a surface thickness of 15mm to 25mm. Outdoor tables are a little different, with table surfaces that are generally 5–7 mm thick. This is since they’re generally made of different (weather-resistant) materials, which means they’re not as thick.

The NOVA DX has a 6mm surface, which is more than adequate for casual games to have a nice bounce and pace of play. It’s designed to be weather resistant (moisture is the enemy of indoor tables), so it won’t deform when exposed to the elements. We’d played on many different tables over the years and appreciated how constant the bounce was.

Outdoor tables have a robust, rust-proof undercarriage, which is a vital characteristic. After a few months, the last thing you want is for your brand new table to start rusting and warping. The Nova, luckily, has a rust-resistant, powder-coated undercarriage, which makes it extremely robust and capable of withstanding Mother Nature’s worst. However, we still recommend that you purchase a table cover and store your table in a covered place when it is not in use.

Joola Nova Pro Plus Product Alternatives

JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/​Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Indoor JOOLA 15mm Ping Pong Table

MD Sports Table Tennis Set

Real Asked Questions of Potential Buyers about JOOLA NOVA

How much are the legs inset from the edge of the table?

The front and rear legs are 28″ in the edge, while the side legs are 29″ away. It may be used as a picnic table; however, the height from the ground to the top of the table is 30″, which is slightly higher than a standard dining table.

Can this be used as a dining table?

Yes, it has almost the same high!

Is there a recommended cover for this table?

Joola has introduced the JOOLA Dual Function Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Table Tennis Table Cover, which is also available on Amazon, in response to consumer requests for an outdoor cover. This table cover may be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Can this table be stored outdoors?

It definitely can. However, we wouldn’t recommend exposing this lovely table to harsh weather if you want to maintain it in perfect playing shape. If you must, we recommend that you use an outside cover.

Does it come with paddles and balls?

Nope. If you want some of those, you must buy them separately.

What is the warranty?

Please note that any manufacturer warranty may not be valid for products shipped internationally; manufacturer service options may not be available; product manuals, instructions, and safety warnings may not be in destination country languages.

Products (and accompanying materials) may not be designed following destination country standards, specifications, and labeling requirements; product manuals, instructions, and safety warnings may not be in destination country languages (requiring the use of an adapter or converter if appropriate). The receiver’s responsibility is to ensure that the product can be legitimately imported into the destination country.

Is it difficult to use the table with two halves for storage?

The table takes up a lot less room when it is in the storage position. Once nested, the two parts nest neatly into one other, resulting in proportions of H68′′ L60′′ W30′′.

Are there any outdoor tables that come joined together in the center?

A net clamp holds the table together in the middle. There is no hinge line in the middle. It folds up at the wheeled legs into two distinct sections that stand upright.

How tall is it when folded?

60 inch; when you’re done utilizing a table, it’s a great feature to fold it up and store it safely and out of the way. It also implies that you can only fold up one side to practice in a personal playback posture. It’s quite convenient to be able to play alone.

Can it be used to convert an outdoor dining table without the wheels (or even with the legs not installed)?

Yes, you may use it that way if by eating you mean “to feast on the souls of your opponents who you murder with insane topspin.”

Can the Joola nova pro plus outdoor be left open in the rain?

The table is certainly weatherproof and can resist the elements. On the other hand, a cover is a wise purchase if your table is stored outside and exposed to the weather 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why is there a warning label that says “not for outdoor use”??

It’s designed to be used outside, but not all the time. Outdoor tables are a bit different and will typically have 5 – 7 mm thick tabletops. This is because they’re usually built with different (weather resistant) materials that mean they don’t need to be thick.

What is the playing surface thickness of the nova dx outdoor?

The 9 ft. x 5 ft. playing area has a 6mm thick weather-resistant surface that gives a good and uniform bounce throughout. To keep moisture from distorting it, it’s composed of an aluminum/plastic combination.

What is the difference between models?

The Nova Plus, for example, has considerably bigger plastic wheels that can travel over grass or gravel. The metal wheels of the Nova Dx are significantly smaller. When you click on the different models, you can notice the differences in the photos.

What is the difference between the Rally and the Nova?

A net is included with each table. The most significant difference between the Rally and the Nova is that the Rally is an inside table. Therefore you should never use it or keep it outside since it will be destroyed. Because the Nova is an outdoor table, it may be utilized outside as well.

Is the metal where the castor wheels are attached steel or aluminum?

Each side of the table includes four wheels so you can transport it independently (table tennis tables may be rather heavy if they aren’t split in two). The 3′′ caster wheels should be able to handle most terrain. Once you’re in position, you may lock them in place to prevent the table from shifting suddenly.

Which outdoor cover fits the Joola nova pro plus table?

Weather-resistant table coverings are not required for industrial tables, but they are always suggested for all other outdoor tables to help protect them from the elements.

The less expensive option is a more lightweight, transportable option that should be kept under cover when not in use. In contrast, the more expensive option can withstand more fluctuating and extreme weather conditions and durability in an outdoor environment to be a permanent fixture in space, thanks to heavy-duty construction and reinforced materials and features.

What tools do you need to put it together?

The NOVA is a simple table to put up in terms of table set-up. It should take about 15 minutes with two people. All you need to do now is connect the wheels and legs. It’s quite painless because there are just eight bolts to screw in.

Did anyone found a viable solution to broken casters?

JOOLA NOVA Plus Pro Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set | All-Weather Aluminum. However, two of the casters just snapped in half as a result.

Does this table come with paddle storage on each side of the table?

Nope, the JOOLA Family Table Tennis Set includes a handy storage box that attaches to your table and holds all of your table tennis equipment.

Bottom Line

The JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus is a low-cost, high-quality table with all the features that a good outdoor table tennis table should have. With a rating of over 1500 on Amazon, it is a highly popular pick.

The JOOLA Nova Pro plus Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a high-quality table tennis table used both inside and outside. It is designed to withstand outdoor use all year, in all weather conditions and terrains. A great investment for families!

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