best pool cues for the money

Are you new to the game of billiard or pool and want to get your pool cues? Or, like many people, you also have listed yourself in this game? Because it has become a trendy day by day. If you are in the game for some time or are an expert, then you must be aware that pool cues are the most vital element in this game, and many things depend on the cues. I have been playing this game since I was 20 years old so I have a good knowledge of it. Read on to know all about the best pool cues for the money.

You don’t want to buy the most expensive pool cues that are specially designed for professionals? Then what should you do? Just a beginner level cue would be good enough for you to learn the game and master your techniques. If you spend a lot of money on expensive pool cues and get broken due to your improper hitting as a beginner, it will be good money down the drain. It is why we have reviewed some of the best pool cues for under $200 for you.

Key Points to Remember when Buying the Best Pool Cues for the Money

  • Your pool cues must be strong and well–seasoned, weighing between sixteen to twenty-one ounces (450gm to 600gm).
  • The cues must be fifty-seven to fifty-nine inches (140cm to 150cm) long.
  • The cue’s tip must be hard and manufactured with fine leather to help reduce friction between the cue tip and the ball.
  • The pool cue needs to be straight for precise shots to the ball.
  • The cue tip where there is leather should have hard material for shock absorption. The material needs to be crack and chip resistant, such as carbon fiber, phenolic or aegis resin, melamine resin, etc. Metals like brass and ivory are also fixed in some cue tips.
  • If you choose a two-piece cue, make sure its joint cannot be seen when you fix it, and it gets attached, alright, keeping the cue as straight as necessary. 

What are the Best Cue Brands?

  • Players
  • Predator
  • Viper
  • Trademark
  • Cuesoul
  • Lucasi
  • Valley House
  • Scorpion
  • Viking
  • Meucci

These are the best and popular brands of best pool sticks.

Which will be the Best and Most Appropriate for you?

Here really is the initial question that could arrive from your mind during the time that you’re about to buy the best pool cues. Aren’t getting overly worried by thinking about the answer to the question since I am here to discharge your worry by answering this question. You need to demonstrate some persistence to know the answer to the question as you’ll find the answer inside this report. I can assure you after reading this article you won’t be amazed.

Where to buy the Best?

Inside this age of the internet, the world is on your hand. Once most of us know that there are several eCommerce internet websites available on the market. You may get whatever you need with a faucet of one’s smartphone and a click on the mouse. So you order your product that is preferred, plus they will ship the item. As stated by me, “” is amongst the best eCommerce internet web sites around the world to receive your own best pool cues. I presume you know that AMAZON could be your no. One eCommerce web page from the world. 

Which are the Most Fantastic Cheap Brand of Sticks?

To get the answer to the question, assess the comparison table. The table contains all of the advice, which may let you buy the best pool cue sticks. 

Besides that, you certainly can proceed using this article if you’re hooked on this match that is billiard.  

Best Pool Cues for the Money: Factors to Keep in Mind

Now, let’s look at the individual parts of the cues and how they play a role in the performance. 

Mainly, a pool cue has a cue tip, a ferrule, a shaft, a shaft taper, a joint, a butt, wrap, and its rubber bumper. All these components combine to determine the performance of the cue. From a performance perspective, the shaft ad the cue tip is most crucial. The cue’s weight, its balance point, and its length are also vital points to consider. 

Let us discuss the details for each one of these:

Cue Tip

Cue tip comes into direct contact with the ball; this is why it has the most crucial role. The cue tip determines how much control you will have on the ball, how accurate your shots are going to be, the level of spin you will be able to put on the ball. If the cue has a well-shaped and scuffed tip, it will have the maximum contact with the ball, allowing you to have the most accurate strokes. 

There are different hardness levels for the cue tips. Mostly cue tips are made up of leather, but these days phenolic tips are also being made. When you have a soft tip, you get a better feel and put more English on it. But, soft tips fall off easily and would need regular maintenance. Whereas hard tips give more power to your shots, but you lose some control with hard tips. 

Professional players usually choose cue sticks with hard tips. If you are a beginner or an intermediate player, go for a medium-hard tip to strike the right balance between power and control. 

The legal range of diameter for a cue tip is eleven to fourteen millimeters. The majority of the players go for a twelve or thirteen-millimeter tip.

Cue tips can be easily replaced, so if you find a cue stick that is great in all other aspects and price, you can always get it to replace the tip to your liking.


The shaft is located right below the cue tip and the ferrule of the stick. Most of the time, the shaft is manufactured with high-quality North American maple hardwood. Your comfort with the cue depends majorly on the diameter of its shaft. We advise using a 12.75 mm diameter of the shaft.

With thin shafts, you can put more English on the ball, but they are not easy to control. Big shafts are easy to manage, but putting English on the ball gets difficult with them.

If your hands are small, it is best to pick a thin shaft, so it becomes easier to create a bridge. 

Shaft Taper

The specific shape of the shaft is called its taper. Mostly cue shaft has a conical shape, but the shafts that are tapered are straight as much as they can get before they bulge out.

A shaft having a ten to fifteen-inch taper is known to have a pro-taper. But, all cues don’t have a pro-taper. A pro-taper is specifically useful in closed bridge games. 

Therefore, if you have a twelve-inch pro-taper on a 12.75mm shaft, it is perfectly straight from the tip up to twelve inches below. After this length, the shaft starts bulging out towards the cue joints. Long taper gives you more flex, whereas short taper stays firm and stiff.

Joint Structure

The two-piece pool cues have a joint where the shaft ends and the butt starts. Joint is a fragile component of the cue stick, and it always faces a lot of stress during the game. This is why we recommend getting a cue stick with high-quality joints, preferably in steel making.

Mainly two kinds of joints are there. One is the metal collar joints, and the other is wood joints. Metals joints are stiff and direct, whereas wood joints give a soft feel. Metals joints are way more durable than wood joints. The pin size of metal joints varies from one another. The most popular pin sizes are uni-loc, and 5/16 as this is a universal joint allowing you to replace the shaft or the butt easily later. 

Joint Collar

The circular ring surrounding the joint is referred to as a joint collar. Its job is shock absorption and preventing the joint from opening in the middle of a game. The material of the joint collar is usually stainless steel or implex.    

Stainless steel joint collars are superior quality and cost higher, whereas intermediate level cues usually have implex joint collars.


Like there is the handle for every knife, without which the blade cannot function properly. Similar is the role of the butt for the cue stick. How thick the butt and the wrap are will determine your grip and the comfort of your hold.

If your hands are small, more massive butt won’t be comfortable to hold for you and vice versa. The balance point of the pool cue also depends on the butt. 

There is a rubber bumper at the cue’s bottom. It protects the cue from any potential damage from falling. Below the bumper, you can add or decrease adjustable weights to your preference.


Usually, three wraps are used on pool cues: leather, Irish linen, and nylon. The wrap determines the comfort of your hold. If you sweat a lot, get a cue that has Irish linen wrap. If you want a natural and smooth feel, the leather wrap is your best bet. Some players prefer no wrap at all, which is also an excellent choice. Natural wood gives way better feel than any wrap can.

Cue Length

There are different lengths for pool cues ranging from thirty-eight inches to sixty-six inches. Generally, one-piece cues found at the clubs, etc. are fifty-seven inches long. And, most of the time, two-piece cues usually are fifty-eight inches long. Junior players opt the thirty-eight to forty-two inches cues whereas, taller players prefer to play with cues measuring sixty inches or above.


No weight is the correct weight when it comes to cues. Some players prefer heavy cues, while others want lightweight ones. The usual weight of the cues ranges from seventeen to twenty-two ounces. Heavy cues are used for powerful strokes and can be hard to control. Lightweight cues are easy to manage, but you’d have to use your body strength to create the power in your strokes.

As a beginner, we suggest that you don’t go higher than nineteen or nineteen and a half ounces heavy cue; this would strike the right balance of power and control.

Balance Point

There are tip heavy and butt heavy cues, and there are fully balanced cues. To know your cue, just put the cue on your two fingers at the collar joint, if it bends forward, this cue is tip heavy. If it bends backward, this cue is butt heavy. Otherwise, it a balanced cue. 

The balance point is also a personal choice, but the majority of players like tip-heavy cues.  

Comparison Table of the Best Pool Cues for the Money

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6 Detailed Review of the Best Pool Cues for the Money

After learning about the individual parts of the cues and how they play a role in the performance, let’s dig into our top 6 picks of pool cues. And go through the buying guide to educate you about all you need to know about pool cue specification to make the right purchase decision.

01- AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches Pool Cue

The two-piece pool cue by AB Earth offers a great game and a superb style. This fifty-eight-inch long cue is an excellent combination of performance and style while being easy on the pocket.

Ergonomic Design

It has an ergonomically shaped handle with a sleek stick offering an excellent grip. It has got a stylish look due to the paint that looks like a nebula in space. Moreover, the ergonomic shape of the butt has a skid-proof wave design, offering superb grip and maximum comfort. Its shaft is manufactured with hardwood maple with a 13 mm tip made of medium-hard leather, allowing superior control.  

Stylish Look

There are different eye-catching designs for the AB Earth pool cue with three weight options of 19, 20, and 21 ounces. This pool cue comes with a painted butt as compared to the wrapped ones out there, which is a unique feature. If you’re looking for an attractive design along with high performance, the AB Earth is one of the best pool cues for beginners and intermediate players.


Apart from multiple varieties of design and colors, it has a quality guarantee of one hundred and eighty days. It is a durable stick made with Canadian hard maple wood. 

Some reviews suggest that its poles are not very straight, which can be an issue. It still is an excellent choice for a first cue, way better than using the club’s stick, which must be scratched, endured, and twisted due to frequent usage. 

  • An exquisite style with a wave designed butt.
  • Variety of color choices to choose from.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Hand-painted with a polished finish giving a superior feel.
  • Ergonomic design for excellent grip and comfort.
  • Warranty of one hundred and eighty days.
  • Not every player might like the waved design of the butt.
  • It is best suited for beginner and intermediate players; experts may want a more professional cue.

Why Buy AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches Pool Cue

The best thing about the AB Earth pool cue is that its ergonomic design offers superb grip, and since it is hand-painted, there is no question of it coming off unwinding as Irish cloth wrap does in other pool cues. It differs from other cues for its Canadian hard maple butt which is had polished into a wavy shape. It is compared with linen butt, and wavy shape is more outstanding in anti-slip function and service life.

Why People Buy AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches Pool Cue

It performs excellent, allowing superb shots and boosting the confidence of the novice player. And the shiny painted design would get you a lot of attention and praise. Plus, its medium diversion shaft is dead straight, offering exceptionally consistent playability for intermediate players. Also, people are loving this cue especially for its unique eye-catching red and its friendly ergonomic grip design which is firm and never unravel like Irish lines wrap. Its shoots are true and people feel good while playing with this cue.

02- Billiard House Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58 “Bar Pool Cue Sticks

If you want to get multiple pool cues at a meager price, the set of 4 by Billiard Depot is a cool option. This pool cue has all the awesome features that you want. It is best for the beginner and intermediate players.

Set of 4 Cues

You get four high-quality cues, all different from one another in one package. They have got a 13 mm leather tip allowing you to hit the ball as you please. With this price range, these aren’t tournament-grade pool cues. 

Premium Look

These cues appear very high-end and expensive than their actual cost, which is exceptionally straight as well. Their quality is impressive for the price, excellent for people who want to amaze their buddies with their pool game without spending a fortune. 

High Quality

The four pool cues have different weights ranging between eighteen ounces and twenty-one ounces. Its shaft is made up of hardwood with a joint of 5/16×18. Since these are all two pieces of cue sticks, you can easily carry them around. They are easy to screw together via joints made of stainless steel.

There are certain shortcomings with these pool cues, like their weight felt somewhat off and unbalanced to some customers. At times people don’t get the exact color or design that they see in pictures, so if the style and color matter a lot for you, you might get disappointed when your package arrives.

  • You get a variety of four pool cues, all of which are different from each other in weight and style.
  • Since these are two-piece cues, they save space for storage and are easily portable.
  • All four pool cues come in the standard fifty-eight inches size length.
  • All of these for cue sticks have a high-quality 13mm tip made up of fine leather.
  • These pool cues are straightforward to carry and comfortable for the hands.
  • These pool cues are suitable for beginners and intermediate billiard players; professional players would want a more high-end cue stick.
  • The make of Billiard Depot pool cues is not balanced according to some customer reviews.
  • Do not expect tournament-grade performance with these pool cues.

Why Buy Billiard House Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58 “Bar Pool Cue Sticks

You get excellent quality pool cues for a meager price. Since they are very cheaply priced, they don’t come with any warranty. Still, these are a great option if you are on a budget. Also, it has a straight and sharp appearance. The shaft section is extremely well sanded and there is a very clear distinction when the raw wood stops and the veneered glossy section starts. They are very smooth and just glides over your fingers. Moreover, the joint connecting two parts are super solid, colors are very attractive.

Why People Buy Billiard House Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58 “Bar Pool Cue Sticks

We research the real people’s experience after purchasing these pool cues and share their real experience in little words. We found that many people are loving it because, in this set, there are four high-quality cue sticks, all 58 inches long and all in two pieces. The two-piece feature allows you to save space and easily carry it around anywhere without any trouble. Also, they are loving it for its good quality, fixed price value, and well-crafted design.

03- Tai BA Cues 2-Piece Pool Stick + Hard Case

The Tai BA cue stick plus case is one of the best pool cues for the money. This is a fantastic combo deal! With this pool cue, you will get one pool cue stick, one free cue case plus two accessories.

Sturdy Built

Its shaft is made with a hundred percent a grade Canadian maple hardwood. This wood is the most preferred wood for pool cues as it is very sturdy, long-lasting, and warp-resistant. There is a thirteen-millimeter multi-layer leather tip on this cue. The tips that are multi-layered are more durable and offer more consistent playability.

There is a leather wrap in solid black color on this pool cue’s butt. Leather is a perfect choice for a pool cue wrap because it offers superb grip and excellent comfort and maximizes the accuracy and power of your shots. 

12 Color Options

You have got twelve choices of color for the Tai BA pool cue. All of those choices have attractive painted designs with a nine-layer protective varnish coating to keep the stick safe from scratches, dents, and dings. This coating also prevents moisture damage and warping. 

Leather Hard Case

The Tai BA has a leather case of 1×1 measurement to keep your cue stick securely. The leather case has an adjustable shoulder strap. There is also a tiny zippered pouch where you can secure other small accessories. 

  • The Tai BA is a sturdy pool cue made up of high-quality Canadian maple hardwood.
  • It comes with a hard leather case to keep the stick safely.
  • There is a set of joint protectors included with the package.
  • You get a zippered pouch to store accessories.
  • The cue stick has a multi-layered thirteen-millimeter tip offering high power and precision in the game.
  • The butt of this pool cue has a leather wrap, offering excellent grip.
  • This pool cue has a nine-layer of varnish coating, protecting it from scratches, warping, moisture damage, etc.
  • The cue stick is not straight enough for some players.
  • Some players may find the leather-wrapped butt challenging to grip.

Why Buy Tai BA Cues 2-Piece Pool Stick + Hard Case

If you are looking for a cue stick to perform well on the pool, the Tai BA offers just the right precision and power to your game. Overall, this is a great combo deal featuring the best cue for a pool complete with its case and a set of joint protectors. It has paint leather wrap, which is comfortable. As well as it provides proper friction to prevent slipping while playing. It reduces deflection and increases power and accuracy.

Why People Buy Tai BA Cues 2-Piece Pool Stick + Hard Case

The simple answer to this question is, people loved its combo deal. The combo deal that comes with a hard case, a high-quality pool cue, and joint protectors set. Moreover, its embedded design has impressed people. The stronger connections. Solid joint helps to provide consistent feedback during playing and prevent joint damage and protect the join clean.

04- Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick with Irish Linen Wrap

The Viking Valhalla is one of the best pool cues for intermediate players within one hundred dollar price range. These cues are designed, engineered, and backed at the craftsmen at Viking Cue. It brings solid performance and killer style to a single and powerful tool.  

For Intermediate Players

Viking cues have been making solid cue sticks since 1965. The Valhalla is aimed for the player that is no more a beginner and has entered the intermediate phase of playing pool. So if you think you are ready to deploy spin on your ball and try those tricky and complicated shots, this might just be the cue stick for you.

Great Alignment

It is straight as an arrow, with a perfectly smooth shaft and has a 13 mm leather tip rounded with precision. It is a two-piece cue stick that you can easily carry around when separated into two parts. Its joints are threaded and made up of stainless steel for long-lasting life. The screws fit in so snugly that it isn’t even noticed that it is a two-piece stick. There is an attractive and durable Irish linen wrap on the butt of the Valhalla pool cue.  

With your enhanced skills, you may want to replace the ferrule for this pool cue. Some players consider it to be brittle and low quality. It has an excellent alignment.

Lifetime Warranty

It comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a great plus. This warranty protects you even for warping damage, which is highly reassuring. Viking cues have a solid reputation in the market, and the Valhalla is a pocket-friendly quality cue stick by them.

  • The Viking Valhalla is a quality stick made of hard rock maple.
  • It has a beautiful Irish linen wrap on its butt.
  • It is great for intermediate players at an affordable price.
  • Being a two-piece cue stick, it is easy to carry around and saves space for storage.
  • It has an excellent alignment, making it dead straight for super playability.
  • The Valhalla is very durable; it has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, even for warping damage.
  • High End Price Range

Why Buy Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick with Irish Linen Wrap

It is a dependable and sturdy pool cue that will accompany you during your learning curve through league games and allow you to compete with semi-professional billiard players. Valhalla cues bring high tech performance and killer style to a single, powerful tool. The design is perfect for playing and shooting. Furthermore, its high impact resin, grip, joint collar are the main reason to buy it.   

Why People buy Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick with Irish Linen Wrap        

People are loving it because they have faith in it. We have checked the real consumer reviews and many people have positive feedback on this cue. Because of its sturdy cue stick back by the manufacturer’s warranty and will last you for years to come.

05- Viper Graphstrike 58″ 2-Piece Fiberglass Graphite Composite Billiard/Pool Cue

The Graphstrike by Viper is a beautiful looking high-quality pool cue at a meager price. It will last you several years, even with frequent use because of its sturdy and durable make. 

Premium Look

Viper Graphstrike has got a very premium look making it appear to be the most expensive pool cues, whereas these are very affordable. It comes in blue, black, and maroon color choices.

Fiberglass Construction

It is made up of fiberglass and has aluminum joints, which means there cannot be any moisture damage or risk of warping. The fiberglass has a lightweight and long-lasting quality. It has a leather tip and pro taper to ensure your strokes are steady and consistent. 

Solid Grip

Its butt has a veltex wrap that offers excellent grip and comfortable hold without slipping. There is hand buffing near the tip of this cue that reduces friction and provides smooth shots. 

These come in standard weights of 18 to 21 ounces. Like all two-piece cue sticks, it is easily portable and saves storage space. Its screws fit very snugly to offer a very straight alignment.    

Some customers report it to be producing rattling sounds while shots hit. It can be an issue for people who need complete silence to maintain their focus.  

  • A high-quality lightweight pool cue constructed with fiberglass.
  • The high quality of aluminum joints ensures superb alignment.
  • Its veltex wrap offers excellent grip and comfort.
  • It comes in attractive blue, maroon, and black colors.
  • The pro taper makes your shot consistent and steady.
  • Its joint collar is not flexible.
  • It produces sound when you’re hitting a shot.

Why Buy Viper Graphstrike 58″ 2-Piece Fiberglass Graphite Composite Billiard/Pool Cue?

It has a fiberglass construction that doesn’t get any moisture damage or warping. A le pro leather tip ensures a solid grip on the ball, reducing miscues and a pro taper gives a consistent and comfortable feel across your stroke. Moreover, the shaft and butt combine with aluminum joints to give great feedback on every shot, while maintaining a classic look, while the high strength fiberglass construction prevents warping. It will last for many years to come. If you’re looking for great value for money, this is your perfect choice. 

Why People Buy Viper Graphstrike 58″ 2-Piece Fiberglass Graphite Composite Billiard/Pool Cue?

The Viper Graphstrike is eye-catching with superb quality and it weighs between 18 to 21 ounces. Both the butt and shaft of this cue are made from multiple overlaid layers of fiberglass graphite composite and have a veltex wrap which prevents slipping. Due to these awesome features people like are loving this pool cue. 

06- Viper Diamond 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue

The Viper Diamond is the most affordable cue stick among all the cues manufactured by the viper. It is well suited for beginners as you get a high-quality pool cue at a shallow price point. 

Sturdy Built

It comes in a fifty-eight inches length with a Le Pro leather tip and Irish linen wrap. The butt of the Viper Diamond has a traditional rubber bumper offer comfortable hold and superb grip. It features a half diamond design printed on the shaft with a black stain. It comes in standard weight ranging between eighteen to twenty-one ounces.

Lifetime Warranty

It comes with a lifetime warranty, which is reassuring. It’s made with hardwood maple ensuring a steady and long-lasting life. It has ABS joints. Its wrap is silicon infused felt. Since this is a two-piece cue stick, you can unscrew it to store in a compact space and can easily carry it around. All in all, the viper diamond is a superb pool cue for beginners at a low price.         

Minimalist Design

While the Viper Diamond can be ordered in 4 different weight choices ranging from eighteen to twenty-one ounces, they’re only available in one color. Build with long-lasting, high-quality Canadian maple wood; it has a minimalistic design. Its one-inch fiber ferrule allows superb playability, and there are no wraps around the thirteen-millimeter le-pro leather tip, allowing new to feel your hits and get a sense of shot timing. 

  • The Viper Diamond is one of the best pool cues for the money for beginners and recreational players.
  • It comes in four weight options to choose from.
  • This is a very low-cost pool cue.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • It offers a superb gaming experience.
  • Its wrap is made up of faux leather, which doesn’t absorb sweat well.
  • This is great for beginners, don’t expect completion grade performance with this cue stick.

Why buy Viper Diamond 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue

These are, no doubt, the best pool cues for beginners with their superb built and exceptional performance. And it is very low priced for its quality and performance.   

Why people buy Viper Diamond 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue

It is a high performing pool cue at a low price and has a lifetime warranty. You get an excellent cue stick at a high price backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Buyers Guide of Best Pool Cues for the Money

When you start playing pool, you are likely to warp your cues, get their joints busted open, or get cracks at the cues. With time you would be able to maintain your cues in good shape. However, if you are reading this guide, you can benefit from the experience of experts and get the best pool cues for the money from the start of your gaming career. 

This buyer guide will walk you through all the features that you need to keep in mind to buy a high-quality cue stick at a reasonable price.

Types of Cues       

There are three major categories where you can group the pool cues. 

Professional Cues

Professional billiard players prefer these. Their price can be anywhere from five hundred dollars to two thousand dollars and above.

Intermediate Cues

These are good for beginners and intermediate players to learn the game of pool. You can get great value for money with these cues costing from fifty dollars to five hundred dollars. 

House Cues

The cue sticks present at clubs and bars are the house cues. They are usually in one piece without any fancy inlays and cost as low as below thirty dollars.

All of these categories have a big difference in the playing experience. You get superb precision and accuracy with the professional cues, and you can put an incredible spin on the ball with them. They offer superior grip and have fancy inlays. The majority of these cues have a low deflection shaft. 

Most of the players prefer intermediate cues. They perform great in every aspect of the game just that they don’t give the precise spin that the professional cues have to offer. House cues are just for recreational gaming; they provide good fun among friends. But if you want to perfect your game, we would advise you to avoid house cues altogether.

What should be the Price of a Cue?

You can find pool cues ranging from 20 dollars to 2000 dollars and above. So much should you pay for the right one? For cue sticks, a high price does translate into high quality to a certain extent. After that extent, you only pay for the fancy looks and not for quality for performance. 

With all that said, you pay for a cue hoping for it to last you a couple of years, so you’re investing in it. The cue is not supposed to perish as time passes; instead, it becomes a better version of its original form. So it is best to invest in a good quality cue instead of getting an average one. 

If you are buying for the first time, it is best to get a cue within the hundred dollars price range. There are many best pool cues for under $200 on the market for intermediate players and serious gamers.

The prices mainly vary because of the material in the cue. Then there comes the standard of the tip, shaft, wrap, and finishing that contribute the amount.         


There are majorly three types of strokes in the pool: the jump, the break, and the regular playing shots. 

The jump and the break are specialized shots needing a specific type of cue. Breaking or jumping with the cue that you regularly play with, is not advisable. It is because of two reasons: number one, the playing cue doesn’t perform as good as the specialized cue. Number two, frequent breaking and jumping can damage your playing cue. 

Simple or Fancy

Your cue style depends mostly on your personal preferences. Some players like to have eye-catching designs on their cues, while others prefer minimalistic designs. It all depends on what is your style statement.

Some players derive confidence from fancy design, but be aware that it’s all in mind only. Some players use stylish cues to scare their opponent, which again is just a mind game.

Low Deflection

Low deflection means how much the cue ball deviates from the stick line when the player uses sidespin. It only occurs for off-center shots when the player deploys right or left sidespin. There won’t be any deflection for center hits no matter what kind of cue you choose. This happens because, in all off-center shots, some force still applies to a side angle, causing deflection. To minimize the deflection effect, cue makers design low deflection cues where the shafts are pretty stiff and create low vibration.  

The professional cues have minimum deflection, intermediate cues have a bit higher deviation, and house cues have the most deflection.  

How does deflection affect the gaming experience? Cues that produce a lot of deflection make it challenging to hit accurate shots and get the cue ball to your desired position after the shooting. So staying within your budget, always pick the cue that has the least deflection. 

Keep in mind that there is nothing such as a zero deflection cue. Every cue produces some level of deflection.

Frequently Asked Question 

What are Pool Cues made up of?

Usually, hardwood, or graphite or fiberglass or a combination of all 3 of these materials is used for pool cues. 

How can I choose the best cue for the pool?

You look at the characteristics of its tip, shaft, ferrule, joints, butt, etc. and pick the one with the best quality material, design and make according to their role in the functionality and structure of your cue. 

What is the best weight for the pool cue?

Usually, pool cue weighs anywhere between 18 to 22 ounces. Beginners should go for 19 or 19.5 ounces for a balance between power and control. Professional players use lightweight cues when they want speed in their shots and heavyweight cues when they want potent shots.  

What is the purpose of pool cue chalk?

The cue chalk increases the friction coefficient between the ball and the cue tip. It helps reduce slipping and gives a better grip to the ball and more accurate shots. 

What should be the length of my cue?

Mostly, 57 inches and 57 inches long cues are popular among players—otherwise, your personal preference. Tall players choose more prominent cues. Junior players choose smaller cues. 

Cue lengths between 57″ (145cm) and 58″ (147.5cm) are suitable for most players.

Our Recommendation

After reading the full guide, you must have now understood what would be the best pool cues for you. Yet if you are confused and ask for our recommendation, we would say go for AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches Pool Cue. This stick plays incredibly, or all-around to get a tenderfoot at any rate. It seems to possess somewhat of an issue with all the poles not being beautifully straight. It’s misty whether they were left that way or have been twisted in transport (in case it is due to their less costly, pricier timber creation, but the previous might speech producing varieties being somewhat remiss as very effectively). 

In any case, even considering that it is fantastic for somebody stick and no more tolerable compared to by using a house stick (which might be probably going to be twisted, endured, and scraped as of now at any rate).

We would exceptionally prescribe buying this to get a more youthful individual, 12 13 decades old at probably the youthful or for families. It is small enough which you may purchase a couple and supplant any that access broken or twisted as you show a young child store and how to take into account their sign appropriately.

2,204 Reviews
  • ADVANTAGE: Ergonomic design handmade painting pool cue.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN GRIP: Canadian hard maple butt which hand-polished into a wavy shape. Compared with linen butt, our wavy shape butt is more outstanding in anti-slip function and service life.
  • HANDMADE PAINTING BUTT: The inspiration for the painting butt came from outer space. Manual painting with trendy colors makes each cue looks special.
  • SPECIFICATION: Durable 13mm leather tip. 58" in length. 18 - 21oz in weight. 5/16 x18 pin. Made of Maple. Skidproof ergonomic design painted grip.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 ergonomic design pool cue.

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Wrapping up the Guide

Your pool stick is going to determine your performance and learning progress in the game of billiard. The best pool stick will give you added precision and power. As a beginner or intermediate player, do not play around a lot with the cue specifications. Choose a medium-hard tipped cue weighing nineteen to twenty ounces with a wrap or no wrap, whatever you prefer. 

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