Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis, or ping pong as it is more commonly known, is a sport that has been popular for years. Two people play the game on a table with a net dividing the playing area in half. One player serves the ball and then returns it to their opponent, who continues alternating until one of them fails to return the ball within the rules. This blog post will explore the differences between indoor and outdoor table tennis tables and which might be best suited for you, depending on your needs.

Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

  • The first difference between an indoor table tennis table and an outdoor table is that an indoor one will have features such as legs, making it easier to move around when needed. This is because it would be impractical to move an outdoor table around. Outdoor tables are also limited by the surface they can stand and their weight if you want to take them inside and put them up at home.
  • The 2nd thing to consider when looking at the difference between indoor and outdoor table tennis tables is their size. If you play in a gym, you will most likely play on an indoor table that measures about 8 feet by 4 feet. On the other hand, it is more common to find outdoor tables that measure 12 feet by 6 feet if you play outside.
  • Indoor tables have a lower bounce, making them easier for beginners, but they can’t handle as much power. Outdoor tables are more complex because the ball bounces higher and faster, but they also don’t lose their bounce when it rains. The difference between indoor and outdoor table tennis tables is how high the bounce will go if you hit the ball with force from your paddle. 
  • Outdoor table tennis tables have more giant balls for increased air resistance, making them slower than indoor ones. The outdoor ball also bounces more because it has less contact with the ground. Indoor table tennis tables have shorter strings on their paddles to allow for faster play and a lower bounce off the paddle when hit by the ball.

Dimensions of Indoor vs. Outdoor Table

The dimensions for an indoor ping pong table are 2 meters by 1 meter (6 feet by 3 feet). What are the dimensions of an outdoor table? The dimensions are 12 feet by six feet. Outdoors can range in size depending on where it’s being played; they typically measure 11 meters long by 2 meters wide (36 feet x 6 feet).

Which type of material is used in indoor table tennis tables?

The material used in an indoor table tennis table is typically either wood or plastic. The material used for making table tennis table tops can be from Plywood, particleboard, plastic to metal and fiberglass. As far as professional table tennis table is concerned, most of these tables are built with high-density fiberboard these days, and the surface is made of either MDF or PVC.

Which type of material is used outdoor table tennis?

Outdoor tables use metal frames and materials such as fiberglass due to many reasons. We might see with other types of surfaces – like aluminum, melamine, plywood resin, or different types of wax to help them withstand the outdoors. The best outdoor table tennis tables are galvanized steel undercarriages, weatherproof nets and posts, and a weatherproof top surface.

How much is an outdoor table tennis table

Outdoor tables start at around $200 if you are looking for a basic model. And except that the basic models are made of metal and more durable material, there are also fewer limitations on what surface you can use them in all weather conditions. Outdoor tables start at around $500 and cost upwards of $6,000, giving players more freedom over where they can stand/play games. Check this guide to choose the best outdoor table for you. 

How much is an indoor table tennis table?

Indoor tables are made of metal and are more durable because they have to withstand wear over time. What’s more, many of those who enjoy playing outdoor table tennis will also find that their surface area is around 12 feet by six feet – with basic models starting at $200. The price goes up for those made from materials like wood (though some may come with plastic surfaces too), but the trade-off is a smaller space outside your door, making it easier to move them in/out without as much hassle.

Which one is best? 

Ultimately this depends on what your needs are as well as where most of your games take place. If you mostly play indoors, an indoor table would suit you better because longer playing times mean less risk of damage occurring from another player bumping into it or accidentally knocking over something nearby like drinks or food. This comes down to your personal preference, so it’s worth thinking about what you need before deciding which table will be better for you, depends on your choice.

Last Words

Table tennis is a fun game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The indoor table tennis tables are typically smaller than the outdoor ones, but they also have more features. Indoor table tennis tables come with nets, goal stringers, and posts for added safety around the playing area and some padding to make it easier on players who may fall or miss their shots. Outdoor table-tennis tables usually do not include these features because there’s no need for them in an open space where people aren’t likely to collide with each other while playing. There are many advantages to both types of play, so it depends on your preferences which one you prefer!