how to clean a foosball

You have a foosball table most likely, and you ask yourself the question: how to clean a foosball?

Thanks to the affordability of foosball tables, this arcade game at this time became very common, even as a family game played in several homes.

To ensure the extended life of the set we have purchased, we must take good care of it and regularly clean and hold the table and accessories.

There are quite a few people who buy table soccer for their homes or modern office spaces.

But then forget to clean and maintain it because of their busy lifestyle.

On the other hand, foosball tables can suffer a lot of wear and tear due to regular use, so they must suffer general care and cleaning.

If you do not take care of your table soccer, it will deteriorate much faster than you think, and you will lose the hundreds (or thousands) of USD invested in it.

That is why it is so substantial to clean and hold your foosball table, and in this text, we show you the precise way to do it.

What is the Right Way?

Precaution and care can hold your table in good condition for longer.

It is substantial that you give the consideration that the cleaning and care of your table soccer deserves.

On the opposite, with the passage of the years, it is undoubtedly going to begin to work badly, which supposes that at the moment, it is not going to be viable to enjoy a fair and entertained game with him.

At this moment, we have a concept of how substantial it is to maintain clean table soccer in perfect conditions; let’s go on to discuss how to carry it out correctly.

With What Continuity Do you Use it?

Before getting into the cleaning and care part, you have to be aware of the continuity you use your table soccer. In case you are a fan of table soccer and use it very commonly, you should clean it every week.

On the other hand, if you only use it occasionally, taking some time to clean it once a month can be enough.

If you play it once a month, putting a foosball cover on it and cleaning it once or twice a year may be enough.

Knowing this, at this point, yes, let’s move on to what we care about.

How to Clean a Foosball

Step 1:

Use a can of compressed air.

You should clean every part of a foosball table to ensure its longevity.

The professionals at Foosball Table suggest that you start with a can of compressed air to remove accumulated dust particles and reach all the hard to reach places.

The usual drawback that ruins foosball tables is that food and drink spill out throughout the holidays, so using a can of compressed air regularly can make a huge difference in your overall appearance.

How to Clean a Foosball

Step 2:

Use a dry cloth

The next step is to take a cloth to clean every inch of your foosball table.

Professionals suggest using a cloth slowly and without elaborate chemicals, which could probably damage the table’s color.

You can use the cloth to clean our foosball table, the soccer boys and the cane handles. This procedure is substantial to remove any spill and debris accumulated in the sector.

If you still see some stains after cleaning the sector with a dry cloth, do not worry. They will be removed later in the cleaning process.

At this point, it is also suggested to clean the bottom of the table, inside the legs. When you have completed this stage of cleaning the foosball table, you can move on to the next step.

how to clean foosball balls

Step 3:

Use isopropyl alcohol

At this stage, take your cloth clean, slowly, and without chemicals and put in a small proportion of isopropyl alcohol. To achieve outstanding cleaning results, use isopropyl alcohol with a volume of 70% to 80%.

At this point, clean all surfaces of the table soccer with the cloth.

This will clean and disinfect your table. It is substantial to consider that isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly, so do not worry about any odor.

Even so, it is preferable to use the isopropyl alcohol in limited proportions so as not to leave a sticky and smelly residue.

If you notice any black marks on the table that have been caused by balls, you may need to put some effort into rubbing them! Be careful not to harm the rods or your soccer kids in development.

clean foosball playing surface

Step 4:

Use foosball silicone on the rods.

In this step, it is the moment to use foosball silicone on the rods of the table. A unique silicone coating will keep the table soccer rods clean and provide maximum lubrication, which is, of course, incredibly substantial for very close table soccer disputes.

Be sure to use only top quality silicone created explicitly for these tables because cheap choices could ruin your foosball table. Some Foosball professionals suggest not to use WD-40 on foosball rods, as it is a reasonably strong agent that could degrade the quality of the rods over time.

When we talk about this step, make sure to use foosball silicone in moderation and only on well-ventilated surfaces.

foosball lube alternative

With What Continuity?

If you love playing table soccer, you know you have to protect your outfit.

Foosball tables need some attention because they will break quickly with all your wild games if you neglect them.

The proper caution and care can keep your table in good condition for longer.

It requires cleaning your table continuously and having a regular care program.

Thus, you can hold your table soccer in the right condition for as long as you require it because acquiring a new table every year will be very expensive.

Tips for Holding your Table Soccer

This guide explained how to clean your foosball table precisely, but it is also important that your table also undergoes routine care. Here are some tips for holding your foosball table

You can use foosball table lubricant for the maintenance of your ball

Place the table in an area that will stay tuned to the usual room temperature. Table soccer tables are not designed for outdoor use and do not have direct contact with sunlight. If your table is in a mainly sunny section of the house or near a window, make sure you keep it well cared for with a foosball table cover.

If you want to move the table from one room to another, do not drag it. Instead, find someone to help you lift it so that your legs are still safe from any disturbance.

Do not put drinks or food on the table! It’s a no-brainer.

If, unfortunately, you need to replace or reset parts of your foosball table, be sure to do so immediately and do not continue playing, as this could cause irreparable damage to your table.

Occasionally, you will have to lubricate the rods with silicone oil. It is preferable to apply it to the outside of the rod so that it does not run the risk of dripping onto the table soccer and to move the rods back and forth while applying it so that the silicon is distributed more evenly over them. You can wipe off excess silicone with a towel.

The foosball table maintenance is only going to depend on you.

cleaning rusty foosball rods

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How to Clean a Foosball: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a Foosball bar?

You can hold the rods clean and men by regularly wiping the area with a clean cloth. For the handles and men, you can use a small proportion of isopropyl alcohol to clean them. You can even clean the balls with isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth.

How do you lubricate a Foosball bar?

Place one or two drops of silicone on the radical of the foosball rod next to the bearing while the rod is popularized. Then, turn the knob while pushing in and out so that the lubricant works all over the rod in the bearing. Repeat on the remaining rods as needed.

The foosball rod lubricant can be beneficial. However, the lubricant for the foosball table is one of the last steps.

How does a Foosball rod rust?

The special tips for removing rust from the rods on your Foosball table can be found here.


Table soccer is a fantastic sport that is very entertaining to play with your friends and family.

But if you do not maintain and clean your table regularly, your game’s quality will decline, and it will no longer be entertaining.

Worse still, your table will quickly degrade. It won’t last long either. Sure, it may take a little more effort, but keeping it clean and holding your table will make it look good for a long time. No doubt this will do wonders for the quality of your playing performance generally.

The foosball lube alternative is simple, and we bring it in this article for you. However, it is essential to clarify that the idea is to use foosball lubricant.

Never clean the foosball table’s handles with furniture polish or glass cleaner. This way, they will be difficult to grip, and the players’ reasonable control is paramount to carry out an optimal game. You can dust them with a damp cloth to avoid a corrosive accumulation and dry them before having fun again.