how to make a dartboard cabinet

Do you know how to make a dartboard cabinet?

No family room is complete without a dartboard. Learning how to make custom dartboard cabinets will allow you to customize it based on who will use it, play the style, and much more. You can make a dartboard cabinet from a variety of materials.

However, it is easy to make a classic cork dartboard because many people prefer to use a high-quality Bristle dartboard, as it provides a nice play surface. This article covers the topic of how to make a dartboard cabinet in a few simple steps, what materials you will need and how to set it up in your room or basement.

How to Make a Dartboard Cabinet

Follow the below steps to make a dartboard cabinet; 

What materials will you need?

It would help if you had a dartboard to play darts. However, those who have shopped around them will know that buying a dartboard is not cheap. For those who have cork and wire, dartboards can be very expensive. Why not make your own? It’s not that hard to do, and you can save money on buying a factory-made dartboard.

You need CORK 

A dartboard is made of cork. It must be at least 15 inches thick. This will prevent thrown dart from entering the cork to damage the wall. You can mount it on a piece of corkboard to protect your wall and stability in your board. While choosing a suitable piece of cork for your dartboard, make sure it’s thick and at least 18 inches in diameter.

You need CUT

The dartboard is round, so you need to mark a circle 18 inches in diameter on the curb. To do this, place a pin in the center of the crank, which is attached to another string an inch long. Trace the circle, and then use it to cut this, trimming the edges to smooth.

You need MARK

The hardest part of creating a dartboard is marking the different sections. Make sure you have the right colored markers for this. To start, you need to mark a series of centered circles on the dartboard from the hole you made in the very center.

The inner bull’s eye should be 3 inches in diameter, and the outer bullseye should be 12 inches in diameter. After those two, draw circles at 7⅞ inches and 8½ inches. This will give you a triple score ring on the dartboard, and finally, mark more circles at 12⅞ inches and 13½ inches to form a double score band.

This gives you the support of a dartboard, although you still need to divide the board into 20 different and identical sections, like a piece of the pie.

However, be careful that you do not participate in the internal or external bull’s eye. The easiest way to do this is to take a standard dartboard as your template and copy the layout. Alternatively, create a template from cardboard or other material to trace around.

If you want to add wire, you can apply it to the dividing lines between each board section.

How to Make a Dartboard Cabinet: Tools and materials

  • 1/2 plywood
  • 1/4 pieces of pine wood
  • Hardboard
  • 1/12 pine wood
  • Wood stuffing
  • Cabin doorknobs
  • Cabin hinges
  • Ruler
  • Drill bit
  • Electric drill
  • Hot glue
  • Electric saw
  • Wood Press
  • Sander

How to Make a Dartboard Cabinet Base

Processing Cabinet Base

First, take four pieces of wood cut equally into the dimensions you should have in your cabinet. Make the interior of the dartboard cabinet and attach all the pieces of wood. You can attach a drill bit inside the dress press to create a measured hole. Now you can see the build pieces of wood together. Now use a wood filler to close all the holes made earlier.

How to Make a Dartboard Cabinet

Add cabinet backboard

To add a backboard, cut a piece of wood to fit the dimensions of the dart cabinet. Use an electric cutter for cutting, and make sure you are cutting straight to attach a piece of wood to the appropriate backboard. Subsequently, you have to insert the backboard in the interior of the cabinet.

dartboard cabinet plans pdf

Add cabinet doors

Once you are done with the cabinet backboard, now is the time to move on to the next step. To make cabinet doors, you should make two doors to close your dartboard cabinet by cutting equal pieces of wood. In this step, you can use your creative mind and the curved design on the board. After creating the design, use a sander to smooth the wood. Now fixed in the cabinet door through the hole you made, and you have to be very cautious that the hole is not too low or too deep. Cut loose edges and make sure everything is neat and friendly.

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Fix the backboard into the cabinet

Insert the backboard into the cabinet with some glue and place a wooden press tool to stick it properly to the dart cabinet’s bottom.

Making cabinet chalkboard

You can make a chalkboard yourself or buy one separately. You can easily cut two identical pieces of plywood and use chalkboard spray until it is entirely black. Let the spray dry and then proceed to the next step.

how to build a dart board backboard

Add hinges to cabinet doors.

The next step is to insert the hinges into your cabinet door. You can only screw them on the door. You will then be able to close and open your cabinet door freely.

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Screw the chalkboard to the cabinet door

Now you can retrieve the dry blackboard and screw it into the cabinet door’s interior on both sides.

Fasten and build up the dartboard to the dartboard cabinet

Now it’s time to attach your DIY dartboard to the cabinet and mount it to the wall. You need to attach the cabinet at a 45-degree angle to fit easily in one place. Use glue to attach the wood to the back of the cabinet. You can complete the installation procedure with screw nails.

If you do not want to make it, have a look at this guide for the electronic dartboard with a cabinet.

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How to Make a Dartboard Cabinet: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing to put behind a dartboard?

The best thing to put behind a dartboard is a cabinet or wall cover.

The walls can be protected from darts by placing a suitable cabinet cover behind the dartboard. A cabinet or wall covering can protect your walls from dart holes.

How do you attach a dartboard to a cabinet?

Dartboard can be mounted inside a cabinet or directly on the wall, Screwed on the wall, or use anchors. The center of the bulls eye should be 68 inches (173 cm) from the floor.

How big is the dartboard cabinet?

In agreement with the Darts Regulatory Authority, the directive board’s diameter is 451 mm (17 3⁄4 inches), and it is divided into 20 radial parts. While the cabinet dimensions are 37 “x 30.25” x 7.25 “. Dartboards and darts are not included.


Acquiring adequate knowledge on making a dartboard cabinet and creating the ideal setup at home will permit you to benefit from the game of darts with family and friends whenever you want. In the end, if you choose the right materials and follow the steps in this guide, you will have a beautiful dartboard cabinet that will suit your home. It will look great in a room, family room, and basement.