how to make a foosball table

To create a Foosball Table, you first need some foosball table dimensions plans. Moreover, you can discover lots of them at no cost or purchase them with detailed directions. You’ll also require some tools and materials and a little exploratory spirit when starting this sort of DIY project. This article aims to explain how to make a foosball table and show you that it is much easier than you assume.

How to Make a Foosball Table  

Some hardware stores where you can buy stuff for your foosball table offer you to cut all the bits and pieces according to your plans. This makes this project a matter of putting it all together. Follow the below guide to learn how to make a foosball table from scratch.

Guides to creating a foosball table

  • The first thing you should do when starting any project is to measure the dimensions of the materials you need. You have to cut the playing surface to a width of about 30 inches and a length of 56 inches for the regulation table.
  • You will need to cut the walls to a length of 52 inches and a height of about 4.5 inches to 4.5 inches to ensure that you do not fall balls from your foosball table frequently. The depth of the walls depends on your preferences. Nevertheless, you are better off buying a thin board because it will be lighter and less stressful on the legs.
  • Once you have cut the size of your walls, you will need to make evenly-spaced holes in the walls so that you can fit the rods. The holes’ size will depend on the size of the rods you purchase, but you may also want to give room for a plastic buffer between the wall and the rod. Many a time, the length of the holes should be about 30 mm.
  • The next step is to build the walls at the end of the foosball table. The walls will be 30 inches long and 4.5 inches long. You will also need to cut goals from these parts so that you can score in the first place.
Next Step is;
  • You want to cut more indentations at the bottom of your playing field board so that you have space to slot into the poles that will serve as legs for your foosball table.
  • Subsequently, use your drill to fasten the wooden parts, and then you begin to witness your foosball table take form.
  • Add a feeling to your playing field and apply a coat of glue to make sure it stays in place.
  • You can now add plastic spacers to a set of holes drilled through the walls of your Foosball table before you slide on the pillars and add your players to it. Once the players are at the poles, you can add a spacer to the other side and push the rod to the rest before capping it.
  • Attach your feet to the table and test the structural integrity. The legs should be about 30 inches high for the regulation table, as the rest of the table is about 6 inches tall, which is 36 inches higher than the regulation model.
  • Oil the spaces between plastic spacers and rods so your players can rotate more easily.
  • Place the ball in the center and try your new table for yourself.

Things you Need to Create your Foosball Table

A lot of equipment and utensils are essential in creating an accurate foosball table, and you will observe that each of them is crucial. In this section, we will cover the tools you will need for a DIY Foosball table and why you need it in the first place.


Of course, the most crucial thing that will eliminate the need for your foosball table is the right amount of wood, and the wood you choose will determine the value of the table. Assuming 

You are a qualified carpenter; you can continuously remedy solid, dependable wood like birch, oak, etc.

The exterior walls of this hazy table will be made of wooden boards, which you will need to cut to size depending on the type of table you are making. The playing field will be made from another board that has been cut to the right size, and you want it to be about 1.5 inches thick.

When choosing wood for your play surface, you will want something more durable than decorative wood that you can use for the table’s exterior walls. The kind of wood you will buy will depend heavily on your choice and financial plan. 

How to Make a Foosball Table


You may also want to purchase an amount that you feel corresponds to ​​your DIY football table’s surface area so that you can cover the playing surface. Peradventure, you don’t want a foosball table that is made with woods. You can consider using felt.

Players and a ball  

However, it is noteworthy to purchase players and balls to enable you to play foosball as you deserve it to be. If you are a trained carpenter, you can fashion your players and your ball out of wood, although this will take a little effort, and in the end, it will not be worth it. 

Fortunately, you’ll hit upon plastic balls and plastic players that are obtainable at relatively affordable prices and you’ll be able to mount them on your DIY table easily.  

how to make a foosball table out of cardboard


Another thing you need on a foosball table is the right number of poles for the players. If you are building a small table, you will only need to buy four poles for two lines of players per side. If you are creating a full-size table, you should have eight suitable poles. 

We recommend choosing poles made of metal as they will be easier to put on and long-lasting. You’ll also have to buy a few plastic spacers to make it easier to build up the poles in the wooden walls. Some people prefer poles to legs because it seems easier to them. If you are not certain that you can build stable legs, and then buy four extra poles.  

how to make a foosball table out of a shoebox

How to Make a Foosball Table: Tools for Making Foosball Table 

Circular Saw  

Circular Saw is one of the very important tools you require to make a foosball table, and you can choose the type of wood that works best for you. While manually will end up being more of a task for you, many carpenters prefer to go hand in hand whenever possible, and that’s certainly the case.

Most of you will want to simplify the process relatively easily; however, you can only choose a standard circular saw, as you won’t need the precision of the bands. Remember that if you already have a circular in your shop, this project becomes more affordable.

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Power Drill 

If you are trying to keep everything together and you want to make sure it does not break, a power drill will be necessary, while you can theoretically use a hammer and nail to keep everything together.  

A power drill will make things easier for you, as you will connect the very issues with the wooden elements of your table.

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How to Make a Foosball Table: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my foosball table?

Apply only one or two silicones to the end of the foosball rod next to the bearing when the rod is extended. Then rotate the knot to work the lubricant during the rods in the bearing and while pushing inside. Repeat as needed on the remaining ropes.

How do you make a foosball table out of cardboard?


  • Create your “pitch” by drawing the inside of the cardboard.
  • Install the Dowling rods by making holes on the cardboard’s sides and then punch the hole on the opposite side of the cardboard using the same dowel. Leave the dowel inserted in both holes. Be careful about the distance of the dowel.
  • Make use of an X-Acto knife to cut the goal at each end of the shoebox. Make sure each goal is the same size.
  • Place ten clothespins on the dowel—two clothespins on dowels near each goal and 3 clothespins on 2 medium dowels.

Get the best foosball table for your home.


  • foosball players to clothespins
  • Continue the game.

How do you make a foosball player?

If you are a skilled carpenter, you can try and fashion your players out of wood, although this will require a little effort, and that is probably possible. If you should try and make these parts yourself, we would argue that they are the most complex part of the DIY process. Fortunately, you’ll find plastic players available at relatively affordable prices, and you’ll be able to purchase and mount them on your DIY table easily. 


If you want to create your Foosball table, you will be ready to go on an exciting journey. They are a reasonably undemanding structure that can be built from easy to get materials. Producing some parts isn’t easy, but it can easily be found in the market by manufacturers or retailers.  Creating a DIY foosball table comes with many benefits. Firstly, you will end up as an owner of a well-built and long-lasting table for just a fraction of yourself. Secondly, you can opt for any custom quality you think of. And remarkably, you will own a thing you created yourself, the experience of which is priceless.

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