How to Play Foosball like a Pro

Foosball is a mindful game just like other games; it also has strategies, Foosball tricks, planning, and proper practices. Foosball is identically defined as the smaller sized version of soccer. It’s also referred to as a game of table soccer because of its table design and structure, consisting of a cabinet, a base, and 8 rods with a foosball man, or player who rules the play area. In this article, we are going to learn how to play foosball like a pro.

Before starting this topic, let’s discuss its history of how this game comes? Who invents this joyful game? What motivation encourage him to invent this game? You must know about these questions because you are going to be a Pro. Answer for these questions are here: Let’s go back to 1921 when Harold Sealers Thornton was sitting on his chair and looking at the box of matches to bring a new invention to the world. Yeah, right, this concept came from a box of matches. That time everybody was inspired by a football game. So Harold decided to make something so that people can enjoy in their home while playing foosball, so he named his invention as a “Foosball” because this name is reassembled to Football.

How to Play Foosball like a Pro?

Now, I will go step by step for explaining you how to play foosball like pro.


  • Foosball is a game of hand & eye in which you have to predict the opponent’s movement. Every skill in this game is just because of practice. 
  • The practice is a slow process that demands time. If you don’t have enough time to do practice, then this game is not for you.
  • Don’t go to a big game if you did only one day of practice.
  • It’s a significant threat if you see champions using different kinds of tricks. The fantastic skills they show during a match is a result of hours of practice.
How to Play Foosball like a Pro

Practice 5-bar Passes

Playing with the 5-rod is the key where the real magic happens. Therefore, it demands a lot of practice to be a pro.

Tic-Tac pass: For this, you have to be practice with all players in the corner. Spend hours with tic-tac till you can control the movement between any two players. Most of the beginners feel it challenging to play with two players on the base of a tic-tac. The most crucial thing in 5-bar passes is to have control over striker rods.

How to Play Foosball like a Pro

3-Man Striker Rod

In 3-Man Striker, the middle players score more goals in the foosball game. From back pinning to front, pinning to all shots needs to be executed here with perfection. A player should have to be practicing control and shooting from a striker rod to be a pro.

Foosball tutorial

Spray Shot

  • To become a pro, you have to be practice all shots from basic to the upper level. But when you gain confidence in basic, then try spray shot as this technique is straightforward. In this, you can hit the ball from different angles; let it be square or diagonal; it will go straight?
  • If you are using the pushing or pulling method, then you must know that using pulling, you have to move rods in the same direction spray the ball inside. While using the pushing method, you have to move rods outward.
  • Once you learn this method, you will advance to a pro-level.
Foosball shooting techniques

Pull Shots

It’s a beginner shot in which the natural movements of the players overlap. In this Foosball strategy, the ball is pulled then flicked towards the goal.

There are three pull shots of elements:

  • Position of ball
  • Position of the player
  • Impact

Firstly you have to place the ball just behind the bar, secondly, bring the player around the ball and hit it with a snap of the wrist. It’s a basic strategy for how to play foosball like a pro. It seems tedious to go back repeatedly, but you must have to be perfect in basics if you have to achieve your goal.

During learning about the foosball game, you must be aware of the rule of the foosball game that controls matter more than speed. So your focus must be on controlling your players and ball, and opponents players and ball.

While playing, when the balls come behind the rod in the right position, your mind will automatically accumulate a sense of how to move it. 

Foosball hand position

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Foosball Rules

Don’t Spin

One of the essential rules in foosball is you can’t spin rods even if you are playing 1st time.

  • The spinning rod is officially illegal in foosball. 
  • It’s not a good act in the respective way as it can damage the table and rods.

Foosball Grip

  • New players tend to hold the rods very tightly as it affects speed and control. Instead of holding tightly, a player must hold like that there must be some space between your fingers, hand, and your palm.
  • This method will help you maintain flexibility and allow you to adjust your grip while playing quickly. It will produce more power when you have to flick and snapping a shot.

Foosball Stance

The term stands as a posture like how a player stands, turns, and bends during a play. But I have a tip you must stand at 45° from the table. This posture will allow you to move quickly as well as help in producing more power.

Illegal Attempts

No matter how you want to play, remember the following prevention:

  • No spinning of the rods
  • You cannot move the table
  • No distracting your opponents
  • No hooting or comments on your opponent

Serving the Foos

Before discussing its characteristics, you must be familiar with the term “Foos.”  A “Foos” is when you Stuff the ball into your opponent’s pass and kick it back into the opponent’s goal. 

There are two methods in serving Foos:

  • Serve with cup method.
  • Serve with backspin

Good Offense

  • The offense is a result of defense. It’s natural to focus on your men when trying to move the ball among them to line up a shot.
  • During play, it’s essential to pay close attention to the opponent’s men. This will help you to focus on your score goal.
  • Once you have a gap from the opponent’s men, he will create a path to make the ball forward but if there is a clear path to the goal, then take a shot.
  • Foosball offense is what you do with 5 rods modified and 3-rod Striker.
  • It’s not a goal; it’s the final process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you practice foosball?

Foosball is a game of hand & eye in which you have to predict the opponent’s movement. Every skill in this game is just because of practice. By following different strategies and rules, for more to learn, if you can practice the whole day then you have to do it. It’s not a game of several hours. It’s a recreational game.

What is a Foos in Foosball?

A “Foos” is when you Stuff the ball into your opponent’s pass and kick it back in opponent’s goal.  

There are two methods in serving Foos:

  • Serve with cup method.
  • Serve with backspin

Is a goalie shot in Foosball 2 points?

It is officially declared that there is no difference in the points scored, and each goal accounts for one single moment. If you are playing recreationally, then it’s okay if you set goal 2. But if your opponents are aware of the rules, they will quickly shut you down on 1. 

Why is spinning illegally in foosball?

Spinning is illegal in foosball in the respective way as it can damage the table and rods too. More Spinning will reduce power and productivity in score goals.

Why do some Foosball tables have three goalies?

It’s must be because it is more challenging as compared to 1 goalie. High regard is given to the players for 3- goalies Foosball.

Can you score on yourself in foosball?

Yes, you can score on yourself in foosball by focusing on rules. But remember that you can’t score a goal from kick-off. If you still do it, the ball will be considered invalid, and you have to restart the ball.

What can I use to lubricate a Foosball table?

There are two kinds of lubricating that you can use for the table. 1st is silicone liquid, 2nd is spray silicone. It will go inside your bearing with silicone liquid and keep lubricated the rods, while spray silicone will only clean the rod instead of greasing the bearing.

Is snake shot legal in foosball?

A Rollover shot is a snake shot where you have to use the middle man, which pins the ball towards the opponent’s goal.

Can you score with the five men in foosball?

If the ball is legally in play, you can easily score with 5-man any time. Off the serve, the ball has to touch two men before advancing to the next shot.

Are you allowed to spin in foosball?

No, you are not allowed to spin.


To summarize, I hope these techniques, rules, and tips will help you in your game for this purpose, must have to do the excellent practice. I collect selective information to achieve your desire score goal through which you can be a champion and now you know how to play foosball like a pro.