What is the Best Height for a Chess Table

A chess table has been used and referred to historically in many different ways. The chess table is one of the great choices of the table for any chess player. The vital thing about the height for a chess table is that you can see the best options and select from the best brands working best in the market. So the question is what is the best height for a chess table?

For all FIDE tournaments, the length of the table is 110 cm (with a 15% tolerance). The width is 85 cm (for each player, at least 15 cm). For chess tables and chairs, the height should be 74cm.

What is a Chess Table For?

The chess board is the field on which this game takes place.

Its dimensions are between 2 and 3 feet wide for each side, with squares being about 1 inch apart. A large piece of wood faced on one side as white. A smooth table you can draw it could be left or have numbers printed.

How to Choose the Best Height for a Chess Table?

The most important thing you should do when choosing the best height for a chess table is to make sure that your whole family or friends will enjoy playing it together, it also depends on what kind of games you want to play on it. Ensure you check every detail before making a final decision about buying the best height for a chess table. If you are going to play with kids, make sure it’s lightweight to move it easily.

Another thing you should check even before buying a chess table because the boards are stored behind each player’s seat and are easily available when needed.

For every height and size, different chess tables have their advantages and disadvantages. So make sure when choosing the best height for a chess table you know what you want and then select accordingly.

How to Match a Chess Board table with Room Decor?

Among the three main styles of playing chess, namely the American, Canadian, and Indian, there are specific types of boards that they prefer, so make sure you know what kind of player you are, and then select accordingly.

If we talk about style, then there is a wide variety available for each type in terms of shape and size but remember these all come at different prices, so choose accordingly.

With many manufacturers in the market, it becomes difficult to choose one from them all because not all bring something new to the table with their products. So try out as many products as possible and make an educated decision based on personal preferences before buying a board or chess table. How to match a chess board table with room decor? Make sure your whole family will be comfortable while playing the game, and make sure it is a nice addition to the overall decor of your house rather than something that will stick out like a sore thumb.

What if I don’t have much space?

If you are looking for an alternative to chess tables, you can also go with folding chess boards or boards in special cases to take minimum space. The answer lies with you alone because everyone has their personal preferences, likes, and dislikes. So try out as many products as possible before going with one of them and make sure it’s lightweight enough so kids can easily move it.

Make sure you look into the height of the room where you will place it because if it’s higher than your normal eye level that would be a problem and can hamper the way you play.

Suppose you are looking for what is the best height for a chess table. In that case, there are many options available at different prices so make sure when choosing one know what exactly do you want from your game, whether you want just something simple or more specialized like an official game of FIDE on your chess table at home.

Benefits of having a Chessboard Table

There are many benefits of having a chessboard table, but few to list below:

  • It promotes concentration and the art of strategy – A game that involves all the players in keeping their wits about them and being physically active is one which you cannot afford to lose if you want to win it. You will be able to master even intricate moves by just playing often with your partner, and the more you perfect this skill, the better your chances of being victorious each time you decide to play against someone else or yourself.
  • Its educational value – Playing chess needs an observer who plays within his mind by observing what move would be best for his opponent at a given point in time. This kind of mental exercise is very good for the brain because this way it will stay fit and sharp
  • Benefits your health – Aside from keeping the mind occupied, playing chess also keeps the body active as you get to move across different strategic positions while thinking of what could be the best plan of action to win against your opponent who does not sleep that much either while observing you just as intently
  • It’s a fun game for everyone – A game with simple rules can offer something new every time you play it, and many games benefit from being played by two people or more at once which makes them even more exciting to watch. However, this kind of skill is not easy to master, so most especially children should only try playing this game.

Last Words

Thanks for reading our blog post on chess table height; we hope you have learned something new! Now that you know more about the best possible way to set up a chessboard at your next game night or tournament go out and try it. Comment below with what tips work well in your home games or tournaments so others can learn from them too. We’d love to hear how this knowledge changes how you play!