Best PC Pool Game

Most people have played pc Pool games at least once in their lives. But, thanks to all covid-19, many developers have found their way to create their online tables so that customers can have a good experience and give the game a good recommendation. In this guide, I will discuss 7 best pc pool game.

Therefore, we must say 8-ball billiards is still one of the best games in this category. If you don’t need to go to your local pool hall, you can play this classic game on your smartphone or computer. If you don’t want to use data or have access to Wi-Fi, you can always play 8-ball pool.

This spectacular offline game has only two types of games, but both can be great fun for you and your friends. This option is called “Offline Practice” and offers two types of games: “Pass n’ Play” and “Rapid Fire.”

With the Pass n’ Play app, you can play Pool with your friends by sending your mobile device back and forth. Then, in two minutes, you may shoot as many as you want. Both games are fun, fast, and challenging enough to keep you coming back.

Most importantly, there are numerous options to customize the gameplay and screen layout. In addition, you can increase the signal sensitivity by increasing the playback speed. Upgrades can be purchased with in-game coins. These games can make your lunch break more enjoyable.

Best PC Pool Game

Many people think that playing games on their phones are a waste of time, as they are not comfortable compared to playing on a computer. For these people, there are games with very good graphics in the PC version.

Pool 2020 free

Although Pool 2020 Free is not a full-fledged billiards game, it focuses on improving your level through different challenges.

When you reach a higher level, you unlock special keys that give you certain advantages.

At the start of the game, there is a shelf with redwood useful for the game.

If you are new to playing online Pool, the built-in thread guide will help you quickly learn how to choose. Unfortunately, however, you can’t turn the guide off in the free version.

The game offers bonus games and extras when you view the ads, but you must be logged in.

There is another version of the game, but it requires an internet connection, so you must choose the free offline version.


  • A helpful guide to understanding angles and best shots
  • A different pool system that changes the game.


  • The system cannot be switched off to control the recording of the board.
  • Annoying music and boring sound effects.
  • Cannot play normal pool games.

Pool Pro

Pool Pro is a very complex game with many options for offline play.

The game runs smoothly, and you can turn it off if you think you can get more shots. This game has an artificial soundtrack that can be switched off, and it also has true-to-life sound elements that made the game even more fun to play.

The game offers several single-player modes such as PC vs. PC for eight or nine balls, a training mode, and an arcade mode where you have to solve different challenges to complete the levels. If you want to play online, you can meet other players from all over the world.


  • Three difficulty levels.
  •  You can change the bars and boards.
  •  You can play against the computer, in arcade games, or practice matches.


  • It would be best if you had an internet connection to play with friends.
  • Cheating problems with online players.
  • Ads are annoying.

Night by the Pool

Pool Night is a simple game where you can solve different challenges as you move around the city. Their interface is straightforward to use, while there is a target guide to make shooting easier. Although it is a simple offline game, it offers a lot of fun and challenges to pass the time.


  • Clean and simple interface.
  • Use your eyes to aim.


  • The announcements appeared at the bottom of the screen after each match.
  • Background music can be monotonous and boring.

3D Pool

3D Pool has a unique feature that allows you to play in 2D or 3D. The game is particularly challenging in 3D mode, but the graphics are beautifully designed. Offline play is limited to practice or AI games, and you can choose between eight or nine balls.


  • Choose between 2D and 3D modes.
  • Graphics are well designed
  • Game management is responsive and realistic.


  • The game can only be played in training mode or against the AI. There are no daily challenges.
  • Most customizations require the use of earned coins.
  • The store cannot be used for offline play.

Micro Pool

Micro Pool has elegant graphics for such a simple interface. In addition, there are four fun game types: 8-ball, 9-ball, killer, and speed.

The game of billiards is a challenging billiards game that can provide hours of fun. If you find the game too challenging, you can adjust the strength of your opponent. Another unusual feature is the ability to play offline against another person. At the end of each round, you and a friend can hand over your phone to the other person without using any data.


  • Stylish graphics.
  • Smooth gameplay.
  • You can play offline against another person.


  • Dots don’t rotate horizontally during gameplay.
  • No manual for practice or training.

8 Ball Online Free Pool Game

8 Ball Online Free Pool Game 2020 is a simple game that includes a short tutorial to familiarize you with the game’s controls. One of the nice control features is the ability to curve the frame.

It may seem like it is rather misleading, but this makes the game a bit more realistic. Also available is a good representation of such games as 8-ball, 9-ball, roller pyramid, and snooker.


  • The tutorial on how you can play the game is brief.
  • This will help you register better.
  • Available in 14 languages.


  • You can’t finish the game without completing it completely.
  • Join a social network and get extra rewards.
  • You need email registration every time you load the game.
  • The developer’s website looks suspect.

Snooker Break 3D Snooker

Pool Break 3D Billiards Snooker is the most varied of the free billiards games. Twenty-five games can be played offline, alone or against artificial intelligence. In addition, you can customize the pool table, background, and chips with different colors and backgrounds.

You can also choose from a simple rectangular, round, or hexagonal pool table.


  • There are many different games.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Different reaction controls.
  • You can play all games offline.


It supports ads, but you can purchase the Pro version and remove the ads.

What Pool games can be played on a Windows PC?

You have a wide number of games that you can install. However, not all of them are good. Some of the best that you can find are as follows.

Billiards Dungeon

Billiards Dungeon is a procedurally generated rogue like-lite group game. Players control the direction and force of their character’s billiard balls against various enemies. Explore and fight your way through unique dungeons that change with each duel and unlock additional items in subsequent rounds.

Double Pipes

  • Show off your skills in this family-friendly billiards duel.
  • Grab a pipe and a water pistol and blast your friends with a barrage of shots.
  • Watch out, though, to avoid any danger to yourself.

Cracking geometric shapes

Imagine throwing balls to smash geometric shapes like cubes, triangles, rhombuses, and hexagons.

The biggest problem is that you have to find the ideal trajectory for the balls so that they all break at once. But you are persistent, and now it’s your challenge: can you do it?

Destroy the Cube

Destroy the Cube is a minimalist puzzle game that combines balls, cubes, and physical intuition. You have to throw the balls in the right direction and in the right place to destroy all the cubes at once. When enough balls fall into the hole, you move on to the next level.

Village Reservation

Play POOL NATION and enjoy their cards and shamelessly stick to our board, then join us and enjoy the game of Pool. Pool Nation has some integration into WORKSHOP and is now available in crazy cheat box mode (available now).

Bottom Line

Online and offline PC billiards games have recently become the most played games for the young and not so young. It is important to know that each of them has a very specific form that makes it unique. On the Internet, you will find endless tricks to help you become the winner of your favorite game.

However, it is always advisable not to do anything that will make you quit the game completely because it might be embarrassing.

Many of these games do not require a high-end computer. You can enjoy a wonderful game and spend your quiet time without worrying about anything else with a simple one. More importantly, however, you have a time limit and know how to administer the points you accumulate in each game.