Fantasy Basketball League Names

Fantasy basketball is a trendy hobby among the young and old in the world. An online game where the fan visits certain internet pages in charge of forming the leagues with their respective names. Consequently, it creates a virtual team from professional players and competes with other teams designed by other players. In this guide, I will discuss 5 fantasy basketball league names.

You can create a virtual team from professional players and, with this team, competes with other teams designed by other players. Utilizing the names of the fantasy basketball league, he gains access to a certain service provider. For competing and bring to the right level of enjoyment in the virtual game. For this reason, we will name the names of relevant fantasy basketball leagues today:

Fantasy Basketball League Names

Fantasy Basketball League Names

Here are the top 5 fantasy basketball league names.

  • CBS Sports
  • ESPN Fantasy Basketball
  • Rotoworld, powered by NBC Sports
  • Yahoo Sports

CBS Sports

If you’re looking for an interactive live chat, you’ve come to the right place: CBS Sports offers a free live chat between league members where you can chat with your opponents on game days. This feature makes the league even more interactive for players looking for a fun version of the game.

  • Play like a pro; tailor your evaluation and create your categories to match the fantasy values of real players.
  • Franchises teams: long-term player roster manage with advanced maintenance rules, contracts, and future player trades.
  • You control; increase the odds with salary caps and extensions, flexible trade policies, and access to player data.
  • It’s easy to curate; managing a league is easy with in-app ordering tools, a complete league history where you can track your results, and much more.  

ESPN Fantasy Basketball

If you’re looking for accurate and up-to-date live scores, ESPN Fantasy Basketball is the website for you. ESPN offers live scores on their website while you watch the game on the big screen. You can better follow the players without changing channels during commercials or using the dreaded PIP (picture-in-picture) option on your TV.

Play free ESPN fantasy basketball. You can create or also join a fantasy basketball league. You can be part of draft players, follow rankings, watch highlights, picking tips.

Join a public league to compete against other fans. In the ESPN Fantasy App, you can manage and track your squad. Make lineup changes and free agent selections.

If you want to participate in the standard official format of fantasy basketball, is probably the best choice for you. As the National Basketball Association (NBA) official website, has more detailed information on players, stats, game days, and TV schedules than other fantasy basketball websites. assumes you’re a die-hard fan and doesn’t offer a fact sheet, so be prepared to create your own.

Rotoworld, powered by NBC Sports

If you’re looking for a league of your own, Rotoworld is the way to go. The site offers every possible variant of the game format. You can choose from daily, weekly, and year-round leagues. You can also select how many players you want to include in each team’s roster and how many stat categories you want to enter. For those league players who are not comfortable with the standard format, this is the place to go.

Note that this site is not free; ($14.99 per subscription)

Yahoo Sports

If you’re looking for a great basketball website full of videos and all sorts of visual delights, Yahoo Sports is your site. Not only is it a unique site in terms of sports leagues, but Yahoo Sports also offers free leagues, instant recaps, and replays, as well as league recap pages.

  • Official NBA fantasy manager; Yahoo has been recommended by the NBA as the official fantasy manager for this game.
  • Very easy to play; this is a very simple game that does not require much time.
  • Play from your cell phone; there is a very good app for Android and iOS.
  • Many types of leagues; you can choose from many league formats. From weekly games to games that collect information between seasons.
  • Different types of drafts; there is an auction option in addition to the traditional auction offer.
  • Manager history; each manager has a page where you can see his history and trophies.

League Type

League TypeDescription
Round robin systemTeams are ranked in statistical categories from first to last and awarded points according to the respective ranking. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins the league.
Head-to-headAll wins, losses, and ties count toward the league standings. So, it changes daily.
Points onlyStats equal points. Compete against other teams in the league to earn as many points as possible during the season.
Weekly head-to-headLike head-to-head, but lineups are set each week.
Head to Head PointsSame as the weekly head-to-head, but you can edit the roster for every day of the week.
Head to Head One WinCompete against a different team each week to win the most statistical categories. Unlike the regular head-to-head competition, the team that wins more than one category wins. The winner is the team with the most wins.
Standard real-time draftEach team selects one player in each round, changing the order of the previous round. Your team has as many players as rounds.
Live draftThis is an auction without rounds. Each manager has a bag of dollars and bids with the other managers for the players he wants.
Auto draftPlayers are selected automatically using Yahoo rankings.
Offline draftSet your player rankings for this draft. The system always selects the highest available pick.

Fantasy Basketball League Statistics

Category Standard statistics

  • PTS: Points
  • REB: Reversed Rebound Balls.
  • AST: Assists.
  • FG%: Field goal percentage.
  • FT%: Free throw percentage.
  • 3PTM: Three-point field goal shooting.
  • BLK: Blocked shots.
  • STL: Steals
  • TO: Turnovers

Other country categories

  • GP: Games Played
  • GS: Games Started
  • MP: Minutes Played
  • FGA: Field goal attempts
  • FGM: Field goal attempts
  • FTA: Free throw attempts
  • FTM: Free throw attempts
  • 3PTA: Three-point shot attempts
  • 3PT%: Percentage of shot attempts from the three-point line.
  • OREB: Offensive rebounds
  • DREB: Defensive rebounds
  • ATO: Help on the run
  • PF: Personal Fouls
  • TFO: How many times has a player been ejected for violation of the rules?
  • TF: Technical fouls
  • EJ: Direct jump shots
  • FLF: Flagrant Foul
  • DD: Double double-double
  • TD: Triple double

Player Position

  • PG: Guard Commander
  • SG: Sky Guard.
  • G: Guard/shooting current.
  • SF: Small and compact.
  • PF: Power Forward.
  • F: Power forward, power forward.
  • C: Center

Fantasy Basketball League Names: Additional Information

Fantasy sports, also known as role-playing or roaming games, are online games in which participants create teams of real players in imaginary or virtual professional sports. These teams compete based on the performance statistics of these players in real matches; these performances are converted into points, which are collected and tallied by the administrators of each fantasy team. 

These scoring systems are manually recorded by the “league commissioner,” who coordinates and manages the entire league; points can also be collected and calculated by the same computers that collect actual results in professional sports. In fantasy sports, team owners trade players, just as in real sports.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) is a law that was passed as part of the American Values Agenda of 2006. It was added as an amendment to the unrelated Safe Harbor Act. 

However, the UIGEA does not define what constitutes illegal online gambling and explicitly avoids changing the legality of activities other than the transfer of funds.

Although the Act does not alter the legality of certain activities permitted or prohibited by other laws, it does contain some explicit exceptions to the prohibition on funds transfer. 


One of the exceptions to the UIGEA prohibition applies to fantasy sports that meet certain criteria, specifically, fantasy sports based on teams of real athletes on real teams, where prizes are determined before the event begins and where the participants’ skill participants determine the outcome. According to Congressman Leach, one of the authors of the UIGEA, these exceptions, particularly for fantasy sports, are intended to facilitate banking, and the UIGEA does not legitimize fantasy sports.

Because the UIGEA excludes fantasy sports from the definition of “gambling,” there is a misconception that the UIGEA legalizes fantasy sports. Federal gambling laws are found in Title 18 of the United States Code, such as the Federal Wire Act, 18 USC § 1084 (prohibiting interstate sports betting) and the Unlawful Gambling Business Act, 18 USC § 1955 (prohibiting interstate gambling when prohibited by state law). The UIGEA, on the other hand, can find this in Chapter 31, along with other anti-money laundering and financial crimes laws.

Bottom Line

We have all the information we need to decipher; the names of the fantasy basketball league. The material contains the leagues approaching all the goodness that the fantasy game offers with criterion and efficiency by using this article correctly; will offer you the options that suit your pretensions in this fantastic world.