Carl J. Gaither

Carl works as a charted account by day, and sports enthusiast and amateur fiction writer by the weekend. He was a multi-sport athlete in his school days and played Division 3 lacrosse in college. He is a gear freak and is always looking for an excuse to upgrade his sports equipment. When not working or playing, he likes to hike and explore the countryside. Carl is a certified basketball athlete by the Basketball Association of America and has participated National Basketball League in 2016.  He played for Akron Goodyear Wingfoot’s. Moreover, Carl is also a badminton expert and he is playing it since 2006 when he was at standard 8. He has won several badminton championships and one remarkable is the Yonex USA International 2015. Also, he is an expert in Bowling. Carl is the Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Indoor Games Zone. He shares his expertise on basketball, badminton, and bowling on our website to help people get the best tips and products they are searching for.
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