what are the rules of life board game

Board gamers often ask what are the rules of life board game?

Life is amusing and easy to play a board game that can be enjoyed by two to six players. The Game of Life rules is a fabrication of the rules and content of the game and our world. Games take you through all stages of life; for example, a college lease, work, marriage, having a family, and even retirement. Doesn’t that sound fun?

This is a game full of adventures, rules, and surprises that is ‘life-like’! We tell you the rules and instructions for playing LIFE. They are easy to understand, and after a game or two, you will hang on to them. 

So, be prepared to explore your life journey by learning the rules of board game life with turn and turns and ups and downs through it. You will not be disappointed!

What are the Rules of Life Board Game?

According to life tiles, this game’s central goal is to “retire” as a player with maximum wealth and achievements once each player retires. It’s not about who finishes first.


  • If your career is a police officer when a player spins ten on a cycle, he pays you $ 5,000, but you have to be sure the player spin 10 for the police officer to get paid.
  • At the beginning of any turn, a player can purchase homeowners insurance from the bank by paying the bank the amount listed for insurance on the home deed card. This protects you from some destructive orange spots.
  • At the beginning of any turn, the player can purchase auto insurance by paying the bank $10,000. This protects your car from any destructive orange spots.
  • At the beginning of any turn, the player can buy a stock card for $50,000 paid to the bank. When any player deducts the number on your stock card, you collect $ 10,000 from the bank. A player owns only one stock card until he enters the stock market space, after which he can have two stock market cards.
  • To repay a bank loan of 20,000, 25,000 are required. There is an additional $ 5,000 in interest.


The game starts on with a player choosing a specific career. Start your career by drawing a career card and a pay card. If one is drawn, draw a separate career card, “Degree required.”

All players must spin the wheel. The one with the most spin gets the first chance to play and choose a college ledge or career. After that, continue playing in a clockwise direction. According to the spin of a small wheel on board, a player travels along a track in a small plastic automobile, which has spaces numbered 1 to 10.

What are the Rules of Life Board Game

Who goes first?

  • When this is your first time, decide whether you want to start a career or start college. If you choose to choose, you will get a higher salary and career options. However, it may take time.
  • If you choose a college, then put your car on the START COLLEGE, and take $40,000 from the bank (bank loans) for tuition. Once you’re done, spin and move on. If you spin red, you will have to pay 50% interest on the loan amount. Click here if you choose a career, then put your car on START CAREER. Then draw three career cards, and choose the career of your choice. If you find a card that says “Degree required”, draw again. When you get your career, draw three random pay cards, select one, and place your career card and place your card upwards. Spin again and move on.
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Standard Play

  • When it’s your turn, spin the wheel; if it hangs between two numbers, spin again. Move your car to the number of spaces as instructed by the spinner.
  • Your car always moves forward. (Like in real life, you can’t go backward!)
  • If you arrive at a space that is already occupied, then move a space forward. Follow the instructions on the space. When you complete a task or directions, your turn ends.
  • You can buy stocks and insurance at the beginning of each turn or take a bank loan. Once you spin the wheel, you will not be able to buy these items. Repay bank loans with interest of $5000 when you retire or during any of your turns.
  • You will get four different colored life tiles. Each tile has a different meaning.
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Green Space

Green tiles mean your payday days! Yes, pay the days! Whenever you pass PAYDAY space or any of these lands, collect your salary from the bank, i.e., you get your salary.

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Orange Space

Orange spaces will have suggested notifications. Follow them.

Blue Space

Blue spaces are optional. There will also be instructions on the blue spaces. Follow these instructions only if you want to.

Red Space

There are three types of red space: job search, get married, and buy a house. If you move left, you have to hang on to the red space and follow the instructions. Then spin again and move on.

Other Spaces

These spaces are about activities, family, service, and good deeds. If you land on a life tile space, then pick up a life tile from the pile. If there are no more tiles, then take one from another player. Learn how board games work.

Career spaces

These spaces match the career card. If any player arrives at this place and someone has this card, the player who lands at this place will have to pay that player. If you have a career card, then you don’t have to pay for anything.

If someone does not have this card, then you pay the bank. For example, if you land at the scene of a ski accident, you pay $5000 to a player with a doctor career card.

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Taxes on vacancies

These vacancies belong to those who have a career in accounting. If you land here, you pay the accountant. If you are an accountant, you pay nothing, and if there is no accountant, you pay the bank.

Buy a home space

You need to close and buy a home. Draw a card from the House Deeds pile and pay for your home. You have to pay the full amount, even if you have to take a loan from a bank.

Changing career space

If you say, “You’re fired!” Turn on. Or a “mid-life crisis” space, you have to trade your salary and career cards for a few others.

Night school space

You can change your career if you want to do this when you come across this card. If you move to other places, you may need to get married or start a family. When you reach this, add pegs to your car according to the instructions. If you go to twin space, you have to add two pegs to your car. You can even take a life tile to these places!


  • Once you arrive at the retirement home, decide where you want to retire. Take a life tile if you retire in acres across the country.
  • When you reach the end of the game, i.e., retire space, you must stop even if you have a little move-in hand.
  • After retirement, all bank loans must be repaid.
  • Decide whether you want to retire in millionaire estates or acres across the country. If you think you are the richest player to retire, you can choose to put your car on millionaire estates, if not acres across the country. Wait until the other players retire.
  • If you retire to a millionaire estate, your life tiles will not be safe, i.e., if tiles run the pile, players can take life tiles from you when they come to life tiles.
  • You can collect life tiles if you retire in countryside acres. Life tiles are safe here with you. If the pile gets out of the tiles, the players will not take the life tile from you.


  • Once each player retires, add your money and LIFE tiles. The player with the highest value wins the game.
  • Once all the players have retired, the millionaire estate players will have to count their money.
  • If you become the richest player, you will receive four life tiles. If it is a tile between the two, then each player takes two tiles.
  • Each player must rotate their life tiles and add up all their money. Now add cash and life tile values ​​together.
  • The highest-paid player wins the game!

What are the Rules of Life Board Game: Frequently Asked Questions?

How much money do you need to play the game of life?

The amount needed to play the game of life is $10,000, and it is given to each player by the banker.

Do you have to buy a house in the game of life?

When you get to a red space with a stop sign and the words ‘Buy Home,’ stop even if you have a move to the left. Draw a random 1 house deed from the deck. Pay the price to the bank on the deed (not the sum insured; it is a separate transaction). If you are short on cash, you must borrow from a bank. Then spin and move again.

How much money is given to each player in the game of life?

The banker gives each player $10,000.


Game of Life rules is exciting. Kids love it because they enjoy making big decisions. Adults enjoy it because of the foreign life events that come their way. Everyone loves it because of the teammates and challenges it provides. You will have a great time playing by its rules!