When I was a young chess player that was starting to really learn the game, there was nothing more frustrating to me than an opponent making a play that I didn’t know. Not because they could beat me but because they had knowledge that I was desperate to make my own.

My father saw this and he got me a chess set for analysis with a bunch of chess books. With my new gear I could study the game and learn a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t know everything there is to know about chess. There are still many others that can beat me at the game. But that is one of my favorite parts. You never stop learning from your opponents and from your own game. 

Even now, after I have been studying chess for years, I still keep a chess set for analysis where I can look at the pieces and study the moves. There are a bunch of chess sets that are unique and beautiful. With very intricate details. But those aren’t the best types of chess sets to use for analysis. 

An analysis set is focused on simplicity. They have very basic pieces that allow you to study and analyze your moves without losing focus. Today we are going to check out a few sets that work very well as analysis chess sets. 

Wholesale Chess Analysis Chess Set Combo in Green or Blue

  • What I love: Great as a travel set to use anywhere
  • What I dislike: Pieces are a bit too lightweight

This set is very economical and a great addition to help you focus and get to know the game even better. The set comes with a vinyl board and plastic chess pieces, plus a bag that can hold the board and the pieces to travel with. It is a small set that can be used even at a small desk for a child learning to play or if you want to use it while traveling. It also makes it easy to store. But it could be a bit small for some people’s taste, although it is big enough to play with comfortably. 

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The entire set is very light and that makes them great to store and transport. But the pieces are a little bit too lightweight to make playing with the set fun. They easily fall over or move. The mat is also made from lower quality vinyl than they use for tournament boards. 

But it is a wonderful set for analysis to start out with and one that won’t cost too much.

ApexGlobal Large Handmade Full Chess Set

  • What I love: Stunning but simple set
  • What I dislike: Heavy and more expensive

This set is simple enough to be perfect as an analysis chess set. But also beautiful enough to be a wonderful feature piece in your home. This is not the set that you will take with you wherever you go. Instead it will be a set that can stay set up in a study and allow you to study difficult games played over a few days at a time. It is way too heavy to move often. 

Both the board and the chess pieces are marble and handmade. The chess board is tournament quality. They are all made from solid marble, so the entire set is really heavy and beautiful to use as an analysis set but also to play with. 

Since it is all handmade the pieces won’t be completely the same, so don’t expect them to be the exact same size or shape. It is part of the beauty of the piece that it isn’t completely the same and that the marble is unique too. No two sets are completely alike. 

The set comes with a blue velvet box that stores the board and each piece separately. If you are looking for a gift for the chess lover in your life then this could be the perfect one. The box can be used for storage too if you don’t want to keep it set up.

Asney Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set

  • What I love: The magnetic pieces that stick where you place them
  • What I dislike: The board can feel uneven when laid out

This is another simple chess set that works well for analysis. The pieces and the board are wooden and the pieces have a simple traditional design. It is a magnetic set that is strong enough for the pieces to stick to the board in almost any condition. Perfect for setting up a game for analysis and even using it over a few days’ time to analyze more detailed games. 

The pieces are handcrafted from specially selected Dutch wood. These Staunton pieces are really beautiful even if they are simple. It is a foldable board that has storage for each piece inside the board. But some have found that the board does not fold open completely and can feel like it is a bit uneven. But with the magnetic pieces that shouldn’t be a problem. And not everyone has had this experience. 

As mentioned the pieces store into the box each in their own space but the set also comes with a handy carry bag that will allow for easy travel. It is a lightweight set and pieces that makes travel even easier. At the same time even players who prefer weighted pieces will be satisfied with this set, because while the pieces are light they won’t fall over and destroy your game at a crucial moment. 

The box is stunning and that makes it a really great gift for anyone that loves chess. It is a wonderful set for analysis and for game play. Since it is a bit more expensive than the first but less expensive than the second it might be the perfect fit for your pocket. 

Expand your knowledge of the game with a great set

Analyzing a game of chess can be one of the best ways to learn new strategies and improve your game. Having a simple set will help you focus, find your perfect set for analysis.


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