When I was a young child, before I fully understood chess, I would love it when the adults put away the chess pieces and one of them converted the board to a draught set. Playing draughts, or checkers, was something I could do. And it felt pretty awesome playing it on the same board that my parents played on. Now that I have children I love having chess and draughts set around. We do play chess too but sometimes a nice game of checkers is just the thing you need. 

Contrary to what many people believe, the two games aren’t the same thing at all. And you need different skills and strategy to play each game. Both games help you learn to strategize but each of them has their own unique set of skills. It is nice to alternate between the two games. Having a board and the pieces that will allow you to play both games is really great. 

Today we are going to check out some of the best chess and draughts sets around. 

Dubstar Chess Set Folding Storage Wooden Chess Sets

  • What I love: Great size for a travel set
  • What I dislike: The dice are super small

This set has chess, checkers and backgammon included. The set is 15” and that makes it pretty great when it is folded up. Traveling with this set is a wonderful way of always having chess and checkers available wherever you go. It is small enough to travel without taking too much space.  It also keeps all of your pieces safe and secure. 

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The dice are really small and that makes them easy to lose and a little bit harder to work with. But overall the set is really well made and it feels like a much more expensive set. The pieces are polished at the bottom to make sure that they aren’t wobbly in the least. 

The set is really beautiful and the pieces are beautifully made. 

Amerous Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set Magnetic

  • What I love: Big pieces that are lovely to play with
  • What I dislike: The board isn’t level when the pieces are in place

Each piece of the chess and the checkers set are stunning Staunton pieces that are made from high quality solid wood. The set includes 2 extra queens which is always handy when playing chess. They are large pieces and the grip is really great. 

It is magnetic which means that the pieces will be kept in place when stored. But that is the one drawback to this set too. When the set is folded open and you want to play draughts you still have to take out all of the chess pieces too. Not because they fall out. They have a pretty secure fit so they won’t fall out easily. But the board does not lie flat when the pieces are still inside. It is a little bit irritating. 

But it is really great when used as a storage space or to travel with. Each piece is secure in its spot. Even if you do somehow forget to put in one of the pieces it will immediately be noticeable. It has a really wonderful set and for this price point it works well. 

Juegoal Wooden Chess and Checkers Set With Storage Drawer

  • What I love: The drawer for storage
  • What I dislike: Hard to travel with

This set is really beautiful and I love that it comes with a special storage drawer. It has soft foam in the drawer with individual spaces for each checkers and chess piece. And it is one big drawer. Making it a really great storage area for your pieces. 

And the pieces were handcrafted out of pinewood and have scratch proof velvet pads on the bottom. They are absolutely stunning. The only part that can be a little bit of a problem is that it is a bit bulky. It really isn’t made to travel with. 

But as a tabletop game it works really well and it is great to place in any spot. And even when you are playing with your children on the floor the set is strong enough to play without another flat service available. 

Hey! Play! Octagonal Chess and Checkers Set

  • What I love: It is a unique design that is really beautiful
  • What I dislike: Some have felt that the quality of the set was lacking

This set is really unique and I love that it stands out above the regular square sets that are the norm. The set looks lovely but it is a little bit smaller than you would expect from the photos on the site. 

It has two little drawers for storage in the base of the chess board. But they seem to be connected so both can’t be pulled out at the same time. They do however make for a great place to store your pieces. On the other hand they don’t have any individual spots, so they are easy to lose. Especially since they are so small. It is a nice piece that looks beautiful but not the best quality so it might be a bit expensive for what you are getting. 

Kaile 3 in 1 Chess Checkers Backgammon Set

  • What I love: Great price and great for travel
  • What I dislike: Not really beautiful

This set is made with plastic and is magnetic to securely keep the pieces in place. The material means that it is really lightweight and it is great to bring everywhere you go. The board has a strong snap when closing, meaning that you won’t easily lose the pieces when they are stored. 

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The pieces do all have a crown so for young players it can start to get a bit confusing. But for the price and for travel it could be one of the best sets around. 

Family time with board games is the best

Spending time with the people you love is important and a great way to do this is by having a few different games available to play with. Having a chess and draughts set on hand will be a wonderful addition to your family time. 


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