When I was a kid just learning to play chess I always played on a standard set made from plastic. It was awesome to learn but the set was not exactly what I would call beautiful. At the same time I was focusing on learning the game and had seen different beautiful sets in the homes of my family members. I knew just how stunning they could be. I just wanted to learn the game so I could play competitively against my family. But then I finally got the chance to play on a heavy set. It was glorious. The pieces felt so good to play with and they were just stunning to use. 

I was hooked. From then on out I always preferred playing with a heavier set. Of course I don’t mind playing with anything that is available but a weighted set is just nicer. Weighted pieces are great to play with since they don’t tip over so easily and ruin the game. 

It is the pieces that really make the difference. Yes, you get some stunning full sets with heavy boards too, but you don’t really need them. The game play is all in the pieces. It is possible to buy stunning weighted pieces and then separately buy a cheaper play mat. That works just as well. Or if you want to use it for decoration then you can get a full set. It might just be a little bit more expensive. Today we are going to check out some of the best heavy chess sets that are available. 

Best Chess Set Ever, Tournament Chess Set, Classic XL Super Heavyweight Edition 

  • What I love: The pieces are great to play with and it is affordable
  • What I dislike: Don’t love the silicone board

This is a great set to play with if you want to take your set everywhere and even be able to play it outdoors. The set has a foldable silicone board and comes with weighted Staunton Pieces. And the set is pretty affordable. 

It is great to use for travel since the board can roll up and put away for easy storage and to take with you wherever you go. And if that means that you want to play a fun game of chess outside, then it is pretty perfect too. The pieces are quadruple weighted at the base and there is absolutely no way that they would be able to blow over even in some pretty severe winds. 

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I’m just not crazy about the silicon board. This is more to play with then use as a piece of decoration. It is not that pretty. It is a tournament style and great for teaching since the board has been marked with algebraic notation. And an illustrated strategy guide to push your skill level. 

The board has been known to crease and that can become a little bit irritating. But the pieces are really lovely and the set is great overall. Plus the set is pretty affordable in the weighted chess set range. 

The Jarilo Unique Wooden Chess Set

  • What I love: Large set and is handmade
  • What I dislike: Not much to dislike

This is an incredibly beautiful set that is hand carved. It is a large board with large pieces that are weighted. These sets are made in the Carpathian Mountains by artisans who have been using the same techniques for generations. You can just feel the tradition of woodcarving that goes into every piece that has been carved. 

The Lighter pieces are made from Hornbeam or Ironwood and are solid wood. It is a type of wood that is found in the forests of Europe. The darker pieces are made from Sycamore and that is why they have the stunning luxurious smooth feeling on your hands. 

You can set this set up to play anywhere, but at the same time the board can fold to store your pieces and travel with them. The design on the board is really pretty too. The set is a bit more expensive than the previous one, but at this price point it still feels affordable for what you are getting. 

Royal Chess Mall 4.2” Rare American Staunton Luxury Rosewood Chess pieces

  • What I love: Stunning pieces
  • What I dislike: It is expensive

This stunning chess set does not come with a chess board. And that is a good and a bad thing. It means that you can buy a much cheaper board that fits with your very expensive pieces. But it does also mean that you have to pay separately for your board. It is also a great option when you have a valuable board and some of your chess pieces have been damaged. 

These pieces are made from a combination of Rosewood and Boxwood and they are handcrafted and then polished to create a stunning finish. The set includes 2 extra Queens which is always a bonus. It needs to have a large board to play on but those can be bought separately. 

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The other great thing is that it comes with a three year warranty. If any of the pieces break due to manufacturing errors they will be replaced. That is pretty important at the price point that this set is located. 

And it is expensive. The most expensive set on this list by far, so it might feel like they could have added a board into the price. But there are so many incredibly fine details and it just feels like this set was created with love. If it is a showstopper that you want then this could be the perfect set for you. They are really stunning and they are heavy enough to make playing with them a real joy. 

Playing with a heavy set is an experience 

Having the opportunity of playing chess is a privilege in itself. But if you have the option then buying a weighted set is a really fun option to have. It is a whole new experience that can take your game play to another level.


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