The question “do basketball players take growth hormones?” tend to be quite popular today. In the preceding paragraphs below, this has been adequately answered. The growth hormones in humans are protein hormones composed of a sequence of 191 amino acids. (i.e., molecules aggregated in long chains that are used in the formation of proteins).

Although their major function is to enhance growth (hence the name), the effect of these growth hormones is defined as anabolic complexes which stimulate the construction of tissues, organs, and the body as a whole. From research, it has been confirmed that human growth hormones are also of interest to basketball players who seek to develop their muscle mass faster. While this has been known to provide impressive results, it is not licensed for use in its synthetic form.

Furthermore, the Human Growth Hormone is a substance produced naturally by the human body, and in particular, by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. This doesn’t happen permanently, but always in bursts. The hypothalamus controls this with the help of other hormones.

The Human Growth Hormone is responsible for the development and regeneration of cells. As muscle tissue and bones are formed, increasing your growth hormone level would therefore increase your muscle mass, as well as your bone density. 

A healthy adult produces just fewer than five Nano grams per ml of blood. For a woman, it will be double. However, if HGH production peaks during puberty, it will gradually begin to decline in your 20s.

Why do Basketball Players take Growth Hormones?

Do Basketball Players Take Growth Hormones

As already highlighted and as the name suggests, the growth hormone somatropin is responsible for human growth. The hormone has an anabolic effect on muscles, liver, and bones. This further leads to increased absorption and processing of amino acids, which are known to have many vital functions in the body. As a result, basketball players usually take these hormones. 

Today, basketball players are taking a keen interest in growth hormone human because of the results it provides in terms of strength and mass gain. Among more of its main merits, we should mention in particular:

Stronger Bones

Growth hormone deficiency can cause weakened bones. It’s just another way of saying that maintaining a sufficient amount of growth hormone in the body can help basketball players to build stronger bones. GH also improves bone mineral density, which is directly related to the height level of the body. Upon increasing the total number of bone-forming cells through growth hormones, the basketball player will witness a significant increase in height.

Building Muscle Mass

Another benefit of growth hormone for basketball players is that it helps build lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat. This is one of the significant reasons why it is so popular among this category of athletes today. 

Improved Energy and Physical Performance

Growth hormone has also been reported to help boost energy and physical performance among basketball players. People with low growth hormone levels are generally weakened and can get tired even after a little effort. On the other hand, growth hormone can increase the intensity of training and the amplitude of repetitions of basketball players. 

Better Recovery

Another critical benefit of hormone growth is its role in promoting faster healing of wounds, burns, and fractures. This is one more reason why basketball players desire it. It further encourages faster bone consolidation by stimulating bone regeneration. The regenerative potential of the substance somehow explains why children and adolescents heal faster than adults since they have higher amounts of hormones growth. 

Improved Heart Function 

The growth hormone is good for the heart. It protects the cardiovascular system from debilitating attacks. The fact that it helps control the number of fat means that it reduces cardiovascular risk, which can be potentially fatal for basketball players. Research has shown that people who are deficient in hormone growth are more likely to have higher levels of triglycerides and lipids predisposing them to cardiovascular disease. In all, the growth hormone improves the cardiac output of basketball players, as well as their power and vitality during gameplays.

How to Promote the Release of HGH among Basketball Players Naturally

The human growth hormone comes with many merits for basketball players, as earlier highlighted. Unfortunately, synthetic growth hormones used as doping agents today. This runs through all sports, from athletics to swimming and even basketball. Many basketball players tend to use synthetic growth hormones as miracle weapons to have a performance-enhancing effect, faster regeneration, muscle building, and fat loss. These players also take advantage of the fact that synthetic hormones are complicated to detect in doping tests. Usually, human growth hormones only stay in the blood for a short time. It detects within a minimal time. However, a single test method developed in 2000 can identify the uniform protein structures of the synthetic human growth hormone and identify it as artificial. 

Furthermore, what many basketball players and coaches have failed to understand is that they can implement specific exercise programs and nutritional strategies to optimize the natural release of human growth hormone (HGH). In doing so, they can enjoy the merits of HGH that others are trying to achieve through cheating with synthetic growth hormones.

Having learned about the significant reasons why basketball players usually take human growth hormone. It’s best also to be intimated on the ways on how to promote the natural release of these hormones. This includes:

Adopt a Balanced Diet

Like a basketball player who’s looking to promote the natural release of growth hormones, it is essential to eat protein with each of your meals. This is quite valid because the amino acids it contains tend to boost the production of GH. It’s also best to cut down on carbohydrates and processed foods, especially at night. Avoid simple sugars too, even after training, because they will promote the storage of fat masses and decrease the secretion of growth hormone.

Get more Sleep 

It is essential to know that the production of growth hormone (GH) takes place while you sleep. Having an adequate sleep between 8 pm and 9 am are crucial to have an optimal secretion of this hormone. To improve your sleep, stop the consumption of all stimulants such as energy drinks after 5 pm. Also, do not eat too heavy or too sweet food in the evening to avoid spikes in insulin, which prevents the secretion of GH. For better sleep, favor a cold and completely dark room, as this promotes adequate sleep.

Practice High-Intensity Training

Research has shown that the body increases HGH production with intense training. Training for shorter periods with high-intensity exercises is more effective than longer workouts. Training for more than 90 minutes at a low intensity causes a decrease in the production of HGH and testosterone. And increases cortisol, a stress hormone.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) also promotes health and wellness, as well as stimulates HGH secretion among basketball players. When exercising at an intensity that exceeds the lactate threshold for a minimum of 10 minutes. This will result in the highest HGH secretion. Short periods of rest between exercises will also help to stimulate the secretion of growth hormone.

Increase Vitamin D Intake

In studies of people with GH deficiency, Vitamin D has increases IGF-1. It is a marker of the state of GH secretion produced by the pituitary gland in response to GH secretion. Therefore indirectly linked to GH. As GH improves bone turnover and increases bone mineral density. It provides your body with Vitamin D will go a long way to help the growth hormone perform its regenerative functions.

Lose Any Excess Weight

By relieving your body of a few extra pounds, you are on the right track. It will boost GH as a basketball player. If you are overweight, you would be more resistant to insulin. And your body would also have a hard time shedding any excess weight. The more poorly you eat, the more insulin you produce. However, insulin is a hormone antagonist to GH, as earlier highlighted. By shedding a few pounds off your body, you’re on the right path to boosting your GH.

Make use of a Detoxifier

As a basketball player who’s looking to promote the natural release of growth hormones, do consider “lightening” your liver. Because HGH needs the liver to perform its metabolic functions. The liver converts GH into IGF-1, and it are, therefore, vital to have a healthy liver. It is functioning optimally to reap the positive effects of GH. For this, consider a detoxifier or a supplement made to help regenerate your liver cells. And allow it to do its job better.

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In conclusion, the question “do basketball players take growth hormones” has been correctly handled above. Furthermore, the peak position of human growth hormones with regards to basketball players cannot be disregarded. However, we often talk about doping because synthetic growth hormones can significantly boost the performance of these players. Doping should not be mixed up with the simple decision to give the body a little boost to function better. Also, growth hormone is naturally secreted in the body. Thus, it is legal for basketball players to stimulate the natural growth of this hormone upon making use of the steps enumerated above.