how do you practice foosball by yourself

We often wonder how do you practice foosball by yourself

Table soccer, or soccer as some call it, can be a very entertaining game. Losing is not entertaining, so it is feasible that you want to study some tricks about how to train table soccer on your own to make your table soccer skills better.

Table soccer, as you surely know, is a game thought to be played between 2 or 4 players.

It is an amazing game with an agile rhythm that is a real gem to play. Unfortunately, unless you have a partner, a real table soccer game is not exactly viable.

So how can you train and do better at table soccer if you are alone? Believe it or not, there are several things you can do to make your game better, even if you are alone.

At this point, we will show you how to train so that you can beat much tougher opponents later on.

To illustrate this, in the following article, we have listed numerous tips and tactics that will help you train your foosball game when you are alone.

How do you Practice Foosball by Yourself?

Some of the best ways are;

  • Work on your position
  • Improve through video
  • Work on your grip
  • Practicing free throws
  • Practice passing from side to side
  • Put it all together

Work on your position

This will always be one of the first steps for these issues. Although table soccer is not exactly a sport by definition, several of its competitors treat it as such and are very confrontational.

Rarely, the correct position for table soccer anyway reflects the position suggested for quite a few other popular sports, such as tennis, volleyball, and the baseball player’s position on the field.

When you learn this position and practice it until it becomes part of your muscle memory, your game will be much clearer.

To begin with, your feet need to be spaced precisely shoulder-width apart, or as they feel most practical to you.

Now, subtly bend your knees and lean forward a bit.

With this position, you will minimize the time required to react to a shot and leave you ready for unexpected changes in the foosball table’s direction.

You also have to hold your wrists loosely and nicely and only subtly touch the handles (no squeezing required). Finally, train your eyes to the position where your opponent’s hands will be, which will let you predict your maneuvers.

How do you Practice Foosball by Yourself

Improve through video

Believe it or not, it is not a requirement to “play” foosball to do better in the game. You can also watch others play and study from them.

Beyond the fact that there is a huge number of people worldwide who play foosball, only a few of them are true professionals in the game, and by watching these people play, you can truly make your own game better.

YouTube and other video sites are a great resource for watching championships or tournaments of table soccer.

And by watching these videos, you can study how to replicate some of the skills that made these players successful.

Of course, we don’t suggest that you practice or focus on the very difficult and extravagant maneuvers from the beginning.

Instead, concentrate on their position and how they react to some shots. Watch where they place their goalie and their feet on the ground. All these techniques, when reflected, can guide you to make your game much better.

Work on your grip

In addition to drilling and re-drilling the correct muscle memory position, it can also work on the correct grip for table soccer when flying solo. So what is the correct grip for the game?

As we summarized earlier, you will want to get into the habit of holding the handles loosely, allowing you to move the players better throughout the game’s action.

By “loose grip,” we mean that there should be some space between the handles and the palms of the hands.

You should also hold your wrists loosely and pleasantly and train to turn the handles very quickly.

With an optimal grip and loose movements, you should be able to turn the handle 180 degrees finished in each movement. It will provide your kickers with the maximum capacity when passing or shooting a shot (remember, 360 degree turns of the handle are not allowed in regulation foosball).

If you are training for matches where you will be playing against only one opponent, a one-on-one game, you should get used to holding both defensive bars and quickly switch to both offensive bars.

When practicing for two-on-two matches, you can choose the defensive or offensive side to train on.

Studying to maneuver in both types of matches will make you a finished player and an even better playing partner.

foosball table

Practicing free throws

Of course, the purpose of the game is to score goals. And to become a beneficial goal scorer, you have to train your shot. In case you are a newcomer in the planet of table soccer, the best way to start is to practice the penalty shootout as you would in real soccer.

You have to place the ball on the table in front of your opponent. Now try to score a goal. It will be simple with the three strikers (first-line players) if the exclusive opponent assures the goalkeeper.

However, you can take this exercise to a higher level by taking shots with the five midfield players. For scoring, the ball will have to pass to the opponent’s defenders and the goalkeeper, and your three strikers.

An even better procedure to improve your shooting skills is to train long shots. Use your goalie (or both defenders) for this purpose while organizing all other players so that there are no obstacles in the ball’s path to the mission.

If your foosball table facilitates this, remove all other rods, including the opponent’s goalies. If you can score ten goals in a row on the first try, it’s time to start adding more obstacles. Add one rod at a time and see how you progress. If you can score 10 in a row, add another one until all the rods are there.

And if you can score ten goals in a row with your goalkeeper, even if all the rods are there, it’s time to move on to an advanced routine – bench shots.

foosball practice drills

Practice passing from side to side

At this point, it is time to focus on the five midfield bars. Passing from side to side between the five players in the middle is a habit that is much more relevant than you may have dreamed. Learn how to play foosball like a pro.

The thing is that controlling this ability can be a great guide when playing against real players. You will be able to watch the ball in the center of the table before passing it to your attackers or shooting it into the opponent’s goal.

Another reason why this habit is considerable is that it can add more distraction to your training sessions. You may think that passing from one player to another from the same rod is simple, but try to pass from player 1 to player 3 without hitting player 2.

And you can make this custom even more amazing by making a sequence of random numbers that decide which players the ball should pass between. Among other things, instead of passing from player 1 to player 2 and then to player 3, why not spice it up by passing in the following order: P1-P4-P2-P5-P3? Of course, you can choose the order you want.

foosball tutorial

Put it all together

When you have practiced, and hopefully perfected, your position, grip, footwork, passing, shooting, and defense, you will be ready to put it all together in just one usual solo session.

Start the session by stretching to strengthen your legs and wrists, and then quickly move on to your positioning and footwork exercises, keeping your eyes fixed and your knees subtly bent.

Now, practice some defensive setups and then move on to passing, dribbling, and shooting. Doing this repeatedly for about 20-30 minutes every day will get you quickly up the ladder to superstardom in table soccer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you score about yourself on the foosball table?

Yes, you can score on yourself on the table soccer. As in most other sports, you can score your own goal on the table soccer.

How do you play soccer as a professional?

The first thing you have to understand in this situation is the rules. By learning the rules and taking the right steps in the article you read before, everything will be much easier, and you will have the possibility to study and have fun at the level of a professional.

How do you shoot harder in soccer?

The open grip will generate the greatest capacity if it is done correctly. It is more complicated to watch the ball with an open grip. That’s why we suggest you practice switching from a closed grip when passing to an open grip when preparing to shoot. It is good to hold the grip loosely enough so that it is a fluid motion.

Last Words

Coaching table soccer on your own can be a good guide to your abilities. However, the purpose of this game is to play it with someone. Playing table soccer against your friends will not only make you a better player, but it will also make you fall even more in love with the game. In the same way, training table soccer on your own could bore you with it. However, whether you just want to do better for your next fraternity foosball tournament or you are competing at the most prominent level for money and prizes, being alone should never stop you from training your foosball skills.