how to build a dartboard backboard

You may well wonder how to build a dartboard backboard?

Beyond that, dart products indeed have the potential to be expensive fundamentally if you are trying to find a higher quality item from a reputable brand.

This is why you want to know how to build dartboard cabinets yourself. Your choice is very admirable.

For absolute beginners, if you are exploring and are with this item. A dartboard is designed to be an added custody for your dart wall. Fundamentally if you are a beginner, you are going to be more susceptible to losing your mark.

And if you don’t land on the height for a dartboard, you will land on your wall. This is a drawback because if your wall is fragile, you will end up damaging it, and nobody wants that. Also, if your wall is stable, you will end up damaging your darts. No one wants that either.

The Satisfaction

In most cases, the crowd only acquires one, but we will discuss how to carry out a dartboard in this text. This can be a convenient alternative if you are a handyman and want to evaluate your luck in another venture or try to find a cheaper option.

This can be amazing for several people, but not all dartboard backing boards have to be made of wood and need many utilities and equipment for installation. There are some cheaper choices when it comes to wall storage that may even be preferable if you’re watching your budget.

We will discuss both at this time. We will give you a simple, entry-level, less expensive, and less capacity intensive board satisfaction.

How to Make an Agile and Economical Dartboard

Not everyone is a good handyman with a vast collection of utilities. However, we still want to carry out our targets, so why should we be punished for our lack of capacity, money, or set?

Well, the good news is that we shouldn’t be.

Although it is not as widespread, it is feasible to carry out a dartboard with insulation. And concerning how much time and effort you want to devote to it, you could have a dartboard in terms of minutes. Here’s what you’re going to need to make a DIY dartboard cabinet. This also feet’s a custom dartboard backboard.

How to Build a Dart Board Backboard

Materials you will need:

  • 1 inch 5 by eight insulation
  • Glue
  • Bookmark
  • Scissors
  • Wooden clamps (optional)
  • (Black) felt.


You will need a sheet of at least 1 inch thick 5 x 8 insulation. You want the insulation to be a little bulky because it will absorb your darts. If it is too narrow, the dart will puncture the insulation and damage your wall, negating the entire target. The 1-inch insulation is bulky enough because most of the dart tips are less than 1 inch long and will not go all the way through.

When you have your insulation, place your dartboard on it and draw near the dartboard with a marker.

Now, you can even use a knife to carve the marked circle on the dartboard. When you finish, you will need to have a piece of felt with a circle about a dartboard size, in the middle or on top, depending on where you decide to place it.

At this point

If you are trying to find a lightweight, economic, and straightforward dartboard configuration, you can leave it here and get on with your business. You have a dartboard. We mean, a dartboard case.

For those who want to add some legitimacy to their configuration, there is an alternative to contemplate—their insulation with felt, thin black cloth, or the color of your choice. Come on! It is your custom dartboard cabinet.

The development for this is straightforward. You have to cover the front of the insulation with felt.

Now, you will use the glue to stick the felt on the back of the target. Ripping it to fit the hole you have carved. You may or may not use the wooden clamps to hold the felt in place after using the glue.

If you get everything right, your final result should look like this. At this point, you can hang up your dartboard and start having fun.

How to Make a Handheld Dartboard

Well, we finished contemplating a simple way for someone to accomplish a dartboard. Although insulin use will make it an effective dartboard, you can perform one even better with wood.

The problem with this is that it needs many utilities/equipment, capacity, and time, although the result is worth it. Although you may need capacity, you could perform a better dartboard than you could purchase in the store.

In this part, we will show you how to hold a dartboard by introducing a marker and a tray to hold our darts. I will summarize the particular steps you will have to follow from start to finish.

First, I will start by listing all the materials you will need. This is a huge undertaking that will require many utilities and equipment.

what to put behind a dart board to protect wall



We will use oak boards with joints at a maximum of 1 foot by 4 feet for these rules. They are strong and durable boards. If you think you have other boards with strong material, you can also use them.

In principle, you will need 5. 1 by 5 oak boards. You can choose to use more or less with how huge you want your board to be.

Now, you will use your drill to drill holes in the boards’ back to attach them as such.

The pocket hole template will make your job much more straightforward. The holes you drill will then be used to hold the boards together.

After using the pocket hole nib to make the holes, you will still use glue at first to join the boards together. After that, you will complete the fastening by drilling the screws in alternate directions between each board.

Then each board has been joined together. Ensure they are attached in the most convenient way possible to reduce the work you have to do in the next step.


It would help if you sanded the board at this unique time to level it. I can use an orbital sander and 8-grit sandpaper for this work. You can finish the sanding with 2 20 grit sandpaper.

When you have mixed the boards into one and smoothed them, your next task will be to secure the dartboard to the wall.

To do this, we will use the French batten system to fix the board to the wall. You will cut a piece of 3 quarter inch plywood at a 45-degree angle and screw one core to the back of your board and the other core to the wall.

Particular attention to how you screw the plywood to your board.

You will be using countersink drills to recess the screw heads and attach the plywood to the board. You also have the alternative of using glue to be thorough.

Keep in mind that you will have to use strong screws, 4-inch screws are suggested, to drill the other part of the plywood into your wall. This is required because concerning how far back you decide to carry your board, that piece of wood will take quite a bit of weight. It requires strength.

At this point, you will have a dartboard that you can hang on the wall. If you are satisfied with the finish, you can modify your dartboard and finish it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use as a dartboard?

  • Wood: this is the classic alternative, and most of the homemade dartboards will be made of wood.
  • Cork: these boards are the most accessible, which doesn’t mean they are bad.
  • Foam: boards made of foam are perfect for interior surfaces.

What is the most remarkable back for a dartboard?

Viper Protect III dartboard pack and steel sisal/bristle tip is our best dartboard back. It has an excellent level of robustness and is reversible. Plus, it has 21 darts included to guide you through your workout.

How thick should the corkboard be for darts?

(900 mm) size and a total thickness of 1 “(25 mm). You can put together as many leaves as you need to make a considerable backing sector as essential. The non-reflective cork will eliminate glare. It is dyed to the expected color.


Darts is a fascinating game, but you have to be very careful, some boards become a little bit expensive, nevertheless who says that you can’t carry out your board?

The dartboard’s height belongs to the most remarkable components to be taken into account in this development. So, the backboard of the dartboard can be a difficult subject. However, there are different boards you can use. The virtue of this development is that you can even make your dartboard custom, which you can place your way