how to shoot a basketball

Do you know how to shoot a basketball?

To play the game, you need important skills on how to properly shoot the basketball perfectly.

I think you will agree on one thing.

The more effort you put into your playing aptitude, the better a basketball player you become. You weren’t born smart with incredible height, but your ability to shoot is something you can handle.

However, if you’re a beginner or a player looking to improve your game, you’re possibly doubtful and asking you, “How can I shoot better and better?”

Of course, the answer is to learn how to properly shoot and practice basketball on the lawn.

Knowing how to shoot properly can increase your shooting technique and other basic skills such as dribbling and passing.

Now, let me start with some good news!

Yes, you do not need a very good shooting form and technique to shoot a basketball perfectly.

But it doesn’t have to be “perfect.” If you look at a great shooter enough, you will see that their form varies slightly depending on how comfortable they are and what works for them.

But almost all the great shooters follow the principles/ shooting technique I will explain in this article. So keep reading for all the good stuff!

How to Shoot a Basketball

To shoot a basketball you have to follow few steps;

  • Having the Right Posture
  • Holding the Ball Correctly
  • Focus on your Target
  • Taking the shot
  • Understand the simple technique of shooting: BEEF
  • Balance
  • Eyes on the target
  • Elbow Aligned
  • Follow-through
  • Shooting exercise to help your form
  • 1-2 Step Shoot
  • Set to go
  • Off Dribble Shooting
  • One Hand Form Shooting
  • Add hand to hand
  • Blocking Shooting

Now let’s drive into details;

Having the Right Posture

Putting your feet in the right position helps you maintain balance and easily handle the ball. To shoot a basketball in a basket, keep your legs apart and wide. Your legs should be in a comfortable position and almost shoulder-width apart. This can help you support your weight instead of losing weight when you shoot a basketball shoot.

If you plan to move forward, take your knees, and move your leading leg a little further than the other. For example, if you are right, your right foot needs to be slightly in front of your left foot. Balance before the ball gets into your hands so you can take a shot as quickly as possible without regaining balance before shooting. 

Basketball players should focus 100% on a full shot routine with the best form possible whenever they shoot. Also, flex your knees slightly to make your jump easier when you shoot the ball. Although practicing this step, once you master it, it can help you adopt a trend and make shots faster.

Holding the Ball Correctly

With the knowledge of how to stand, you need to maintain control over the ball. Grab the ball using the fingers of your shooting hand. Make sure the ball and your eyes form a straight line to move forward with the hoop.

Keep your elbows aligned, and make sure your hands are stable enough to ensure the ball heads in the right direction. Keep your lower hand at an angle of 90 degrees. Your elbows need to be in line with your shoulders when you rise slightly to aim the shot.

Once you have the ball, make sure you have it under your control with your fingers and toes’ help. This helps the ball to release your hand easily.

How to Shoot a Basketball

Focus on your Target

Keep an eye on the target by focusing on where you want the ball to go. For example, before shooting, consider drawing your attention to the backboard or the back edge of the net. This can help you avoid outside interruptions that may interfere with your confidence to make shots. If a player can make 35 % of his three-point shots, he will be more efficient than a player who makes 50% of his two-point shots. 

how to shoot a basketball for beginners

Taking the shot

Considering the previous step, your hand needs to be on the ball as your wrist flicks forward to draw it towards the lattice. Be sure to curve your hands to move upwards and toward the net. Your arms need to be fully extended, and your elbows need to bend.

The more practice you get with these steps, the sooner it will be easier to run it in the future without thinking of the time.

how to shoot a basketball perfectly

Understand the simple technique of shooting: BEEF

Whether you play basketball one at a time or as part of a team, a simple shooting form to consider learning is the BEEF technique. This concept improves your form, balance, control, and overall ability to shoot in court. To improve your free throw and jump shooting, consider the following components of the BEF principle:


Maintain a solid, balanced base that will help lay the foundation for a perfect jump shot. The weight should be evenly distributed between both legs with a slight bend in your knees.

Eyes on the target

Professional basketball players believe the ball will go where your eyes are looking, so make sure you are looking at the basket. Where you focus exactly is up to you, but it’s a good place to start focusing on the front or back of the rim.

Elbow Aligned

Your elbow should be at a 90-degree angle with your chest as you prepare to shoot. The elbows should be below the basketball, and your shooting should be on the ball, making light contact with the palm of your hand next to the hand’s basketball.


The crucial last step of the method is to hit the wrist that passes through the shot. Upon release, the ball will roll the tips of your pointer and middle finger. If you do it right, your wrists will bend with your fingers down on the ground.

Shooting is the most crucial part of the game, and even a slight improvement in shooting percentage can make a big difference in the winning percentage. Consistent practice in the form of strategic shooting exercises is a way to increase skills and get better. Here is a personal shooting exercise to add to your basketball training routine.

Shooting exercise to help your form

To complete your form, it is important to practice a specific shooting exercise. This exercise will develop your shooting technique, improve your consistency, and increase your confidence in the court. Below are several shooting drills that can help you perfect your form and make you a better athlete.

1-2 Step Shoot

This exercise involves placing the foot in your shot with one foot at a time and can help you develop your offensive skills. To do this exercise, start by adopting your attitude. As you receive the pass, step with one foot in the direction of the pass.

If you are on the right, take a step with your left foot and bend the other foot. After that, fill the step with your other foot to complete the 1-2 step shoot.

Set to go

In this exercise, you have to stand a few feet from the basket. Once you are in the prescribed position, keep the ball under your shoulder at a 90-degree angle to your hand. After that, extend your legs and shoot at the same time.

Off Dribble Shooting

To do this exercise, take two 45-degree angle dribbles to your right and shoot the ball. Then, do the same on your left side. The goal is to run this exercise faster and maintain proper footwork and overall dribbling.

One Hand Form Shooting

Stand 2 to 4 feet in front of the rim and install your base and properly position your legs to draw for firing. Bring your arms to the L position, with your upper arms parallel to the ground and your forearms pointing toward the ceiling. Your upper arm and front are at an angle of about 75 to 90 degrees. Shoot 5 to 10 reps and then move to a new location

Add hand to hand

Stand 2 to 4 feet in front of the rim. Install your base and position your legs properly to shoot. Bring your arms to the L position, with your upper arms parallel to the ground and your forearms pointing toward the ceiling. Your upper arm and front are at an angle of about 75 to 90 degrees.

Put your ball hand on the ball. Shoot 5 to 10 reps and then move to a new location.

Tip: Make sure your four fingers are pointing at the ceiling when you put your hand on the ball.

Blocking Shooting

Blocking shooting exercise helps you practice the same skills and is excellent for shooting technique, developing rhythm, and boosting confidence. They can also serve as an exercise in warmth.

The Importance of Being a Great Shooter

There are many benefits to knowing how to shoot a basketball. Although you don’t need to be an expert shooter, this very favorite athletic skill can help you advance your overall technique. Here are some of the benefits and overall benefits of being a great basketball shooter:

Helps your team score points

Being able to shoot a basketball shoot increases your team’s chances of winning the game. This is because of the way basketball is made in the game of basketball. So, the better shooter you are, the more likely you will help your team win the game.

Increase shooting percentage

When your team has a high shooting percentage, it can help you develop a strategy to win games more often. For example, if you need a certain number to win, being a great shooter can help your team understand the types of shots and the number of shots they need to win.

A high shooting percentage team needs fewer shot efforts to win the game because they are better suited to make each shot. The low percentage of shooting depends on your team’s return or forced turnover.

How to Shoot a Basketball: Frequently Asked Questions

How can you shoot a basketball perfectly?

  • Hold the ball, move it quickly into the shot pocket.
  • Line everything up so that the ball and your shooting eye form a straight line in the basket.
  • Place the ball some inches over your waist.
  • Grab the ball properly and be ready to shoot.

How do you shoot far in basketball?

The key to shooting far in basketball is the power from your feet. You can do this by positioning your legs correctly, squatting deeper, and jumping higher. You also need to tweak your shot mechanics for longer shots by adjusting your shot path. With weight training and lots of practice, you can also improve your shot power. If you are looking for basketball training equipment check this guide.

How do I shoot a 3 pointer better?

Practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect, they say.

Why do you think Stephen Curry gets his three-pointers to go inside? Easy, that is practice. If you have the correct form and incredible space creation, you can’t get a bucket without practicing.

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Knowing how to shoot a basketball is fundamental to the game. The more you understand the correct form technique and follow it with practice, the better you will become.