From the beautifully-built The Jarilo Chess Set, to the affordable AMEROUS Magnetic Wooden Chess Set and perfect for starter chess players AMEROUS chess set – I’ve searched for the perfect family chess sets so that you don’t have to! 

Chess is a beloved pastime for many families, allowing them to bond over their mutual love for the beautiful game, while also spending quality time together. 

In celebration of my family’s own fondness for chess, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite family chess sets.

Perhaps you would like to get your family into the game of chess, or perhaps you’re looking to update your current chess set. Either way, there is something for every chess-loving (or potential chess-playing) family. 

Let’s get started! 

Our Beloved Family Chess Set 

Our family chess set, gifted to my dad from my uncle, who found it on a trip to Malawi. 

My love for chess started in my childhood home’s living room, where my dad’s treasured chess set stands to this day. It was a gift from his brother, brought back after a trip to Malawi. 

Each piece is hand carved, with the royal pieces resembling African kings and queens. Even the pawns resemble warriors, and I would spend hours imagining and recreating scenarios with these gorgeous and unique pieces. 

Until my dad finally said: “It’s time to teach you chess.” I was six, and I’ve never looked back. Today, chess is one of my favorite pastimes. And, despite modern chess sets and even online platforms to my availability, our family chess set will always remain my favorite.

The Benefits of Playing Chess as a Family 

Other than creating dear childhood memories, there are researched benefits to playing chess as a family. I have listed a few of these many benefits below. 

It Improves Concentration 

In a fast-moving world of computer games, iPads and loud-talking TV shows, chess is a fun way to keep your children busy, while also allowing them the opportunity to develop and improve their concentration. 

Although it might take some time to get your child used to sitting still for longer than ten minutes, once they get into the game you will likely struggle to get them to stop. 

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Chess Improves Memory 

Chess is basically like a multivitamin for all things brain related, as it also helps to improve your memory. This is beneficial not only for young, growing children, but also for adults who may grow forgetful. 

The Game Develops Problem-Solving Skills 

Here is yet another way how chess helps you and your family members to get a big brain boost. Problem-solving is a part of everyday life (even if it is just deciding which movie to watch). Chess helps little ones gain the confidence to carefully consider a problem, and to make a positive decision. 

Chess Increases Creativity 

Interestingly, chess also elevates creative thinking, as chess players learn and practice how to solve a variety of problems. 

Research has shown that children who play chess scored higher on their problem-solving tests, and that they were able to solve these problems in a creative manner. When your king is stuck with nothing but a pawn for protection, it really is time to get creative!

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It Is A Healthy Family Pastime 

Life moves fast enough as it is, which is why family time is so important. In these modern times, it may be difficult to find a positive pastime that everyone likes and enjoys, which is why it might be time to backtrack to the classic ol’ fun of chess. 

The 3 Best Family Chess Sets: And Why I Love Them 

  1. For Love of Excellent Craftsmanship: The Jarilo
  • Handcrafted wooden chess set
  • Comes with free E-book to teach the family basic strategies of the game
  • Weighted chess pieces

Beautifully hand-crafted in Poland, The Jarilo Chess Set is a breathtaking chess set that will stay in your family for generations to come. 

This chess set has a luxurious feel to it, likely due to the large size of the pieces, and the green velvet-lined storage space created for each individual piece. 

The attention to detail on this board is just astounding, from the gorgeous carvings on the king and queen, down to the delicate decorations around the squares. 

It should come as no surprise that this chess set has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, with over 700 happy chess lovers reporting that this set is an excellent and timeless investment. 

With a beautiful chess set like this in your home, it will not only be a beautiful focal point, but also a stylish source of endless fun. 

  1. For Luxury On A Budget: The AMEROUS Magnetic Wooden Chess Set
  • Wooden board with magnetic chess pieces to play while traveling
  • Pieces can be stored inside of the board
  • Has 12 month money-back guarantee

If you’re looking for a luxurious chess set that’s less expensive, you should add the AMEROUS Magnetic Wooden Chess Set to your cart. 

Made with quality wood, this beautiful chess board is perfect for families with young children. The pieces are weighted, to prevent them from falling over, and they are also magnetized to make game play easier for little hands. 

With little drawers on each side, this board is also ideal for families on the move. Even though it’s oh-so luxurious, its high quality make also makes it great for family camping trips. 

This masterfully-built chess set is also loved by Amazon reviewers, with an average of 4.7 star reviews, and over 280 happy buyers. 

  1. Stylish Chess for a Fraction of the Price: The AMEROUS Wooden Chess Set 
  • Wooden chess board with magnetic pieces to play while traveling
  • Board folds, and chess pieces can be stored inside

Last but certainly not least on my list is this nifty and affordable AMEROUS chess set. Despite its low price, the craftsmanship for this board is extraordinary, and will have youngsters and professionals alike playing for hours on end. 

What I also like about this set is that it is foldable in the middle, and has a storage space for each piece. No matter where you go, it doesn’t mean that your family chess set doesn’t have to go with it! 

Treat Your Family to the Beauty of Chess

There you have it, my round-up of family chess sets that will not only look beautiful in your home, but will also keep your chess-loving family busy for hours on end.


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