Oh, but to have a beautiful chess set in your home! In this comparative list, you’ll find this sleek and elegant glass chess set, this hand-made marble classic, and this oh-so-beautiful brass chess set, all of which are personal favorites (and definitely on my chess set wish list). 

Practical Elegance Meets Hours of Fun

No chess-loving home is complete without a chess set. The same can be said about a creative, warm and artistic home, where you’re likely to find a decorative chess set that provides a focal point as well as a source of brain-training fun. 

Inspired by, and most likely also played by kings and queens, chess has always had an element of elegance to it. It’s like saying you dislike The Royal Family but still binge watching The Crown — there’s just something captivating about the monarchy. Not going to lie, I’m still waiting for the day that a long lost royal relative comes to tell me that I’m the royal heir and ruler of a minuscule country where I don’t have to do anything but eat well and look merry. 

Anyway, moving on! 

Gone are the days of the plastic put-it-in-a-tote-bag chess pieces that we knew (and loved) at school. You’re a hard-working, classy (at most times, I don’t judge) adult who deserves to have nice things, which is exactly why I’ve compiled this list. So that you can have nice things. You’re welcome. 

By now, you already know the multitude of benefits of playing the beautiful game of chess. From improving your creativity and brain strength to elevating your strategic thinking and enhancing your memory, the facts speak for themselves. A chess set is simply something you have to invest in. 

So, as a mature and classy adult worthy of a castle in Windsor, why not make it a chess set you actually like? One that you can exhibit in your home, even if it is the only nice thing you own. Other than the crystal duck paperweight that you inherited from your great uncle Sam, of course, which you sense you only inherited because he deeply despised you.

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Finding A Decorative Set that Suits Your Style 

Finding a decorative chess set is kinda like shopping for your wedding suit or dress — you’re not sure how to know if you’ve found “the one”, and there will always be unsolicited opinions from a family member, but who cares what they think anyway (unless it’s your mom. Mother knows best). 

Jokes aside, buying a decorative chess set is no walk in the Walmart hobby aisle. You need to find a set that suits your personal style, is worth the double (and even triple) digits that you’ll have to spend on it, and is actually something that you’d like to look at for years to come, and perhaps even pass down for generations. 

Here are a few tips when searching for a decorative chess set that fits your style:

  • Invest in a high quality-made chess set. 
  • Find something that is beautiful but timeless. 
  • Does it match the look and feel of your home (or ideal home) interior? 
  • Browse around. What jumps out at you? 
  • Stay true to your personal style. 

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Below, I’ve compiled a list of decorative chess sets that I truly love. From the sleek and sophisticated to the brass and beautiful, I’m sure you’ll find something that will make you go: “ooh, I like that!”. Enjoy! If you do buy a set, may it bring you lots of aesthetically pleasing chess playtime joy. 

3 Top Decorative Chess Sets to Beautify Your Home 

#1. A Solid Glass Chess Set 

Amazon rating: 3.7/5 with 22+ ratings 

Why I love it: It’s sleek and elegant, perfect for a minimalist look

Price: An affordable chess set sure to add sophistication to your home. 

This set is both beautiful and practical, with a design sure to add a modern element to any home. Although made from glass, these pieces are durable. And just look at how sleek those pieces are: talk about chess with a modern twist! 

If I imagine this chess set in a home, it’s in a minimalist living room with large french windows and lots of light flooding in. Can someone please fund my Pinterest dream home?

#2. Handmade Marble Chess Set 

Amazon rating: 4.6/5 with 59+ ratings 

Why I love it: It’s fully handmade, and gives a clean yet intriguing feel to the game of chess. 

Price: Worth the investment if you’re looking for a set to pass down for generations to come. 

I almost couldn’t believe this fantastic find, given that it is entirely hand-made from marble and affordable. Even the layout of the white marble board, contrasted with a deep gold-like shade, is ever so dreamy. 

Perfect for an at-home game of chess, or even just as a focal point in your living room: you bet I’m going to add this grand set to my shopping list. 

Side note for those lucky few of you who own a beach house: I can totally see you playing this set while overlooking the ocean, as the white marble complements the sandy beaches. Ah, but to dream!

#3. Brass Chess Set 

Amazon rating: 4.5/5 with 89+ ratings 

Why I love it: Also hand-crafted by top artisans looking to conserve this beautiful art form. 

Price: Pricier than the other sets but still affordable, considering this a specialized art.

Say hello to the brass beauty of your chess dreams, entirely made from bass by skilled artisans looking to conserve this art form. I especially love this set because it adds a traditional, almost royal charm to the game of chess — and you already know I love to feel like royalty. 

Now this chess set is clearly meant for a black-and-white tiled mansion. I imagine it’s something that OG Paul Getty would love, but would likely argue about the price. Hey, whatever makes you the richest man in the world. 

Go luxurious or Go Home

Or at least add a little luxury to your home. These sets are both beautiful and affordable, perfect for adding a little oomph to the good old game of chess. 


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