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Looking for the best star wars chess set?

I’ve always been fascinated by deep space adventures. That’s why I used to watch reruns of Star Wars movies constantly when I was a kid. My mom noticed this, and she bought me a Star Wars chess set that time. I love it and believe it’s among the star wars chess sets sold. What amazes me on it was the realistic and slick look of the chess top. Then there was the fact that R2D2 and Princess Leia did look like the actual characters did in the Star Wars movies. 

I genuinely believe that you’ve not experienced the thrill associated with Star Wars until you’ve played chess on a Star Wars chess set. For example, you can experience the same fear that Chewbacca did when Darth Vader ‘stole’ Luke Skywalker’s gun. 

Playing on one of the best star wars chess sets will also allow you to experience the emotions that the characters felt during each movie. 

What are the Best Star Wars Chess Sets?

What is Star Wars Chess Set?

I began to wonder what the real significance of a Star Wars chess set was. That led me to Google, “what is star wars chess set?” 

There are many different types of Star Wars Chess sets. You can find them on many websites, including For example, if you have a tight budget, you can easily buy a star wars chess set that will allow you to experience Star Wars excitement for yourself. 

Then you can find fancier Lego sets. The chess pieces bear a striking resemblance to the Star Wars figures. Their Lego geometric shapes add a sense of humor. That is crucial since some of the characters, like Darth Vader, is darker and has evil intentions. 

Best Star Wars Chess Set

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My experience with the board game

I had a great time playing game after game on this chess set. I found that I was so addicted to playing chess on this set that I asked many of my friends to come over to my house and join me in on the fun and action.

One of the main things that I loved about playing chess on this Star Wars set was that I had to use my intuition, creative thinking, analytical skills, and logical thinking skills to guess what the opponent was thinking. It was then that I began to understand how he or she would react and where he or she would place the chess piece next. I could then strategize different moves that I could make to ‘checkmate’ my opponent.

This challenge and teasing of the brain translated into many hours of rigorous by enjoyable and wholesome playing. My friends and I could play with various chess pieces that had different personalities, intentions, and agendas in the Star Wars movies made the game even more intriguing because it took away the ‘boring’ element of predictability. Indeed, I found an element of chaos and randomness when I played games on my Star Wars chess set.

There was another unique and exciting aspect of this chess set. It was the ability to take actions that would allow me to capture my opponent’s main chess pieces. 

The rules were also interesting. While they centered around making the right moves with my chess pieces to checkmate my opponent’s main pieces, they also involved an innovation element. There were no limits in the strategies and actions/thought patterns that I could use. My friends also commented that they felt that these unique and innovative rules made the game intriguing and different. They wanted to keep on playing the game as a result.

star wars chess set pewter and bronze

Comparison Table for Best Star Wars Chess Set

Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess
Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess
Star Wars Episode I: Electronic Galactic Chess
Grey and White
Defeat the dark side
Number of pieces
Difficulty level
High quality
Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess
Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess
Star Wars Episode I: Electronic Galactic Chess
Grey and White
Defeat the dark side
Number of pieces
Difficulty level
High quality

6 Best Star Wars Chess Set Product Review, Features

01- Star Wars Chess Game

I researched this game extensively online and found that the chess pieces closely resemble all Star Wars characters. There are two categories of chess pieces:  black and silver. The black pieces are imperial characters. The white pieces are rebel characters. This game promises to deliver you many hours of intense and challenging fun!

This game’s overall objective is to use your wits to put the opponent’s king into checkmate – you win the game if and when you do this.

  • Realistic chess pieces
  • Different colored chess pieces to resemble the various categories and natures of the characters
  • It comes with a game board, 32 pieces, 32 bases, and comprehensive instructions.
  • The game is modeled with an innovative and challenging twist!
  • The game includes pawns – this adds an element of complexity and excitement. 
  • You can choose an army that’s either on the dark or light side.
  • The chess pieces are beautiful and will take you away from the actual game.
  • Features vital characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader
  • Winning this game requires clever use of strategy.
  • As you strategize

Color-coded Chess Pieces

The color codes allow you to understand which characters are on the good versus the wrong side. It will allow you to plan your strategies to win better. 

Featuring Of Crucial Characters

This game features strong characters. The key characters also allow you to place emotional importance on your favorite movie characters. You can then use your imagination to play the game to completion.

Relish Conquering Your Opponent

Using clever strategy is essential because it requires you to exercise your brainpower to win the game. 

  • Players got many hours of challenging fun out of the set.
  • The pieces are realistic looking.
  • All of the Star Wars characters are included.
  • The instructions closely resemble the plot of the movies.
  • Customers were delighted when playing the game.
  • The pieces were flimsy.
  • Some customers got bored after playing the game for a few minutes.

Why should you buy this?

You should play the Star Wars Chess Set. It’s affordable and includes all of the main characters that appear in the Star Wars series. You can use imagination, creativity, and your wits to play.

02- Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set

This game allows you to relive the thrill and excitement of the Star Wars series. It includes critical characters like Luke, Yoda, and the Emperor. These allow you to relive the movie’s core while using your creativity to outwit your opponent.

The pieces closely resemble the Star Wars characters. The fact that the pieces are made out of durable, new-age materials only adds an element of intrigue when playing.

  • Well-defined chess pieces 
  • Chess pieces are made out of Bellevue high polymer.
  • The game features collectible chess pieces characters.
  • Some of the more prominent characters include Darth Vader and Chewbacca.
  • The light force and dark force characters will be working together to defeat the other side. 
  • Don’t be surprised to see Luke and Yoda/Chewbacca pitted against the Emperor and Darth Vader.
  • It comes with an exciting board game.
  • The board game has two colors: black and silver.
  • All characters from the six Star Wars movies are included.
  • It’s designed for people who are at least eight years old.

Well-defined chess pieces

The chess pieces are easy to distinguish. It’s also easy to tell the characters and nature with a simple glance at the pieces. That will allow you to be as creative as you play. 

Addition of more prominent characters

No Star Wars chess set (or board game) is an entire set or game if it doesn’t include the main characters that define the movies they represent. After all, the movies wouldn’t be the same without these characters. The inclusion of the main characters allows you to use an element of imagination and creativity while playing.

The pitting of multiple dark forces

The pitting of many characters on either side makes the game seem more realistic. 

  • The set is beautiful, and the pieces look like realistic representations of the characters.
  • The game promotes a healthy imagination.
  • The customer service is excellent.
  • It makes for a great playing experience.
  • The chess set makes for intriguing games.
  • It can be hard to remember the characters’ roles throughout the game.
  • Sometimes some pieces are missing.

Why should you buy this?

This chess set comes as close to resembling the characters and plotline of the Star Wars movies as any set will. It is beautiful and promotes the usage of imagination and critical thinking skills to win. Multiple characters from the two sides are pitted against each other.

03- Star Wars Episode II: Attack the Clones Chess Set

What you’ll love about this set are the high-quality materials that the pieces are made out of. That allows them to last for almost an eternity. Indeed, this may well be the last Star Wars chess set you’ll ever buy!

It allows you to use your creativity and set your own rules when playing the game. Therefore, you can develop many different themes and plotlines when playing similar to those in the Star Wars movies. Many people who played this game said that they loved this trait the most about this chess set. Aside from that, they loved the clever and intelligent design and engineering that went into making this set. 

  • The chess set is very addictive.
  • It includes all of the characters in Star Wars.
  • The fact that it includes unique characters gives you the ability to recreate the clone’s scenes attack.
  • You can use imagination and creativity to play the game to completion.
  • It can hook even those people who hate playing chess.
  • People who bought it were delighted with their purchase.
  • Players reported that it closely resembled the actual themes of the movies.
  • Plastic pieces last forever.
  • The pieces fit securely on the board game.
  • The board game is easy to store.

The need to use imagination

Anyone who plays a chess game does so because they want to challenge themselves to a good game while stretching their imagination to the limit. This chess set will allow that person to do that.

Durable pieces

The pieces will last an eternity. 

Inclusion of unique characters

The chess set uses unique characters, which adds charm to the games and makes it engaging. 

  • The package arrived in good condition.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • The chess set makes for exciting games.
  • The pieces and board are of high quality.
  • You’ll have to use your critical thinking skills when playing.
  • Many customers felt that the chess set was not worth the $115 they paid for it.
  • The game can confuse some people.

Why should you buy this?

The Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones chess set uses durable material and unique characters to make many enjoyable fun hours when playing games with friends.

04- Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess

This Star Wars chess set is computerized. Therefore, it’s one of a kind. You can play this game if you are an expert in playing Star Wars chess games. 

However, you can also play this game if you are new to playing Star Wars chess. You’ll find that you’re not only challenged in the games if you’re a beginner but that you’re also guided. 

  • Digital chess set.
  • It is suitable for anyone to play regardless of skill level.
  • Has 2521 level setting combinations
  • It comes with a practical and interactive teaching system.
  • The guide is useful for guiding novices.
  • It has a memory that saves games.
  • Its take-back move function makes for exciting games.
  • It comes with preprogrammed strategies.
  • Games are timed with a chess clock.
  • The five playing styles range from passive to aggressive.

Interactive teaching system

The interactive teaching system will allow you to learn how to play any Star Wars chess game on any Star Wars chess set, even if you’re experienced in these types of games. 

Game saving memory

The memory saving feature allows you to stop mid-game. You can then resume that game at a later date.

Preprogrammed strategies

Preprogrammed strategies allow you to understand how your computerized opponents will think and act. 

  • Well-designed and easy to play
  • Plays intense and challenging games
  • Professional looking
  • Looks excellent when bought brand new
  • Customer service is good.
  • Second-hand versions are far from impressive.
  • Some customers felt it was not worth paying more than $400 

Why should you buy this?

The Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic chess set is computerized. It also has an automatic manual and teaching guide, which will teach anyone regardless of chess playing experience level – to become a pro in no time. The preprogrammed strategies mean that you’ll always be waiting in nervous anticipation for your computerized opponent’s next move!

05- Royal Selangor Hand Finished Star Wars

It features many Limited Edition figures that were the main characters in the Star Wars movies. They include Princess Leia. The sophisticated and professional look of this chess set will make a great knick-knack on your coffee table.

It has durable pewter pieces that look slick and cool even when not being used in a game. You’ll love the fact that the pieces realistically resemble all of the Star Wars characters. The characters are categorized by forces: dark and light. The good characters are part of the light force, and the evil characters are part of the dark force. The characters are also color-coded by force.

  • Pieces and board games are made out of high-quality 97.5% pewter.
  • The white and black pieces are ready for battle at a moment’s notice.
  • Pieces are finished in amazingly accurate detail.
  • The beautiful nature of this chess set makes it a great collector’s item.
  • Skilled artists and sculptors designed each piece.
  • The pieces are durable.
  • The nature of the game requires actual use of wits and common sense.
  • You need to use critical thinking skills to win games played with this set.
  • You can play with as many people as you want
  • The goal of the games is the same as with any classic chess set.

Artisans designed these pieces.

The manufacturers of this game wanted to create an unforgettable collector’s edition. It is the reason why they hired skilled artisans to design these pieces. They (manufacturers) wanted the pieces to look as realistic as possible.

Durable nature

The pieces will last an eternity.

You have to use common sense to win games.

You can’t play this game if you don’t use common sense. You can lose the game without the use of common sense.

  • Great quality
  • Pieces that last forever
  • Great customer service
  • Value for money
  • Great playing experience
  • Pieces don’t always resemble the characters precisely.
  • Pieces can be missing in used sets.

Why should you buy this?

This chess set is a collector’s item. What you’ll like about it most are its beauty and brilliant engineering and design. Using your wits and common sense to win games makes it even more of a valuable chess set!

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Star Wars Chess Set

There are many points to consider when buying a Star Wars chess set. I did some research and found that the most important ones are:

star wars chess game

Gameplay and usability

Make sure that anyone can easily play games on the chess set. That is a comprehensive, informative, and easy to understand instruction manual and players guide. 

Inclusion of all characters

Would any Star Wars movie be the same without Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, or Princess Leia? Of course not! Therefore, it’s necessary to make sure that the Star Wars chess set you buy includes all of the characters. You especially want to make sure that this set includes all of the main characters.


Do not buy Star Wars chess set that doesn’t have durable pieces. Make sure that the chess set that you do decide to buy has chess pieces that are either made out of durable plastic, metal, or pewter.

Rookie characters

It’s the rookie and special characters that brought real charm to each of the Star Wars movies. The Star Wars-themed chess set you buy is supposed to allow you to play games representing the plotline and various key scenes/episodes in the movies. But this will be impossible if your chess set lacks the rookie and special characters. 

Nature of chessboard

Make sure that the chessboard is long enough to accommodate all players safely. There is no point in buying the chess set without this crucial feature.

Digital version

We live in the digital age; therefore, anything computerized in terms of chess sets or board games is better. After all, these types of games and sets can guide you when you’re stuck in the game and unsure which move to make next. You run the real risk of losing the game if you get stumped in the middle of playing it. 


No Star Wars chess set, no matter how intriguing the games you can play on it with your friends, is worth buying if it’s out of your budget range. Therefore, the price point plays a key role when ‘shopping online’ for Star Wars-themed chess sets.

How Star Wars Chess Set is Different from Other Chess Sets

I played chess when I was a young boy. The chess pieces were standardized and made out of plastic. So were chess games. A few chess board games had magnetic boards and pieces since they incorporated magnetic technology into various board games and toys.

When I searched for chess sets online, I found that precious little had changed in over thirty years. The same themes of outwitting the opponent through strategic moves had not changed at all over the decades.

The first unique trait that I discovered in my Star Wars chess set was that the game rules were designed to closely simulate the events and scenes that have traditionally made Star Wars movies so intriguing, and hence, so popular. Another was that it included all of the characters that had ever appeared in all of the Star Wars movies. I felt as though the manufacturers of my Star Wars chess set did this on purpose to hook people into playing chess as much as possible by introducing an element of intrigue and excitement to the game.

The attractive chess pieces rotated throughout various games. That meant that I never played either the same game or a themed game with the same characters more than once. The manufacturers are trying to introduce a fresh and innovative twist to this board game. 

star wars 3d chess set

What other specific factors should you consider when buying a Star Wars chess set?

  • Some other factors to consider when buying a Star Wars chess set are:
  • The ability to recognize all of the characters 
  • Go standard – look for certain common factors to all chess sets, even those that don’t have a Star Wars theme. These factors include the type of chess board the set comes with, the game’s challenge level, and whether you can play the game with friends.
  • Quality matters in terms of the chessboard – I emphasized that the chess pieces must be durable. However, the same applies to the chessboard. After all, nothing is more frustrating than continually replacing a Star Wars chess set because the board breaks.
  • Type of board matters – if you aren’t comfortable with the type of board, don’t buy the chess set. You’ll lose games if you do.
star wars chess set saga edition

Why are Star Wars chess sets hot?

Everyone loves Star Wars. It has been the case since the first movie was released in 1977. In any case, people are crazy about any item that has a Star Wars theme. It doesn’t matter if that item is a T-shirt, pen, or mug. They will pay top dollar for any item that will remind them of the excitement and thrill they experienced when watching the Star Wars episodes, either in a movie theatre or at home. Also, the fact that another Star Wars movie was just released is a contributing factor. People stir crazy about items that are related to Star Wars when a new movie is released.

Our Recommendation for the Best Star Wars Chess Set

If you want to buy a Star Wars chess set, I’d recommend the Star Wars Episode I: Electronic Galactic Chess set. The reason why is because it’s computerized. Therefore, it will serve as an excellent guide to teach you how to play games on the set. You’ll also learn how to play games well on any Star Wars-themed chess set. 

You’ll learn many valuable strategies and skills. That will give you an unfair advantage when you are playing with others – human or computerized.

Final Words

Star Wars-themed items are popular now. That is especially true of chess sets. However, a chess set is an investment of your time and money. Therefore, you want to look at certain traits like durability, intensity and challenge level, the amount of intrigue, and ease of playing. You also want to make sure that you can easily play it with others. You should consider the main points discussed in this review as well.

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