Can a Queen Move like a Knight in Chess?

Chess is one of the popular games in the world. It is played all over the world. The origin of chess is from an ancient game, which was being played in India in the 6th century. Chess became a good game when its rules were modernized in the 19th century. It is played on a board that has 64 squares. The squares are black and white colors. Chess is very complicated, so it becomes very confusing for beginners to understand it. Do they have different queries that need to be appropriately answered, such as how a queen moves? Can a queen move like a Knight in chess? How does a pawn move? If you are a novice in chess and you have such queries, this article will help you. 

In this article, we will understand the moves of a few chess pieces and find the answers to the queries. Before going into details, we should understand the rules of chess. 

Rules of Chess

The Game of chess has two sides White and Black. The Game starts when white makes its first move. White moves first, and then the turn is for black to move. Both players (white and black) try to put the king of the opponent player in a position where it can’t escape, become captured. This situation is known as checkmate. There are 32 pieces on the board in chess. Each player plays with 16 pieces, which are listed below.

  • One King.
  • One Queen.
  • Two Knight.
  • Two Bishop.
  • Two Rooks.
  • Eight Pawns.

All types of pieces have different moves. Pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, Queen, and king, all of them move differently. However, all of them have their importance in chess; even pawn, which moves the least number of squares, is crucial as it has an unusual move known as promotion, which allows it to promote into any piece other than a king. King and Queen Chess pieces are the most crucial Chess pieces as Queen is powerful, and the king decides the Game. 


The Game’s objective is to checkmate or capture the king as it is the most critical piece. Checkmate is the situation in which there are no legal moves available for your king to escape. That’s how the game ends.

Other than a win, the chess game can end if both players agree for a draw or are left with only two kings on the board. 

The Touch-Move Rules

There are some strict rules for touching the pieces while making a move. These rules depend on the players, whether they want to implement these rules in the Game or not. These rules are given below.

  • If the person leaves the piece after making a move, the move is final.
  • If you touch your piece, you have to move it.
  • In case, you touch your opponent’s piece, you have to kill it, if it is possible.
  • If you touch two pieces of your opponent while killing, your opponent can dictate you which one to kill.
  • If you are castling (a special move), you have to touch the king first before Rook.
  • In case, you touch any piece of your opponent’s piece and it is not killing, then you have to move your king or the piece of your opponent’s choice.
  • If you touch your piece and your opponent’s turn, you have to move the same piece when your turn comes.
  • If you touch a piece that can’t be legally moved, your opponent might force you to move your king.

In a nutshell, it is better not to touch anything without any reason. However, it depends on you and your opponent to implement these rules in the Game.

Can a Queen Move like a Knight in Chess

Can a Queen Move like a Knight

As we are clear with the basics, now we can move ahead. A Queen can’t move like a Knight, because it is not meant to move like a knight. For understanding this, we need to understand the moves of a few pieces. Let’s first understand the moves of a Queen.

Can king move like horse in chess

Moves of Queen

The Queen is more powerful than a king. It has a lot of moves to make than any other piece. It can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Queen is a very important piece in chess. 

In chess, the pawn has a special move known as promotion; most of the players promote the Pawn in Queen, which indicates its importance of Queen in the Game.

Chess Queen symbol

Moves of Pawn

A pawn is a simplest but equally important piece in chess. A pawn moves in the horizontal direction, only one square. However, the first move of the pawn can be two squares in the horizontal direction. Pawn kills the piece in the first diagonal square.

 Other than these moves, the pawn has two special moves promotion and passing in. We already know about promotion; passing in is a move that allows the pawn to jump ahead and capture the pieces. E.g., if a black pawn makes the first move of two squares and sits next to the square of the white pawn, then the white pawn can capture the black pawn by moving to the square, which the black pawn skipped. These are the reasons which make the pawn a vital piece in chess. 

How does the queen move in chess

Moves of Knight

The Knight is a unique piece in chess. It has a tricky movement. The Knight can move two squares vertically and one square diagonal. A knight can move up to two squares in a corner and can move eight squares when in the middle. 

Now we are familiar with the moves of Queen, Knight and Pawn. Just like that, every piece has its moves; they are meant to move like that. However, the Queen can move like a bishop, Rook, and pawn. It can’t move like a knight; the moves of Knight make it a unique piece in the chess. That is why no one can move like a Knight in chess. Even the king can’t move like a knight. The Game would have lost its worthiness if the Queen can also move like a knight, ending the uniqueness of Knight.

King and queen chess piece

Symbol for Queen

The symbol which is used to represent the Queen in chess is the Crown. The symbols of the Queen and king are almost the same because the Crown represents both. However, the chess queen symbol (Crown) is a little different than the symbol of the king (Crown).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t the Queen move like a Knight?

The Knight is a unique piece in chess due to its tricky movement. No piece in the chess can move like a Knight. No piece can move like any other piece except the Queen. Another reason for Queen not moving like Knight is it can already move like Pawn, Rook, and Bishop.

How does Queen move in chess?

Queen is one of the powerful and important pieces in the Game of chess. It can move like a Rook, Bishop, and Pawn. It can move in all directions, diagonal, horizontal, and vertical.

Can Queen in chess jump over other pieces?

Queen can be lethal in chess; it can move in many directions. This is the most important piece in chess after the king. It can move like other pieces also, which include Bishop, Pawn, and Rook. However, it can’t move like a Knight; thus, it can’t jump over other pieces. 

Can Queen take king in chess?

King decides the match of chess. It can only be captured or checkmate. That is the reason no piece in chess can take the king. No doubt, Queen is the most powerful chess piece, but even Queen can’t take the king.

Can King Kill Queen in Chess?

There is only one piece who can’t be killed in the Game of chess, and that is the king. Whether Pawn or Queen, any piece can be killed by any other piece in chess. That is the reason the king can kill Queen in chess. However, there are such conditions where the king is unable to kill any piece. E.g., if there is a piece (x) next to the king making a check and there is another piece (y) who can check the king if the king kills the (x) piece. Then the king can’t kill the (x) piece.

Can a King eat a Queen?

The king can eat a queen because other than a king; every piece can be killed. The Queen is powerful than the king, but any piece can still kill it, including the king.  

Why can’t the king kill a queen in chess?

There is no such rule in chess that a king can’t kill a queen. However, if the Queen is guarded and checks on the king, and there is another piece waiting for the king to make a check if the king kills the Queen, it can’t be killed.

Can a pawn kill a queen?

Yes, a pawn can kill a queen; regardless, the Queen is powerful than a pawn. Unless the Queen is not in a position to die, it can be killed by a Pawn.


Chess is one of the oldest but incredible Game. It is played almost in every country in the world. It is a game for great minds. The rules of chess were determined in the 19th century. Still, it is a complicated game; it is never easy for beginners to understand chess easily. They have queries because of the extreme complication of chess, like the movement of different pieces. 

In this article, we have explained the movement of different pieces and the basic rules of chess. We have also cleared the confusion. I hope this article will be helpful to you. Please give us your feedback in the comment section.