There are some really stunning glass chess sets that are available on the market today. Some of these are fun to use and some are just beautiful to look at. I might be a little bit obsessed with chess but there are just so many different strategies and sets to play on. Who can really blame me? 

Today we will check out another style of chess set that isn’t just wonderful to play with but also a stunning piece of decor for your home. The glass chess set takes the game to a whole other level of sophistication and beauty. I love to spend a rainy afternoon in front of a fire with a glass chess set flickering in the light of the fire.

I just love how a glass chess piece feels in your hand when you are playing with it. The extra layer of tension knowing just how fragile the pieces are and that you need to play with care. And it looks really good even when you aren’t playing. There is really no need to put everything away and cover it up between games. 

But it can be overwhelming choosing the one that is best for you. Today we will look at some things that you need to consider before deciding to buy a glass chess set. And what the best glass chess set styles could be. First let’s look at the things that you need to consider before buying a glass chess set. 


The first thing to consider would be exactly how you will be using this chess set. Will it just be a piece of art in your home and you will rarely or never use it to play? Then you can get a much more fragile set with a lot more intricate detailing. 

If you get a piece that will chip the moment that you move a piece during normal game play, then it won’t really stay beautiful for long. In many homes a set like that wouldn’t even work as an art piece since there will almost surely be some accident that destroys it.

But there are chess sets that are a little bit stronger than others and are still beautiful. But of course these pieces will always be a little more fragile than pieces made from another material. Thinking in the ways that you want to use it can spare you a lot of heartbreak later on. 

This probably won’t be the set that you use to teach your children the game. But if it will mostly be used in a gentle adults-only game then it could still be the perfect set for you. 


Next up is the style of the chess set you can choose from. And there are many available. As glass is such a versatile material, you can get these sets in almost any style and color of your choosing. There are options like frosted glass available and you can even have them specially made in some places. 

Deciding exactly the style that works for you before you start shopping could save a lot of time. 


Since there are so many different variations and styles available in chess sets, it just makes sense that glass chess sets come in all sorts of different types of price ranges too. There are cheaper beginner friendly sets that can still be really pretty. And then there are incredible one of a kind crystal sets. 

You can’t expect to pay the same amount for both of those variations. Deciding what you want to pay before you start shopping will help to ensure that you can get the best chess set for your own personal price range. 

Instead of comparing two sets that fall in a completely different price range, then you can compare sets of the same range. Now we can look at some great styles of glass chess sets. 

1. Avante-Garde Frosted Glass Chess Set

  • What I love: It is traditional and simple
  • What I dislike: nothing
  • Price: Not cheap but still affordable

This style is great because it is so simple and beautiful in its simplicity. Many glass set styles tend more towards the modern look. But this one is very traditional. 

It has the black and white pieces that you know from a traditional chess set. And the pieces are formed in the traditional shape one expects. It is normally made from glass that is a little bit stronger. And at the bottom there are felt pieces to prevent your board from being scratched. 

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If you love the traditional beauty of chess and want to use the set to play then this might just be the perfect glass set for you.

2. Zatiki Glass Chess Set

  • What I love: More durable, made for playing
  • What I dislike: Not as pretty
  • Price: Cheapest on the list

For an option that is more toward the lower end of the price range, you could get a chess set that is combined with a checkers set. These are sets made to be played just as much as they are intended to be beautiful. 

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Normally the materials are more of a hybrid glass and they are a bit stronger. These pieces aren’t particularly detailed and lean more towards a functional board than a decorative one. It is the one to get if you love the feel of playing with glass but not if you also want a piece of decoration in your home. 

3. Glass Dragon Chess Set

  • What I love: The wow factor
  • What I dislike: More decor than play set, significantly less durable
  • Price: Most expensive

If you really want to go for the wow factor, then you can go for a 3D glass chess set like this dragon set. You get sets with all sorts of different themes. There are sets made from movie themes, modern pieces, war sets or just stunning crystal 3D glass chess sets. 

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These can really work for your own personal taste and the vibe that you are going for. And they can be really fun to play with too. But that also depends on the material that they are made from. These are better used for decorative sets than they are for playing sets. 

But of course they can also be used for both. 

The Best Glass Chess Set

In my opinion the best glass chess set is one that works for you. A set that you can play with if you want to and decorate with too. And one that fits into your individual budget. Chess is a game to be enjoyed and not one that should overwhelm you. And the set you choose should do the same. 


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